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Auld k.d. Lang Syne

12/25/2007 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of the most gifted lady singers of the era, k.d. lang, went shopping for gifts at The Grove in Los Angeles on Sunday -- looking like a big ol' scoop of bah humbug. Crying!

Miss Kathryn Dawn Lang, wearing form-fitted jeans, a lovely cotton coat and t-shirt, was the picture of holiday jeer. The "Salmonberries" star told a photog that she "hates Christmas."

She hides it well.


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What a bunch of hateful, bigoted homophobics you are.

2398 days ago

Ana Lisboa    

k.d. lang has a unique sounding voice in today's musical panorama, and not only in North America. She has been singing for 25 years, she did not start yesterday. Her voice has made thousands and thousands of people feel happier all over the world, singing along or humming her songs. You people living in North America who have the priviledge of having such a terrific voice like k.d. lang's practically exclusively for yourselves, you should be very proud of her and of yourselves too for having her singing for you.. The way she sings is something out of this world. And you are lucky for having her touring all over North America while in Europe, namely Portugal, we could never listen to her live. Her last record REINTARNATION has not even been for sale in Portuguese music stores. I do not know why, if less gifted American singers are hits over here. If we wanted to listen to Reintarnation we had to order it online from the USA for twice or 3 times it's real price.
Someone said she looks older, but don't we ALL look older as time goes by? Is the person who wrote that getting younger and younger everyday? It must be a phenomenon... kind of abnormal. You should be in a lab cage so that scientists could study such an amazing thing. Or is it that you have lots of Botox and silicones all over your body after 100 makeovers?
A man said Santa (meaning «no man») wanted to go down k.d.'s chimney. What in the world makes he think k.d. lang wanted a guy like him (with such a narrow mind and misdisguised aggressivity) getting closer to her? She would probably feel disgusted. By the way, does this guy have a mirror at his home to see himself on it? Does he look like an Adonis? I'm sure you must be far , far away from it.
As to the way she dresses, remember you llve in a free country, anybody is free to dress the way she/he likes. And women have become a lot more liberal than most men on choosing what pleases them to wear and what clothes make them feel comfortable. It's k.d.'s private life and it does not concern anyone else. Why should you care? Lack of interesting things to keep you occupied? If the guy who made a stupid comment on k.d. lang for dressing very casually and in an androginous way, you chose the wrong country to be born and to live in. You show an outdated way of thinking which fits better in one of those radical terrorist islamic countries where women have no rights. You probably would think it was ok if women in our western countries were obliged to wear burkas.....Either that or you should chose going to see a shrink for some therapy, because something is not quite well with you. Your way of thinking is very, very, very old fashioned. It is the sort of mentality of someone who fears women.... God knows why.... and their emancipation. Put your feet on the ground, you little Joe - women have attained the right to be whatever they feel like being, doing whatever they feel like doing and they couldn't care less about what a prejudiced closeted guy may or may not think about them. You are an inmate in your own jail.
As to the gender looking issue it is so old fashioned.... Are you sure you are living in a civilized country of the first world? Maybe you are, but your brain isn't. Behave like a MAN for once in your life. You may have little education (that shows), and I know nothing about your I.Q......but open your eyes and look attentively at the people that surround you, the new people you meet everyday and try to learn something new from them. Make an effort to widen your horizons....Those people are all different, look different, but they are all alike, for GOD does not put his children in ghetos just because they follow their own path in this world and are pride for who their are.
Open your mind and your heart towards your fellow citizens of this tiny world. We have been taught that our planet was a big one, but in the end it is a «village». We are all in the same boat. so why be judgemental about the others? Do something good - Be nice, tolerant and accepting towards other people whoever they are, whatever they look like. GROW UP LITTLE MAN and for once in your life stop looking at you navel, you are not the center of the world, and the sun doesn't rise every morning just to salute you. You are surrounded by all sorts of people, pleople who you sould have been taught to be compassionate about, to love in a universal way of love, to respect and accept just like they are. It's never too late to start.
In a way or another all religions preache these principles. If you are so concerned about your GOD, then why don't you behave according to his laws and do to others what you expect them doing towards you?
k.d. lang is an excepcionally good singer and she deserves all our respect.... and apllause.

2398 days ago

mother nature    

Glad to see kd and her mom had some time together over the holidays. kd doesn't hate God, she is a very spiritual person.

2398 days ago


Well, she could be the new spokesperson for Jenny Craig, lose about 40 lbs. and grow her hair out. Too short just too old. She still has a remarkable voice.

2315 days ago
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