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Suri's Mom -- Beverly Hills Bot

12/22/2007 5:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Suri's mother, whom you may remember from "Dawson's Creek," did some holiday shopping in Beverly Hills yesterday, where a TMZ camera caught her mechanically correct Scientolobot trot. Can you hear the gears grinding?

The third Mrs. Cruise opted to be chauffeured to upscale shops -- instead of clicking her ruby red heels together to be transported. And yes, that is a purse, not luggage -- which no doubt contains all of the instruction manuals.


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oh wow, she's walking. there goes a minute in my life i won't ever get back...

2405 days ago


Outfit & hair look great. Come on TMZ, post some of your own pics & let us have some fun. That or find some real news. Like Britney at the gas station. Or Britney at Starbucks. Or Britney parking the car....

2405 days ago


what is that big lump on the back of her leg?

2405 days ago


The lump is probably an implant so Scientology goons can track her every move.

2405 days ago

tc come outof the closet    

She sold her soul to the devil.

She will never win in this deal.

2405 days ago


i think she looks good. why shouldnt she dress and look rich. she's rich? she's pretty. go for it. gawd.

2405 days ago


"Judge Breckenridge, Los Angeles Superior Court:

"[The court record is] replete with evidence [that Scientology] is nothing in reality but a vast enterprise to extract the maximum amount of money from its adepts by pseudo scientific theories... and to exercise a kind of blackmail against persons who do not wish to continue with their sect.... The organization clearly is schizophrenic and paranoid, and this bizarre combination seems to be a reflection of its founder,"

And Catholic and Protestant religious orders are different how?

2405 days ago


what a fake azz! this girl tries to be everybofy else, why don't you try something new, katie? and be what you are, like some country girl who doesn't know how to act in the big city, or walk like a sophisticate.
you have the money now, buy the class, you dipwad! you'll never be as beautiful or talented as nicole, never! so give up even trying to compete with a ghost who will never go away! and will always be there for you to be compared with and for you to come up short! you don't see nicole trying to be someone else, cause she's made it! try as you might, hon, it's never going to be enough....nicole is a goddess, a cinderella, naturally, ......i'll bet you're star-struck as hell around her.

2405 days ago


Why don't you (katie) actually do something worthwhile with all your money, instead of out shopping with cruise's money all the time? Was it all part of the contract in which to keep his cover? or maybe you are as dumb or "in the dark" as everybody says. So, Why don't you do something for humanity, like a lot of other stars do with their money, Katie? Seems rather selfish of you, with as little responsibility as you seem to have, to just be out shopping all the time, you should be embarrassed! You sure make sure you get ample time away from your daughter, huh?????????????

2405 days ago


I think she looks lovely. Why use her belief system to belittle her at every turn? I am a Christian and it would be very offensive to me to read similar remarks about my faith just because someone didn't like the way I looked. Why is a person's religion or belief system the last thing you can make fun of with out having to go to PC 'rehab'? Had the on going comments about Katie's belief system been directed at her race or sexual preference instead there would be many who would be outraged and demanding an apology. I don't agree with her belief system but I certainly can critique her outfit, haircut, etc., without involving it in my comments.

2405 days ago


WTF is that weird bump behind her right knee?? I wonder if that is where the mother board is stored.

2405 days ago


Who The Hell Does She Think She Is In This Photo?
Who Is She Trying To Copy Now?
For Krist Sakes!

2405 days ago


Love the shoes Katie! They Rock!

2405 days ago


when is cruise gonna get rid of this dum-dum? eventually, he's gotta look at her and be totally turned-off into what he made of her. no sex appeal, no brain, boring, looks like she doesn't have a creative or original thought in her head. she seems to be everything he would never be interested in. who knows, it may last forever, she would never have enough gumption or guts to leave (mealy mouse) if she wanted to, and why would he rock the boat, he can afford to have his cake and eat it too, and she'd never be the wiser (seriously).

2405 days ago

Mary Worth    

If Katie is a catholic, she is one in name, mainly. Catholicism does not condone, nor approve of cults.

2405 days ago
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