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B2K Manager: Sexual Abuse Claims are Crap

12/24/2007 4:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Stokes (center), who managed the band B2K before they broke up, is vehemently denying allegations he sexually abused former member Demario "Raz-B" Thorton (right) and his brother, Ricardo aka Ricky Romance (left).

The allegations, which surfaced on YouTube, include improper touching and outright molestation. Interestingly, both alleged victims can be heard generally accusing Stokes, but for the most part their statements lack specifics.

Stokes released this statement:

"The accusations that Demario "Raz B" Thorton and Ricardo Thorton have made are vehemently false and hold no merit. I have recently stopped financially supporting both individuals along with assisting them with their criminal and legal matters which leads me to believe they are resentful and looking to benefit financially from this."

The statement continues: "My family is my first priority and the reason why I have been so supportive of them. In bringing these false claims, they have not only slandered me, they have also put me in a position to ensure that the truth is known and I will take all legal routes to protect myself, my family and my four children ... It's also quite ironic that these statements were made only 2 weeks after they were denied admittance by a venue for an event I hosted in Beverly Hills."


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i knew that dude was gay

2497 days ago


I believe this story. If it's true then charges should be brought up against Chris Stokes

2497 days ago


I watched the video. This is not something grown men go around bragging about. If this actually happened this is disgusting and Chris Stokes should be prosecuted for taking advantage of young boys!

2497 days ago

O dogg    

I knew from the very start these guys were gay,the rumors starts way back so it is not strange finally these guys are coming out to speak.Chris Stokes and Michael Jackson are cousins.

2497 days ago


I believe this guy. Molestation, especially for boys, is very embarrassing for the person to talk about-- especially in the black community. At one point, when he's talking on the phone with Chris.. Chris says, "i don't do that no more". He practically admits it with that statement.

People are commenting that Raz-B is gay. Who cares whether he is gay or not? The guy is claiming he was raped from the time he was 11 years old through his teen years.

I think it was very couragous of him to do this and he should sue Stokes (if he is telling the truth, which I believe he is).

He needs to tone it down with using the N word, though. It sounds ignorant.

2497 days ago


i'v seen the other tape where chris stoke said "raz i dont do that nemore i dont do that nemore that was back then that aint me anymore"

2497 days ago


Chris Stokes is a molester. Everyone knows it. I'm 26 years old and I've known something was up with him since I was 14. He needs to be stopped.

2496 days ago


This is so sad. I don't think they would make this up especially knowing the embarrassment that comes with it. This Chris guy looks guy and I cant believe he would molest his own cousin.

2496 days ago


Ahhhh, I thought they'd be around making wonderful music forever, so the world could enjoy their boundless talents. I'll go cry alone.

2496 days ago


Apparently these two kid are Chris Stokes cousins!! Why would they tell stories like this just because they are pissed off at Chris Stokes. Most boys, and men who were molested, would rather die than tell anyone that they were violated. So I tend to believe that what these boys are saying is true. All the molestation details will come out in court. Sadly for these boys this, sounds like Micheal Jackson all over again!!!

2496 days ago


I believe Raz B and his brother. Can Chris Stoke be charged at this time?! If not - at least parents with talented boys will not use his services. The nerve of him to deny it!

2496 days ago


It is pretty twisted that TMZ takes the side of who ever has more money and who gives them an on the record statement first. If the boys wanted to sell there story they would not have posted it on youtube morons. You and I know that if the boys had come to TMZ with a video confession the headline would have read " HOLLYWOOD MUSIC MOGUL RAPES B2K MEMEBERS". Do u really beleive the guy who just admitted on the video " i dont do that ne more and I'm not like that ne more". I beleive if you are going to put your business all out on front street be ready but TMZ whom I love and is my homepage is wrong this time. Totally insensitive (which I know sensativity is not TMZs thing) to say that rape allegations are untrue without doing your own research. Based on what? What the accused rapist says. Might as well start publishing all rapists and molestors excuses. -TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED AND NOW PEREZ IS MY HOMEPAGE-


2496 days ago


In the video Chris Stokes basically admits he did this!! I mean this unbelievable and I hope they can somehow press charges against him for child molestation. This should be a wake up call for all parents out there who want to push their children into the entertainment industry. I feel so bad for Raz-B, no child should have had to go through that. He's going in the right direction by maintaining his faith in God, but he should still seek out therapy for what happened to him.

2496 days ago


ONTD broke this story LAST NIGHT. They have > 3000 (!) comments on their thread. TMZ is so late. I wonder why?

2496 days ago

Chris Stokes is a pedophile and a rapist. He should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Why are these sexual predators who prey on black children allowed to exist? The police and District Attorney need to step in an do something! I'm disgusted that this very serious issue of child molestation and rape is dismissed and scoffed at. Chris Stokes, Michael Jackson, Lou Perlmann, R Kelly -- these monsters should be locked up in a jail cell together.

Why isn't the media covering this? Britney farts and you guys are all over it. Lindsay goes shopping and the paparazzi are on it. But when black children are raped and abused, nobody cares? What the hell.

These were 10 or 11 year old children who were raped and sexually abused and exploited and pimped out to other pedophiles and predators. This is a travesty.

2496 days ago
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