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Tossed Out Tori Amos Fan: Diva, Please!

12/23/2007 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Last week, singer Tori Amos lost it and threw two fans out of her show for talking. Now Monique -- one of the booted ladies -- gives her side of the story. Amos might not stay so famous after this!

Ex-fan Monique posted a blog on her MySpace page addressing the confrontation, saying, "All I was doing was telling my friend who went to the restroom that I couldn't believe she missed her favorite song by Tori ... and Tori had the f**king DIVA audacity to stop her song and tell me to leave just because I was talking about how amazing her live rendition was." Flattery will get you nowhere -- except thrown out!

Monique went on to write, "Guess my First Amendment rights were taken away at the door." Clearly at a Tori Amos concert -- you better sit straight ... and silent!


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Marianne Chitter Chatter    

I have seen Tori Amos twice in concert and it's true that people who talk during the show do run the risk of being thrown out. We weren't even in the front row, but rather were a good five or six rows back when we almost got thrown out. Tori was performing one of her many "I wish I had recorded this before I ripped it off of Kate Bush" songs (the title escapes me because she only changes a few of the words to avoid copyright infringement) anyway... when my friend asked me what I had done with my purse, I started looking around on the floor for it and Tori thought I wasn't paying attention to her and got sooooo mad she stopped prentending to play the piano. Pretty soon, they shut off the record she was performing too and the whole place when silent. I looked up and Tori was standing at the edge of the stage just GLARING at me. We didn't get thrown out, but it was close.

2428 days ago


Posted at 10:22PM on Dec 28th 2007 by singer

hey, sorry singer. i was at the same show and felt really bad about the folks sitting directly behind the two guys rolling side to side. i agree; somehow, you should be compensated for your inconvenience. don't know how much good it'd do (their disclaimer before the entrance to the venue stating it would be recorded.) but i'd contact the paramount and see what can be done about that. good luck!

(haven't changed my mind tho about monique and L)

2427 days ago


Tori had every right to throw those girls out of her show if they were distracting her during her performance and inflicting the rest of the fans around them, who spent their hard earned money to see her, with their rude, ignorant behavior. If I had the opportunity to sit front center at one of Tori's shows, I definitely wouldn't be on my cell and having a loud, full-blown conversation when I'm literally 5 feet away from the stage. It's rude, end of story. It's refreshing to see an artist who isn't afraid to stand up for herself and her true fans. I can't imagine how embarrassing that must have been for those two girls, but they brought it on themselves. I've been to so many concerts, that I've paid good money to see, and have been stuck by obnoxious, rude people who are talking loudly the entire time, blowing smoke in my face, or spilling their beer on me...and it does take away from your concert experience, and that isn't fair. If you are causing a problem to people around deserve to be tossed out. Props to Tori all the way.

2427 days ago


Why is it that only the temperamental artists with millions of loyal fans are expected to behave with decorum and dignity when being insulted, while so-called "fans" get to talk on their phones, annoy other concert goers, and act like escaped zoo animals?
Tori Amos seems to have an exponentially larger fan base every time I'm lucky enough to see one of her shows. I can't imagine how some MySpace tramp with a "greater-than-thou" attitude can really alter that. Especially given that Tori Amos has always been pretty deep and most of these comments aren't. Most of the people commenting here don't appear to be intelligent enough to be Tori fans.

2427 days ago


What a BI**H! I will never buy an album from her again.

2405 days ago


umm..first! :)

2433 days ago


Too bad I'll have to create the biggest anti-Tori internet campaign her record label has ever seen... oh well. She brought it on herself.

First stop... Digg and StumbleUpon front pages of Tori's behavior.

2433 days ago


This isn't the first time Ms. Amos has done this. And I'm sure that it won't be the last. I saw her do it to other people the one and only time I went to see her in concert.

2433 days ago

Puter Boi    

The First Amendment guarantees the government can't abridge your right to free speech...not Tori Amos. Get a clue.

That being said...who is this Tori Amos person?

2433 days ago

2 Legit 2 Quit    

You should have gotten thrown out. Other people at the show had posted blogs on how Monique and her friend were on their cell phones and have gotten up multiple times. The fact that Tori gives her front row tickets to people, and then they don't appreciate it, by sitting and enjoying the show ----i'd throw you out too. TEAM TORI

2433 days ago


Who does this bitch think she is? It's a privleage to sit in the front row. Why to see her? Go to h#ll. I wouldn't want to see her for free.

2433 days ago


Makes me sick hearing the crowd cheer her ego on! That girl will fall from grace soon enough! Be a biotchy one on stage and lose fans ...I don't even know this person and now i'm for sure i wouldn't buy any of her music...Her attitude sux! Be gracious and play music and love your fans goof!!

2433 days ago


I will never pay one cent to see this wench, or even listen for free.

2433 days ago


#10? why would her profile be on your dating site????

2433 days ago


lol..and she showed such class, Standing in front of a room full of paying "guests" and giving the finger. Pot calling kettle black?

2433 days ago
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