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Scary's Former Hubby is Not So Nice Spice

12/26/2007 5:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that a custody battle has erupted between Mel B and her former husband over their almost 9-year-old daughter, Phoenix, and whether mom can take her on the road. Can't take my baby, Spice!

We're told dancer Jimmy Gulzar refused to alter his visitation schedule with the working mom -- and custodial parent -- Scary Spice aka Melanie Brown, while she's on tour with the Spice Girls. Now TMZ has obtained documents supporting Brown's desire to take Phoenix on the road with her. Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Robert Schnider has ordered that little Phoenix can go on the road with her mom as she tours the world, thus denying Gulzar's attempt to block her from traveling. Your mum's your best friend!

Mel, who is represented by powerhouse attorney Goldie Schon, still maintains sole legal and physical custody of Phoenix, and Gulzar will have scheduled visitation over the next few months and on the little girl's birthday.


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Kids ruin everything! F Kids!

2456 days ago


whats the big deal let her go dancin with her mommy

2456 days ago


Ya - no doubt this guy just tried to take this action just to force her to pay him money for the privilege of continuing her sole custody of their kid. Where was he before? And why does she have sole legal and physical custody.

But wow does she pick bad men! First this dude and then Eddie (that's not my baby) Murphy. Hope she has better luck with the new husband!

2456 days ago

2 1/2 Volts    

Noe that's scary

2456 days ago

Jimmy Is Alright    

I KNOW Jimmy personally and he is a wonderful guy who left the UK and everything he was familiar with so he could live in the states near his daughter. Mel has and continues to use their child as a pawn. Mel has the money to pay for lawyers who will get her full custody whether or not she deserved it. She kidnapped their child to pursue a career in the states despite the fact that this would take her child away from her father. Jimmy followed so he could be here in the states even tho it means him working in retail and under the table for pennies since he is an illegal immigrant. He's living in poverty because he's not being supported by Mel or able to work legally in his trade without a green card. Now she wants to take their child on the road with her even though he'd be happy to give her a stable home environment for the next few months while she's on tour. A tour is no place for a child, but of course no one is willing to even consider that cos Mel has the money.

2456 days ago


Road tour is a wonderful place for a growing child, what could go wrong.

2456 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

MelB.-She wnat sJimmy Gulzar to have limited tono visitation with their child becaus eseh wants to take thechild ontheraod the whole time.
mel B. -she publically chides Eddie Murphy for not seeing their child.
Mel B.-now she is married to this Belafonte shady character who is NOT Harry Belafonte's son .This guy she is married to has had his own marital/relationship/custody battle court thing.
Mel B.-what a dumb as womanwhen it somes to men. Say what your what ,the thing with Eddie was pure baby entrapement.

2456 days ago

She Never Learns    

Taking an 8-year old to tour around the world witha band is the best environment that I can think of. I will put "Taking 8-year olds on the road for 4 months" as one chapter in my new cant-miss "parenting book"

I am sure that with mommy close-by, Scary Jr. will use the protection that my baby Jamie-Lynn didnt think was required.

2456 days ago


Yes Jizy, you are right. They are nothing but trouble and never appreciate anything. They also ruin the earth!!

2456 days ago

Ramma Jamma Alabama    

Jizy and MIKE, you are both idiots. Let's hope neither of you ever have children. I'd hate for my child to brought up in a world with your offspring. I'm sure with your attitudes, noone in their right mind would be willing to have sex with either of you anyway.

2456 days ago


Awww, poor "white america," abandoned by his mommy at the local Walmart all those years ago has left him bitter and sad.... Baby needs his mummy.... and a binky

2456 days ago


Pulling her daughter out of school for months and months just to go on tour with her is completely irresponsible and clearly she cares more about herself and her "career" then her children. Nice.

2456 days ago

White America    

What's YOUR problem duh (perfect name, I bet it's your real name. If not it should be)? I was congratulating her, what's wrong with that?

2456 days ago

White America    

Children are NOT the whores of the universe. Mexican women are. Everyone knows this.

2456 days ago


ya ever think you have gas, you let it rip, and it's a little more substantial???

2456 days ago
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