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Suri's Mom -- Beverly Hills Bot

12/22/2007 5:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Suri's mother, whom you may remember from "Dawson's Creek," did some holiday shopping in Beverly Hills yesterday, where a TMZ camera caught her mechanically correct Scientolobot trot. Can you hear the gears grinding?

The third Mrs. Cruise opted to be chauffeured to upscale shops -- instead of clicking her ruby red heels together to be transported. And yes, that is a purse, not luggage -- which no doubt contains all of the instruction manuals.


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2498 days ago


I personally think her and Tom love each other, and she looks and acts better than ever. She has her kid with her all the time, and she is devoted to her husband. If my husband made millions of dollars, we would be together all the time too.

2498 days ago

Sandy H    

Katie looks like a Victoria Beckham clone! and Victoria Beckham looks like a skinny robot! Tom not only looks like Hitler but is a dictator to Katie,,Good help Suri...Katy do you ever thinka thoughts of your own? Tom is entitled to his own faith(?) but should have never made a decission for Katie as far as her beliemma...Tom had made himself a self made God and in my religion there is only one God and he ain't it..grow upTom! this world s not all about you..who care? Im so glad Niole is with a man! not a drone!

2498 days ago

Grace E.    

Possibly all that running in marathons created sore muscles that prevent her from wearing high heels without looking awkward.Wearing the same hairdo as your toddler is not the best but it too will change soon enough.

2498 days ago


To those of you saying we shouldn't bash other's "belief systems" or "religion" let me say it again: $cientology is NOT a religion, it's a BIG FAT GLOBAL SCAM. Go to to learn the truth about this phony "religion", the only "religion" with a cashier's booth at the door. Or go to YouTube and type "scientology undercover videos" to see EXACTLY what these charlatons are all about.

2498 days ago


I am wondering why no one, including you, TMZ, never comments on this woman's legs. She has horrible legs - tree trunk like. And her toes, OMG!! Guess everyone is afraid of being sued by Tom. Hey, the truth is the truth: Katie's legs need to be covered up!!

2498 days ago


It always cracks me up when Katie's controlling, humorless "husband" comments that a person can be a Scientologist and also a Catholic, Jew, etc... Except there are none who are both. He forced Katie to abandon her Catholicism when they got married, and wouldn't allow Suri to be baptized. Scientology only says that you can be both to lure in more suckers, once in it's Scientology, period. From the looks of things Katie does nothing besides shop and give interviews in which she sounds like some weird Stepford wife.
And by the way, if someone approaches you in the mall, on campus, or anywhere else, offering to give you a free "personality test" RUN away!!!! They're Scientologists and you'll be told 2 things:

1) You're horribly depressed (even though you feel great)
2) Only Scientology can "cure" your depression (with a lot of expensive books, auditting sessions, courses, etc..

2498 days ago


Everything about Ktie is awesome Her legs are great and her hair rocks! Scientology is a CULT not a religion

2498 days ago
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