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Toby Keith Awarded Millions in Dad's Death

12/25/2007 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Toby KeithA jury awarded country star Toby Keith and his family $2.8 million in damages in the 2001 death of his father.

Keith's dad, H.K. Covel, was driving on Interstate 35 in Oklahoma when his truck was bumped by another vehicle, causing it to cross the center median, where it was hit by a charter bus carrying 21 passengers. That bus, according to evidence presented at trial, was "in urgent need" of brake repairs.

The jury ruled unanimously against the owners of the bus, Rodriguez Transportes, and the Republic Western Insurance Co. of Arizona.


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Jane H    

This is not Toby Keith getting the $$$$. Toby's mother lives near where I live. The award is hers. The comments about Toby getting the money are rediculous. Initially it was reported that the wreck was his fault. They wanted to clear his name.

2458 days ago


Hey guys and gals,

I am pretty sure, the reason for the lawsuit was repeated violations of the law by the tour bus company. On the surface, it may look like some frivalous lawsuit, but I do not think it is.

2458 days ago


This day and age you sue who can pay, preferable an insurance co. because they pay up. The theory in this accident is that if the bus had good breaks the impack wouldnt have been as forceful. If the bus were going slower his dad could have survived....Out of the 2 others involved in the wreck,, I would say the bus had better insurance..

All aside, very sad about his dad :(

2458 days ago


I'm betting that the tour bus company has a really comprehensive safety inspection process set up now, or they will soon.
I think all heavy vehicle operators need to be aware of what can happen as a result of lax preventive maintenance procedures.
They'll be paying a little more for their insurance from now on too. No matter the cause of the accident, if the bus was suddenly in an emergency situation and had bad brakes at the time, they ARE at fault. DOT regulations are clear on this,.....

2458 days ago


too bad toby wasnt in the truck with his dad so he could die with him

2458 days ago


More evidence of a faultless society. "My Dad didn't die in a truck accident, he was murdered by a bus with faulty brakes." They went after the Bus Company because they had the most insurance, not the "bump" driver. Everyone has their time, and this was his Dad's. For whatever reason we as human beings can't understand how these things happen, so we need a target. Devil's Advocate: Was his father wearing a seatbelt? Was his truck checked for good tires, front end alignment, location in his lane when he was bumped? Did the family look at these things as a way to sue GM, Ford, or whoever made his truck? I'll bet they did. Instead of putting a Trucking Company out of busines for a mistake, why not have them promote safety, do community service, etc. No, let's sue and put a bunch of people out of their jobs because "accident's don't happen".

2458 days ago


Toby Keith deserves nothing, he is already an over rated star by a long shot and did not deserve this at all.

2458 days ago

devil's advocate    

Very sad that his father died, The person who caused the accident seems to have gotten off scott free. Maybe the attorneys decided that suing a business was a lot more profitable than suing to get a 2.8 million dollar judgement against a pauper

2458 days ago

The King    

Toby Keith has a very serious drinking and meth problem. Hes well on his way to being a dumbed down, hillbilly version of Robert Downey Jr. He employs a lip synching double to do his tour gigs. The only reason hes gotten away with his addictions as long as he has is because he refuses to leave a state where alcholism and drug addiction are commonplace, and law enforcement is dysfunctional (Oklahoma).

2458 days ago


Blog readers who know nothing of the law or the case passing final judgment based on a few sentences from their ilk.


How ignorant do you have to be?

Merry xmas, read a book, count your dead...

2458 days ago


Don't even bother trying to drive the intrnational errr I mean I-40 anytime and expect consideration from any a##wipe truckers rollin'. I'd talk to some of them about ti at the truckstops, but so few of them speak english. Go Toby you rock!!! Oh yeah we'll be usin' those extra Millawookies Best when we're pissin' on your picket fence. Rock on Toby!!!!

2458 days ago


My mom was killed by the town hospital but we had no lawsuit. He is a close-minded, ignorant, red-neck bigot and he gets even more money. The biggest travesty in all of this is that it wasn't him that died, he's absolutely worthless.

2458 days ago


The rich keep gettin richer.

2458 days ago


Why was the bus company sued instead of the driver that caused the accident? I am not saying anything negative about the Keith family, but society in general. Why is it that the bus company had to pay millions and we hear nothing about the driver that caused the accident? Did they even have insurance? Here in WI drivers are not required to carry liability insurance. Why, I wish I knew. In the last 5 years I have been hit by 3 other drivers, one so bad that it caused us to roll over with my 2 daughters in the vehicle with me. NONE of the 3 had insurance OR licenses. So my insurance company pays and my rates increase, while the responsible parties faced no consequences other than citations. We have fallen so far away from being responsible for our actions. A sad commentary on our society, I think.

2458 days ago


Do you evil bloggers even comprehend what is happening here? The person who was killed is Toby Keith's father, and NO, Toby Keith is not getting all of the settlement award.

The settlement award goes to the dead man's wife.

There is absolutely no basis for the elderly widow to give her settlement award to charity.

2458 days ago
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