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Shauna Sand -- Style by WTF

12/24/2007 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Did you ever wonder who's buying the clothes at Wet Seal and Forever 21? Playmate Shauna Sand and her pals, that's who! Stilettos courtesy of Fredrick's of Hollywood -- the 1996 catalog!

The mother of three and her two classy bosom-baring buddies were spotted at the Green Door in Hollywood, giving the world a glimpse of what Paris, Nicole and Britney have to look forward to in fifteen years ... or less.


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There is a time in life to just let it go.

That time has arrived..............

2461 days ago


My god - the one with the huge bosom - you can see her Small Pox Vaccine scar on her left arm! What year did that stop giving outthat disfiguring vaccines? 1970? Was it earlier? Mine isn't obvious but it's still there. It's one of those things that can instantly tell you how old a person is or how young they aren't. Look at it! It's that thing that looks like a huge divet on her upper left arm.

2460 days ago


Yes, that most ridiculous looking ho on the right is 39!!!!! That is what she admits to. She looks older to me but maybe its just all those years of hookin'. She lookes pretty used up and spit out.

2460 days ago

Bethany Sweet    

I know that's Taylor Wane porn star on the right. Who is on the left?

2460 days ago


They give new meaning to "ho ho ho".......

2460 days ago


You people must have all been bullied at school for being fat and ugly and now, anonymous on the internet you can be the bully and make yourself feel better.
What a bunch of losers you haters are!

Every comment on every picture on this site is full of hate. It's a sad world we live in. You hate anyone that isn't like you. Whether they are gay, black, too skinny, too fat or (like the Rolling Stones sang in a song) "cause he doesn't smoke
the same cigarettes as me".

I'm sure y'all are so gorgeous yourselves and that you are just in mocking others. Your hate has produced a new form of entertainment in the world at the expense of others.

Who said beauty is skin deep, no matter how you all look, you are ugly to the core and that is all that remains in the end.

2460 days ago

Rick Da Ruler    

OMFG...Say WTF you will, but I say porno-ish chicks need luv too(and being the benevolent type of guy that I am)...Shauna & all her lil Playmate buddies can get all the attention that they so richly crave and need from a couple of us generous guys out there w/big happy grins on our faces...Iwonder why?? LMAO

2460 days ago


Hey Heidi (#62),

You are Taylor, right? Listen, get some self respect and pick your large self out of the gutter and think about what you look like and what you do. All these comments on here are spot on. You are trash and that is all you will ever be,,, Sorry hon, truth hurts.

2459 days ago


And no, we don't hate anyone who isn't like us. We hate ridiculous looking hos with no self respect who get fake boobs put in that look beyond laughable. And you think you look hot?!?!?!?!? LOL!!!!!!!! And yes, we are ALL more gorgeous than the trash that is you.

2459 days ago


why take pics of F-Listerts.. slow photo day?? TMZ is scraping at the btm of this barrel..They looked when they tilt unevenly- time to get ur money back..

2459 days ago


You crack me up. Deformed is the right word!

2459 days ago


Ugly, Ugly whores......who cares.

2459 days ago


'3. Did anyone else catch the irony of three trashy sluts like that going to a place called the "Green Door", or is that just showing how old I am (or how much I am into porno?).......anyway, they are what goes on "Behind the Green Door!"

Posted at 11:05AM on Dec 24th 2007 by I want to be behind the Green Door'


LOL!! I'm aging myself too - I know the lyrics to 'Green Door', I can still remember hearing the song when I was young.

I wondered what it meant - I thought it was like a party or a 'speakeasy'.... thanks for the memories, nice to know I'm not the only 'old fart' here. Please don't be offended by that term, it's said in humor and not to give offense :)

2459 days ago


My eyes, oh my eyes.....This is just too painful to look at.

2459 days ago


What the hell is wrong with people? Wouldn't you be embarrased to know that after that pic was taken there were so many people laughing at you? God it's so pathetic. you're not 18-21 anymore sweethearts! it's time to grow up and deflate a lil.haha

2459 days ago
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