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Toby Keith Awarded Millions in Dad's Death

12/25/2007 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Toby KeithA jury awarded country star Toby Keith and his family $2.8 million in damages in the 2001 death of his father.

Keith's dad, H.K. Covel, was driving on Interstate 35 in Oklahoma when his truck was bumped by another vehicle, causing it to cross the center median, where it was hit by a charter bus carrying 21 passengers. That bus, according to evidence presented at trial, was "in urgent need" of brake repairs.

The jury ruled unanimously against the owners of the bus, Rodriguez Transportes, and the Republic Western Insurance Co. of Arizona.


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Very sad.

2492 days ago

Lenn K.    

Wait a second, am I the only one who can't figure out why they sued the bus for money when the other vehicle hit him. The bus did nothing wrong but drove the people on the bus and his truck hit them, not the other way around. Where the other vehicle that hit his father? Shouldn't they be responsible? Juries go after the ones with the money, not the one who committed the crime!!

2492 days ago

tard in the hood    

best looking man on the planet

2492 days ago


The money doesn't bring back his wonderful father, but hopefully it will help their saddnes, and give them some sort of justification. Toby doesn't need the money, it was all about how many tour buses are on the highways, carrying loads of people, and these buses should be sidelined. They are a huge danger and this needed to be brought out. Hopefully it will help curb that industry, and is a wake up call. Way to go did the right thing man, no matter what anyone says.

2492 days ago

The King    

YEEHAWW!! He can use some of that money to add a wing on to his trailer and celebrate with a couple dozen kegs of Milwaukees Best.

2492 days ago


i sure hope that money will be donated to CHARITY.

2492 days ago


Oh yeah, by the way....his dad was hit by another vehicle, and it caused him to be shoved into the center median. However, the bus had no brakes to stop at the rate of speed the driver was driving it. He did not hit H K head on, the bus was traveling at a high rate of speed, determined by the highway patrol. It could not stop, and hit the front end of his truck, killing H K. Believe me, everyone got sued, and it has taken this long, 6 years, to finally settle. And while his dad died, he truly wanted the general public to see how dangerous some of these tour buses are. Toby is one of the kindest men on the planet. I know.

2492 days ago

Lenn K.    

#7 That might be true about the bus going at a high rate of speed. That speed has nothing to due with another vehicle coming at you from across the median. The driver of bus is not at fault in this accident. The person who hit Mr. Keith's truck is at fault. His brakes might not have been working that well but to use this as an exercise to blame the busdriver when he didn't cause this wreck. But you're right they sued everyone, that's what lawyers do. It will alway be about who's got the most money!!

2492 days ago


rodriguez transportes=negligent at the highest level.....

2492 days ago


And Lenn, while the busdriver did everything he could, short of killing his passengers, the bus would not stop due to faulty equipment on the bus. As for this being an exercise of blame, is! I don't know what state you drive in, but where I drive, you see a road hazard, you stop, or go around it. This driver could not stop, could not control his bus, and probably didn't even know that the transport company had not taken appropriate action to secure the safety of him or any of his passengers. Yeah, he was zooming down the highway, speeding as I know it, but didn't go to jail for vehicular manslaughter. He drove a bus loaded with people that could not stop. Maybe at 5 mph it could, but not 85. I am sure this money will go to charity, and thankx to the justice system, more people are now aware of the hidden dangers in riding around on buses, that should be used sidelined. The sad thing is a wonderful man died due to excess speed by two parties, who were not obeying the speed laws. It happens every hour of every day. Just slow down on highways people!

2492 days ago


rodriguez transportes= mexican safety standards on our roads. look for more of that with the new nafta highway folks.

as for "the king". you're classist, intolerant comments on toby keith prove your ignorance and prejudice. it's ironic you believe you are superior to him because of his class and region when you have shown yourself to be the ignorant, classless idiot by judging someone.

congrats toby and the rest of the keith family. justice is hard to come by, but you will likely save many more lives by making greedy people like the rodriguez family pay for making money more important the human lives.

2492 days ago

Texas Jim    

At interstate speeds, even good brakes would not have stopped that bus in time to avoid hitting the vehicle.

Two vehicles...the bus at 60 MPH, and even though Keith's dad's truck was slowing as it crossed the median, it was probably still going at least 40 MPH at time of impact. That is a closign speed of 100 MPH.

This was a GREED/DEEP POCKETS case!

2492 days ago


Deep pockets verdict. Legal system gone to hell.

2492 days ago

Marlb Man    

Marlboro's and beer for everybody!!

2492 days ago


I had not heard about this accident. I must have been living under a rock. Either way my thoughts are that the person driving the truck that hit Mr Keith is at fault. (we, where I live in Ohio, have been putting up these strong cables in our median to stop these crossover wrecks that are 9 times out of 10 fatal hopefully they will help save a life or more) and that the bus company is also at fault. While you do not expect anything to come across the median and hit you, you do have the responsiblity to keep your vehicles in good repair which includes being able to stop. What if an animal or say someone had broken down on the side of the road and a child ran out or an accident happened right in front of you IDK because of unsafe lane changes. You would want to be able to stop. I feel bad for the Keith family, I hope that the money goes to a highway campaign fund or some such thing because money really isnt what this was all about. I am surprised they had insurance to be honsest, adequet insurance at that.

2492 days ago
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