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Stone Cold Tired Hot Mess

12/24/2007 2:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A clearly exhaustipated Sharon Stone was spotted outside of Taste restaurant in West Hollywood with 7-year-old son Roan -- with Mommy and Me haircuts! Awww!

After what appears to be an unfortunate encounter with peroxide and scissors, Sharon donned one of the hideous furry coats she likes to wear, and a giant purse from the Tippi Hedren QVC collection. Remember Roan and watch for him on TMZ in 2023, when he'll be dating Jamie Lynn's baby.


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What's the big deal? Just looks like any tired mom out with her kid after what was probably an exhausting shopping trip. He probably just wanted some comforting and she picked him up, who cares. A whole lot more kids probably could use more love and understanding that they're getting from their parents. Trust TMZ to come out with the usual catty, ridiculous comments that make no sense at all.

2494 days ago


whats dat?

2494 days ago


Maybe she should try letting him walk! He is 7 years old. And TMZ, leave QVC alone! They kept me company during my overnight cramming sessions while I was in college.

2494 days ago

who dat    

Is She now cutting her own hair?

2494 days ago

j c    

Proof that by the time you get this age , your kids should be grown or at least almost....It's time to live a little Sharon.....I love my kids dearly , I am 50 years old and they are grown and gone!!!!!! whoopeeeee!!!!!!

2494 days ago

Boxy Roxy    

Carrying a 7 year old????

2494 days ago

Mrs. Watkins    

Dang TMZ! Who creats these HARSH comments about celebs?
So what? Sharon is a Mom! She is entitled to have windblown hair and look tired!
Celebs are people too! This is not the 1940's ...where their images were manufactored and Hollyweird was only glamour!
The paps are out there so often taking pictures...we are bound to see celebs be... HUMAN!
OMG! How horrible is that? A celeb who looks like the rest of us in our real lives?! Windblown, unmade up, in our regular everyday clothes.

Get real TMZ! The harsh comments are getting old!

2494 days ago

stolto morta    

7 is entirely to old to be carried like a baby.

2494 days ago


She probably looks so worn out because she is carrying that big ass kid around. She doesn't look exhausted, she just looks her age, most people do without a ton of make up and special lighting.

2494 days ago

Big Ol' Nobody    

Sharon Stone made me gay!

2494 days ago


Carrying a seven year old around in her arms? I guess thats why she looks so tired. Can't wait until he's 18 and her human backpack. Actually she was probably trying to get him away from the photodeadbeats.

2494 days ago

DJ Europe    

What is it with celebs carrying their post-toddler kids all the time? I don't get it. Maybe I get this out of context because they are trying to keep them away from the stupid paps (can't blame them for that).
Merry Xmas at any rate.

2494 days ago


He is beautiful and she loves him so she carries him when he is tired even if she is exhausted. That is real parenthood, it's not convenient or glamorous but it does make her beautiful (to him). Good for her and if his father was still around he should be carrying his son.,

2494 days ago



2494 days ago


People, people. Why oh why do you all have a fit when these people are out and about and knock their looks? Can you not realize with make up artists, hair stylists and the right lighting, ANYONE can look good?? Sheesh!! Most of these celebs would not get a second look if they were "unknowns". Face it, your dream girls on here look a lot different sans the help. In fact, I think its kind of cool the way they DO come out without all the make up on and are seen for what they REALLY look like. Lighten up, people, and when its a perfect world, let us know.

2494 days ago
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