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Tossed Out Tori Amos Fan: Diva, Please!

12/23/2007 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Last week, singer Tori Amos lost it and threw two fans out of her show for talking. Now Monique -- one of the booted ladies -- gives her side of the story. Amos might not stay so famous after this!

Ex-fan Monique posted a blog on her MySpace page addressing the confrontation, saying, "All I was doing was telling my friend who went to the restroom that I couldn't believe she missed her favorite song by Tori ... and Tori had the f**king DIVA audacity to stop her song and tell me to leave just because I was talking about how amazing her live rendition was." Flattery will get you nowhere -- except thrown out!

Monique went on to write, "Guess my First Amendment rights were taken away at the door." Clearly at a Tori Amos concert -- you better sit straight ... and silent!


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Femme ally    

She's so cool. I love her music. And my friends I met on the site are her big fans. LOL

2498 days ago


i heard also that these girls were on their cell phones etc too...that is rude...wtg tori!

2498 days ago


I believe I have sat next to Monique at almost every movie I have been to in the last 2 years... talking on the cell phone, gabbing her with her friend continously as if she is sitting in her living room. People seem to just get ruder and ruder when it comes to public behavior at movies or performances. No more respecting those around you. I applaud Tori for standing up for those around this Monique bitch. From the way the fans were cheering when she kicked them out, it seems that there were others completely annoyed by Monique's actions. Go Tori! Go Tori! Go Tori!

2498 days ago


I saw Tori Amos in concert in October, and she was amazing! What a voice! Monique and her friend were probably talking when others that are in the front row are trying to listen. Amos probably saw that. What a waste of front row seats! Rock on Tori!

2498 days ago

Walter Sponaugle    

Monique, you loose this one. It's a show, Metalica would have done the samething to you, if she heard you, you must have a big (Huge) mouth

2498 days ago

bambino italiano    

Like i say cellphone is the worst technology ever invented in our history. Left to those uneducated, uncivilized and clueless morons in our society this is gonna happen. Like George Orwell's Animal Farms quote Not all animals are created equal. Some are more equal than others. Whether its technology , power or money, they should not be given to morons who do not function well in our society. And I dont mean just normal regular people, in the entertianment world alone you can easily pick out the trashes, and don't get me started with the politicians. This is regardless of the race, age and gender as well. Zoo should not be for wild animals, they should be for morons who cant behave and function among our normal society. Get a clue people stop giving birth!! Have as much sex as you want but please use contraceptives!! This is not American Idol auditions and yes most people make lousy parents. Stop the illusions and stop the insanity!!

2498 days ago

ok then    

I don't know anything about Tori Amos, but since when are you expected to sit quietly with your eyes forward at a freaking concert? Who is her target audience? 90-year-olds?

2498 days ago

equal opportunity offender    

That girl will fall from grace soon enough! Be a biotchy one on stage and lose fans ...I don't even know this person

lol..what an Idiot!

TA has been around for oh...20 years or so... im positive she wont be falling from anywhere soon enough... and then to say you dont even know who she is? lolololol.....

I dont like the womans music but i can say i know enough about the to know that your comment on a celebrity gossip site isnt going to help anything...


2498 days ago


Since when are you supposed to sit in respectful silence facing the performer? Since forever, you ignorant uneducated fool. People today don't have a clue how to behave in a civilzed manner.

2498 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

36. I don't know anything about Tori Amos, but since when are you expected to sit quietly with your eyes forward at a freaking concert? Who is her target audience? 90-year-olds?

Posted at 10:51AM on Dec 23rd 2007 by Um, what?
O.K., this is easy. You open up and cheer and scream when the song is finished. Big Rock N Roll is expected to be noisy and interactive when the vocalist encourages the back and forth, but singing piano players a.k.a. Billy Joel, Amos, etc. deserve cell-phoneless attention during the number. If the artist does something impressive vocally in the middle of a song, O.K. to appreciate briefly. It's not about 90 years olds, and it's not about YOU, it's about the concert you paid to attend, and it's about having a social clue.

2498 days ago


Maybe Tori can help audience members learn some manners. I'm appalled at the way some fans treat live performances like they're watching TV -- talking, texting, taking photos, getting up. We've paid lots of money to be there for a one-time experience. Give the artists some respect. Np matter how much in the zone an artist tries to be, a noisy or disinterested audience puts them off their game.

2498 days ago

Think About It    

So, if the two girls weren't guilty of doing anything distracting to Tori or any of the other audience members, why would they get up so quickly and head for the door once they were finally called out on it?

Don't jump to conclusions based on the few seconds seen before Tori goes off on them. The video is terrible quality anyway and you can really only make out what's happening on stage. The audience and the two girls are basically black silhouettes. I highly doubt Tori's reaction came out of nowhere. And for the audience cheering her reaction, I wouldn't cheer on something like that unless I fully agreed, so it's quite possible it wasn't just Tori that had enough.

If you're not there for the purpose of the event and to be attentive to it, be it a concert, movie, play, or whatever - just stay home. And while you're home, it'd be helpful to read some etiquette books. Nobody's perfect, but come on. They must have been showing some level of disrespect to get that reaction.

2498 days ago

d to the izzle    

They would have to drag me out of that bitch's show. She must be bitter cause nobody gives a rat's furry little ass about her.

2498 days ago

ok then    

Posted at 10:57AM on Dec 23rd 2007 by nil

Hmm, how intelligent. Name calling. Alright, loser. I can do that. I'm sorry you're ignorant enough to believe that something labeled a 'concert' is supposed to be conducted like church. Get a grip, people. Concerts are noisy. There's excitement and usually booze and people are going to react like concert goers have acted for decades. If you want something quiet, go see the opera or musical theatre. But don't buy a ticket to a concert and expect everyone to sit quietly just because you're too moronic to know what you purchased a ticket for.

The level of stupid in this world is reaching scary levels. I'd guess all you grannies who are pissed because someone dared to enjoy themselves at a freaking concert are the same ones who buy tickets to NFL games and discourage cheering.

Oh, and I love that you assume anyone who dares to disagree with you is uneducated. I'd put big money on my education being more extensive and impressive than yours.

2498 days ago


Oh for HEAVEN'S sake. Hey. Little girl . . . you have NO, I repeat, NO FIrst Amendment rights at a concert. The First Amendment ONLY applies to government action. Try going to a Church and singing hymns to Satan. And if you are ANYTHING like those idiot teenies that think that talking in a movie is somehow their right . . . I'm glad she pitched your skank-ass. You can always spot ignorance when they start talking about their "Consititutional rights" in situations WHERE THEY HAVE NONE. I'm not even a Tori Amos fan but these spoiled brats are just that . . . spoiled brats. Instead of going to concerts why don't you go back to school and learn something.

2498 days ago
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