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Jamie Lynn a Good Parent? Look to the Stars!

12/24/2007 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jamie Lynn SpearsThere's a lot of speculation about how Jamie Lynn will fare as a young mother. Instead of guessing -- take a look at what her astrological chart says! According to, because Jamie Lynn is an Aries, she's impulsive and headstrong. Impulsive may be an understatement! Crazy is more like it!

Hopefully, the stars don't lie, because Aries parents are devoted to their children and will defend them against anyone who threatens them. Remember Jamie yelling at the lady in Malibu?

The site also says because Aries doesn't like to weigh the consequences of their actions, they make a lot of mistakes. If her sister is any indication, this may only be the beginning, folks!


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I agree with a couple of previous posters. Years ago I had a friend of mine and very popular cheerleader back when we were in high school got pregnant, this was our junior year in high school. She was not a whore and far from it. He was the only guy she slept with and is now married to and they have lasted years. They have a beautiful daughter and have just recently welcomed a handsome baby boy. They are and have always been above fantastic parents and both finished school. You couldn't imagine a couple more in love than they are or more dedicated and devoted to their children. As far as Jamie Lynn goes. Just b/c Britney has mental issues (which by the way she didn't bring on herself, a lot of those are caused by chemical imbalances or inherited, even just simple depression, medicatino and therapy and she'll get better and possibly become the mother she should be) and just she's not a great mom DOESN'T mean Jamie will follow in her foot steps. Don't judge this girl until she has the chance to actually be a mother with her baby in her arms. She's not out partying while pregnant, smoking or drinking so back off. Even me an adult and married, and yes i was married before i had children, my parents help me out sometimes as far as watching or tending to them. But my family is very close just like jamie and her family. If her mom helps her out who gives a crap. I don't know a mother who doesn't try to help her daughter out as much as possible when they have a child. It's motherly instinct to want to help. As far as her show, Well guess what people if you don't want your kids watching the show that's what PARENTAL CONTROLS on your tv are for. Block the freakin' show. No one is forcing your kids to watch it. People are making it a HUGE deal when really it's in the parents hands what their kids watch. You control that. You can either block or not but stop pitching a hissy fit about it. And by the way would all of this be such a big deal if her sister was a great mother or a good role model? probably not. Have we all forgotten that not that many generations ago people were getting married and having children at 13 or 14 years old. I know I've seen it in very many family trees. All I'm saying is cut the kid some slack b/c you had people married and having children as teens in your family too somewhere if you look. She's not the first and she won't be the last. She's not flaunting her pregnancy or very proud of the fact that she screwed up. I know quite a few girls who have had abortions to save their reputations or because they were scared to tell their mothers. No one ever knew and word never got out and they weren't caled whores, but the ones who step up to the plate and take responsibilty and have their child and raise are........come on now. this girl had to step up and tell the world. CUT HER SOME SLACK. Karma comes back at you so think before you speak and watch how you treat people.

2312 days ago

enough we're going to start hearing about another Spears. With that family, the expectations of being a good mom aren't all that high. I'm not expecting much.

2392 days ago



2392 days ago

The whole family ought to go back to their double-wide in Looziana    

To say that she will be a good parent is like saying her mom was a good example, oh wait, Dr. Phil already did! Teen pregnancy is never a good thing, and for ANYONE to claim that this is a good thing and a good example for teens everywhere ought to be locked up with Lynne Spears and left in jail to rot!

2392 days ago


She`s a whore

2392 days ago


the guy who got this lil 16yr.old girl pregnant knew exactly what he was doing...

2392 days ago

Visa Fan    

Holy Kakapoopy! Merry Christmas!

2392 days ago


let that be a lesson to all girls.. protection is your responsibility... got it.. lol

2392 days ago

Big T    

This story is far from over mark my words the babies father is not who everybody think it is. According to a reliable source and it is not, although they no what's up as well. It is a strong possibility that Lil Romeo is the babies father. Some people cannot stomach the fact that this is a possibility, but they were having a off and on discreet sexual relationship. So stay tune because the drama will continue trust and believe this.

2392 days ago


16 yrs old and pregnant?! Young girls watch her stupid show! Some even look up to her! This is unacceptable. Her show should be cancelled and she should crawl back under the rock along with her stupid sister. Lynn needs to go to jail for child abuse and neglect. Lack of parenting is the problem. How is she going to raise a child? She only knows what her mom and sis have taught her which is that its ok to screw around with anyone at anytime.

2392 days ago

LA will always SUCK    

Statutory Rape with or without concent under 18 - "Unlawful Sexual Intercourse" Section 261.5 California Penal code

2392 days ago

Big T    

That baby will come out with a permanent tan line

2392 days ago


Re: #9. Statutory Rape with or without concent under 18 - "Unlawful Sexual Intercourse" Section 261.5 California Penal code

Posted at 11:23AM on Dec 24th 2007 by LA will always SUCK

What does California Penal code have to do with Jaime Lynn (Louisiana law) and Casey Alderidge (Mississippi law)?

Casey will sign a pre-nup agreement. Casey and Jaime Lynn will quietly get married. That is the right thing to do. Jaime Lynn has the capabilities to do more with her life than star on a television show for your dumbed-down kids.

2392 days ago


Uh.. who cares about her horoscope? Must be a slow day@ TMZ.

2392 days ago


she should be ashamed of herself! after watching her sister have 2 kids and then losing them! She's only a baby herself! she's not going to be a good parent sorry no offense! This is sickening and I hope the whole family gets help together!

2392 days ago
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