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Tossed Out Tori Amos Fan: Diva, Please!

12/23/2007 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Last week, singer Tori Amos lost it and threw two fans out of her show for talking. Now Monique -- one of the booted ladies -- gives her side of the story. Amos might not stay so famous after this!

Ex-fan Monique posted a blog on her MySpace page addressing the confrontation, saying, "All I was doing was telling my friend who went to the restroom that I couldn't believe she missed her favorite song by Tori ... and Tori had the f**king DIVA audacity to stop her song and tell me to leave just because I was talking about how amazing her live rendition was." Flattery will get you nowhere -- except thrown out!

Monique went on to write, "Guess my First Amendment rights were taken away at the door." Clearly at a Tori Amos concert -- you better sit straight ... and silent!


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the lost    

Stop calling the woman "fat and black" what difference does it make what ethnicity she is or how big she is? That's freaken racist! So Tori's right to behave like a bitch cuz she's white and thin, therefore almighty? That's so lame. And no, I'm neither fat, black NOR white, I'm just givin my 2 cents!

2495 days ago


Monique should shut her yap. People paid to hear Tori, not Monique's stupid selfish ass. She deserved to get kicked out and so did her friend. I'm not even a Tori Amos fan, but I am a fan of courtesy not just to the person on stage but to other audience members too!

2495 days ago

You Wait And See    

Tori Amos is throwing people out of her show like she has a large fan base. LOL! She better be trying to keep the little fan base she's got. LMFAO!

2495 days ago

What Would Xmas Be Without Warrants Served In Annas Death    

Obviously the tossed-out chicks were passing the time and waiting around for Amos to perform one of the three or four good songs she's ever written. I could've told them to save their money. Wading through an entire concert of her silly spaced-out psycho-drivel would be torture at best. Count yourselves lucky, gals - maybe you missed the twenty-five minute long version of "Cornflake Girl."

Amos's music and concerts draw in a large percentage of emotionally disturbed young girls who are then like Amos herself - only she's not so young anymore. She knows it, of course, and really plays up to that segment of her audience. She thinks she's a psychotherapist lending great advice and help through her goofy lyrics. Uh...nope.

So when someone doesn't "fit the mold," and gets out of step with all the other adoring fanatics, she really gets her panties in a wad.

Many times at a concert, you're standing around thinking "Am I the *only* person in here behaving myself?" The type of behavior that got these two tossed isn't at all unusual, front row or otherwise. It's simply a fact of life at live shows.

Amos needs attention real, real bad - as bad or worse than Britney. But she could've handled this in much gentler fashion of course, but instead chose to lower herself down to the level of these idiots by dropping the F-bomb and flipping her childish finger. Reminded me of Michael Richards. Things would've turned out a lot better all the way around if she had just kept her mouth shut and let it ride. After all, she's got most of the people out there in the audience fooled, as the flowers and other homages start sailing up onstage.

You need to quit canceling those therapy sessions, Tori.

2495 days ago


Her First Amendment rights were taken away at the door? Really? Congress was at the concert and passed a law abridging her freedom of speech? Jeez, I wish people paid attention in school.

2495 days ago


Tori is a National treasure,Go pick on One of those reality show morons,leave people with true talent alone.

2495 days ago


Yes, I highly doubt we are getting the full story from Monique. Yes Monique, keep asserting your "First Amendment Rights" by refusing to shut up during movies, eulogies at funerals, church sermons, wedding ceremonies, moments of silence to honor 9/11 victims, etc... You know your rights! To hell with everyone else...

2494 days ago


The middle finger is such a damn tacky gesture..I am sick of seeing it every where....To #18...You are right....~Kate Bush is awesome and the real deal~

2494 days ago


Poor poor Innocent Monique.... She's just a victim of big bad Tori. ROFLOL Give me a break. Stop trying to make yourself out to be an innocent victim, it is completely debatable that Tori Could have handled the situation differently and possibly better. However The Situation would never have occured if miss Monique had attempted to behave with some decorum to start with. Monique you can try to spin the situaion as much as you want, you are still a loser in the Theater with no manners.

2494 days ago

calling it like i see it    

Who in the hell does she think she is? It is a priveledge that people pay to hear her sing. They pay you witch, not the other way around. Fans made you a star and they can certainly unmake you one just a fast. Nice knowing you, you will be a has been and to me at least, a never was........

2494 days ago

Redneck Messiah    

From what i've heard (from friends that were at THAT concert) this Mo person was on the cellphone 2/3 of the time leading UP TO her being tossed. Wouldn't surprise me in the least. This chick seems to have NO class what so ever and she's spinning the story for bad publicity. We're on to you Mo. You're a sad excuse for a human AND a liar. It will be my own personal heaven knowing youre in HELL for lying. Shame on you.

2494 days ago


oh you people make me so angry. if you dont even listen to tori amos, or know her back story or anything about her then dont pass judgement on something u are seeing on face value. I was there and it was not a simple case of them whispering. they were talking rather loudly and kept getting up mid songs and it was distracting to her and the fans. its a privilage to be in the front row because you cant by tickets, she hand selects deserving people from the rows to come to the front. if they wanted to talk and carry on like they did then they shouldnt have accepted. of course you're allowed to whisper and scream, but if ur talking through all the songs then its rude, and disrepectful, and im damn glad you're boycotting her, because i wouldnt want to be anywhere near you. so before making stupid comments, get educated on the damn subject.. coz u look stupid otherwise.

2494 days ago

Saylor Roman    

She probably forgot the words to her stupid song and didn't know what else
to do, but make someone else look bad.... She's a looser.... I can't imagine anyone
wanting to watch her sing. I'd rather watch Britney in concert than that diva bitch!

2494 days ago


maybe she should just play for her self...she seem to be her only fan....and a divi i dont think so...she loves herself to much.....she was down right mean too thoses fans (x fans)...and im sure there are more x made me sick to watch the video.....she love her self to much.....shes just a big bitch...want to be..

2494 days ago


I don't know. If I hadn't had such a crappy experience at the Oakland shows I would have been more inclined to agree with Tori. I had the privilege of having a boom hanging over my section and 2 camera operators going back and forth on a dolly every 4-6 minutes obstructing my view and wrecking the flow. They were recording footage for a DVD - Tori didn't seem upset by THAT, but I certainly was. A sign at the entrance was not really enough notice for me and I was not offered a refund if I didn't want to attend. Then I had to hear 75% of the same set 2 nights in a row because the first taping was voided. I really could have used one of those front row seats for the inconvenience! Or better yet I could have saved my money and not gone at all since I feel like it was wasted.

2494 days ago
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