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Assistants to Jon Peters: Sue You!

12/26/2007 4:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Superman Returns" producer Jon Peters allegedly fired two female employees -- one for refusing to have an abortion and the other for refusing his sexual advances -- according to two separate lawsuits filed Monday.
Jon Peters' lawsuit

According to documents, Adriana Silveira says she was hired in December of 2005 to work at Peters' Malibu home and office. She says she discovered she was pregnant in June of 2006 and was immediately put on one week of bed rest by her doctor because of the precarious nature of her pregnancy. She says she asked Peters for the time off, but got canned instead. She then claims two weeks after she was let go, Peters told her husband Andrew, who was also working for the producer, that his wife should have an abortion if he "wanted to keep his job." When she and her husband refused to terminate the pregnancy, Silveira says Peters then fired her husband by e-mail.

In the other suit, Blanca Hernandez says Peters hired her in July of 2005 and "systematically sexually harassed [Hernandez] on nearly a daily basis."

She claims Peters touched her on the "breasts and buttocks and waist", tried to push her into bed while he was naked, called her breasts "pillows" and asked "her to have sex in exchange for money." Hernandez says when she complained in July of 2006, she was axed. She says she was told if she reported Peters to authorities said "her and her daughter would be murdered."

Hernandez says after she filed a complaint against Peters with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, he falsely accused her of stealing a pricey $10,000 lamp.

Peters is a former hairdresser who inspired Warren Beatty's character in the hit film, "Shampoo." Last year another assistant, Shelly Morita, also sued Peters, claiming she was "harassed, verbally abused, and intimidated" so much she was forced to resign from her position. A rep for Peters could not immediately be reached for comment.

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White america, rather than bash you for your ignorance and for being a bigot...can you explain why you promote stereotypes that do nothing but make you sound like an idiot. For instance, you really think that blacks are the majority of people smoking crack, you have no data to support such hurtful claims. Oh, my bad you must be a crack dealer, huh...therefore you have knowledge to these statistics you write about. Be honest with yourself, you are a petty and pitiful individual that snort coke and probably use every designer drug known to man...most likely a working alcoholic that hides your true sentiments behind an entertainment website? and the worst part of it all you probably have a great job (now that is truly what is wrong with white america). So continue your unfulfilled life and keep hiding in the shadows because you fail to realize what happens in the dark eventually comes to light. Take this for what it is a true american, a person that loves his country and understands that ignorant people like you white america will eventually be removed from this country so that young american minds will no longer be tainted by such irrelevant stereotypes. I am all for humor but please don't discriminate white america what would a hispanic, asian, white, etc. woman do when asked to get an abortion? You should change your name from white america (because you don't represent white america) to ignorant white person with no life. Oh yea, I hope you got what you wanted when you sold your soul...burn baby burn

2491 days ago

jen jen    

dont deny it,
go away! we get it! you are racist and angry. there are help lines and websites for sad, lonely people like you. find one. hey wonder woman, that is quite a juicy bit of info. thanks! and thanks for sticking to the issue. i will try to do the same. biggots like "white america/dont deny it" just make me so mad. but, as paris would say: im over it. lol

2491 days ago


When are you people going to look past the "black/white" thing?? That is definitely one of the things holding this country back from improving as a whole. We should be dealing with issues like the one mentioned in this article: people getting fired for the wrong reasons and sexual indecency in the workplace. The race issue should be far behind can't move forward by going backwards.

2491 days ago

White America    

OMG, you quote Paris Hilton and you have the nerve to talk about anyone else???? BWAAAHHHAAHAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!11!!

Fool. Go back and bury your head in the sand about race in america. And Nova, If a network called White Entertainment Television started I bet you would crap yourself, but BET is no big deal right? Hypocrites.

2491 days ago


I agree Jen Strand - let's move on....If the allegations are true, how dare this man think he can suggest someone have an abortion and touch people when they don't want to be touched?? That just isn't right. But....why was Ms. Hernandez ever naked around him in the first place? Also, I'm not sure how the legal system works, but how come it's taken over a year for these allegations to surface? Does it usually take that long legal actions to file suit?

2491 days ago


Okay, I obviously had a moment here. "Does it usually take that long legal actions to file suit?" should say "Does it usually take that long to file suit?"

2491 days ago

White America    

LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!! Al little reading comprehension please. HE was naked, not her.

2491 days ago


Gold digging Hos!. They see someone with money and then sue em hoping for a big settlement (which they will likely get) because the employment laws are f___ed up!

2491 days ago


What does race have todo with the situation? This comment is for Peters and the racist; vengence is the Lord's. Hell is forever this earth is only temporary. What is done in the "dark" WILL come to "light" and I am not referring to the color of someone's skin.

2491 days ago


Why are they hos "getrichschemers," because they were harassed by this bozo? HE's the disgusting (wannabe) ho. They wanted nothing to do with him and were trying to work! Get a clue you total sexist idiot. You think someone should just say "oh well," after getting fired for complaining about their boss trying to throw them on a bed while he's naked, grabbing at their bodies while they're trying to work? You think firing someone for refusing to have an abortion is ok? If you do, and you have any employees - get ready to get sued.. Damn those "f'd up" employment laws for making it illegal for your creepy boss to grab your ass while you're trying to work.

2491 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

"Egypt!Egypt, George!" ("Shampoo")

2491 days ago


What was she doing in a room with a bed while he was naked. Sounds like BS to me. The girl was hired in December,and if their were problems that required bed rest with her pregnancy...more than likely she was late in other words she took the job right after she got pregnant.

He is still more than likely a douchebag, but everybody can't sue everybody for god's sake.

2491 days ago

***VOTE OBAMA***    


2491 days ago


They are ho's DUH because instead of calling the cops they called a lawyer.

2491 days ago


Ah, I don't know Blo, she was in his bedroom because she was a housekeeper I take it. And, just so you know, people who are sickos frequently wait for such opportunities to pounce. (like strolling into room naked when housekeeper is making the bed).

And so what if she took job right after getting pregnant, if she even did. You have no way of knowing whether she knew when she got the job or not - (she says she was hired in Dec, but didn't find out she was pregnant until June in the article) but so what anyway!

And White America, you can't call the police because your boss fires you for refusing to have an abortion.... And they have a right to sue if this all happened anyway - where's the criticism of this guy for doing what HE did? Always with the "women are hos" comments regardless of what the article is about. I feel sorry for you.

2491 days ago
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