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R. Kelly: Take My Pic, Go to Jail!

12/25/2007 2:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

R. KellyIn the irony to end all ironies, a woman was sentenced to five days in jail for snapping a pic of R. Kelly in court (big no-no!). Meanwhile, he hasn't even gone to trial yet over child porn charges -- and it's been over five years. Objection!

Jean Johnson, 49, used her cellphone camera to snap pictures of R. Kelly during a recent hearing. She plead guilty to contempt of court and was sentenced to the five days, but was released for time served.

Johnson claims that she is Kelly's "biggest fan," however, there are no pictures or video to prove it.


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sounds like roughdaddy has a candycane in his pants,LOL

2496 days ago



2496 days ago

Dave J Charles    

Stupid woman, merry x-mas to her !!!!

2496 days ago


What happened to this person's head? Did someone run him over with a lawnmower?

2496 days ago


Uh, Mike @31, catching someone with intent to rape a minor is hardly entrapment.

2496 days ago


As for this many has said....the justice system is perverted. This poor woman gets 5 days for taking a dsamn picture yet we allow this pedophile who pisses on little girls and carries child porno photos around him to remain free on bail for more than 5 damn years!!! WTF!!!



2496 days ago


She probably made more money from this pic that she would have made working her common wealth job for 5 days, so I'm sure it was worth it. U Go Girl! Get that money!!!! As for Kells....Is there really anything else to say about this. First he commandered Aaliyah at age 15 (CLUE #1) and continues on his quest to experience our teen daughters. Something has to be done about him.!!!!

2496 days ago


I am a big fan too,so that could have been me.but i think that was stuipid for them to do her like that over a picture,unless R objected.but she was lucky to get to see him in person that close,I wish I could see him that close.but ,I wish him all the luck to get pass this and move on.I support him no matter what the out come, and enjoyed his shows and everything he does!! so,stay positive R!!!

Posted at 3:30PM on Dec 25th 2007 by mstkelly34

Yea, I wish I could see him that close too, so I could beat his empty head in with a hammer. Good thing it wasn't my kid or he would be begging for the cops to save his sorry ass. What a loser.

2496 days ago


Oh my god, how dumb can people be? A pedophile is an adult who has sex with prepubescent children. A molester is someone who has forceful sex with at least one other person. R Kelly is NEITHER! He had consensual sex with a 15 year old girl, clearly not prepubescent, who probably knew exactly the act to which she was consenting. If R Kelly wanted, he could sue thousands of people for defamation of character and he would win.

Posted at 4:38PM on Dec 25th 2007 by The Voice of Truth

Look up the phrase "Statuatory Rape" loser and then post. Even if the underage child is a willing participant, it is still rape because an underage child cannot give consent. Your post only serves to confirm that you actually are an idiot.

2496 days ago


Guys getting busted in the entrapment that is "To Catch A Predator" have gone through more than this guy will for ACTUALLY commiting a crime. Go figure (then again he's black with money)

Posted at 5:50AM on Dec 26th 2007 by Mike

Entrapment? Are you serious? Oh right, you are. Well, just goes to show that people should do their homework before they post. Otherwise, people start to think that you really are an idiot. Your post confirms it.

2496 days ago


Entrapment? Are you serious? Oh right, you are. Well, just goes to show that people should do their homework before they post. Otherwise, people start to think that you really are an idiot. Your post confirms it.

Posted at 1:58PM on Dec 26th 2007 by Spurs

HAHAHAHAHA! Speaking of "doing your homework," had you done so, you'd know that there's no such thing as "statutory rape" under Illinois' laws.

2496 days ago


Voice of are an idiot. Forst of all..the girl is alleged to have been 14 years old at the time of the crime. If you had the misfortune of seeing the video, you would know that she appeared to have been drugged, and that her breasts were not even fully developed as of yet. Once again....why the hell is Kells still walking the streets? This is an absolute disgrace!!!

2495 days ago


get a life and leave this man alone

2495 days ago


...............................Hello valerie @ 2:37 am.....................You state, "leave this man alone".................Would you be a supporter of this, Robert Sylvester Kelly, (40) year old person who assaults children?................and what would be accomplished by,"leaving him alone"?.....................that YOU get to see him in concert, you get to listen to his music, you get to buy whatever products he puts out there?.....................Lets see, that would make you somewhat, self centered, self absorbed, or just too lazy to read and understand the facts of the case..................Supporting such a person, as this R. Kelly appears to be, is a measure of plain old dumb.............That would be you, valerie............

2491 days ago


ok this is jsut crazy i went to go and see R Kelly in houston on the 2nd of Dec i sat in the front row and at the end of his concert he tells everyone to get there cams out and take pics of him andhis poses and all u see is everyone getting there phones out and the ones that where able to get there cams in to the concert yes they where not allowing no other types of cams in but then u could use ur cell phone to take pics so i guess he really needs to think about it all casue it is jsut crazy yes i love him as a artist he has put out good music over the last what 17yrs but he needs to serve his time for his stuff

2491 days ago
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