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Spencer Has Nametag But No Montag

12/26/2007 12:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Spencer Pratt did his good deed for the day; serving up a little veggie delight at the Los Angeles Mission in downtown L.A. on Christmas Eve. How corny is that?!

The question is: With that grin, and those eyes, is the name-check really necessary? Does anyone in the developed world not know who this man is?


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#4 - Good for you Puter Boi.

Sadly, I look at this site wwaaayyy to much, the commentary is just God awful, there are other sites where their commentary is hysterical.

But I digress, I do look, and as a result am adding to the "problem" When you watch the pap's footage on TV, it is really scary, I don't know why celebrities leave the house, it looks like vultures moving in on a carcass out on the Serengeti.

Britney Spears is circling the drain, she has issues that sane rationale people will never deal with, I think she is a fool with alot of problems....but I keep watching, perhaps I am a bigger fool than she is

Now here is where I get really gross, I am in my mid40's and I watch The Hills, a dirty little secret I can admit to strangers here!!!

Happy New Year

2403 days ago


hes a HOMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2403 days ago


I think it is a good thing to offer a helping hand when he could have been doing something else.

2403 days ago


i strongly believe that the only reason he did this is to attempt to win heidi back. he would never normally do something like this. poor girl. before him she had sooo many friends. now she has him and "she-pratt".

ohh well.

2403 days ago


ohh. i forgot.

putting that all aside, at least he helped out. it was a good thought.

2403 days ago


This same picture hit the sites at Thanksgiving. What are the odds of him serving mixed vegetables at both holiday meals?? Seems like this story is half-baked just to get some air time!

2403 days ago

Clair the breakfast club prom queen    

At least he was trying to do good. You know, he's not quite as annoying without stupid Heidi. He's just a big dork.

2403 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

Many Americans in my demographic (40+) do not watch MTV and are not interested in a scripted "reality show." These people are literally being rewarded because they are young, white and attractive. Who among "The Hills" cast has actually attended university and studied acting? How long have they been honing their craft? Pretty women with toothy smiles and gifted designer clothes are photographed at events all over town. Their under-employed , equally toothy and photogenic boyfriends do the same. What is the point of this show? That pretty sells?
I find it odd that during wartime and sacrifice by the families of service members, so many tune into escapist fare such as this. How long before he (Pratt) takes off the goodwill apron and heads back to Hyde, or Villa, or Pure or Butter? I enjoy TMZ, really, but the definition of "celebrity" has been expanded to include some questionable hangers-on (shout out to CaCee Cobb) and no-talents.

2403 days ago


Get a life Jen1126. Seriously.
Why are you here? What a condensending little bxxxx.

2403 days ago


He's gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

2403 days ago

how dumb    

I know these celebrities are trying to do a good deed. But does it really mean THAT MUCH when millionaires go and spend a little time handing out food to homeless people?? I mean, I know the thought is there, but I actually find it kind of insulting. I would be a little put off to have someone sporting a thousand dollar watch handing me my scraps of free food...

2403 days ago


At least he was there doing something, I didn't see flat ass Lauren or Heidi there. He didn't have to go, but he did. And it's none of Lauren's business who Heidii dates, she dated creeps and no body said anything.. I cannot stand her, she acts like she wants him for her self.

2403 days ago


Jennifer Love Hewitt had the same apron on, you think this dude is tapping that fat ass?

2403 days ago


Jen1126---LOL, I too, am in my 40's and watch The Hills. Something I would never admit to a soul. Hee hee!

2403 days ago


He needs to move on, besides Heidi is ugly ass hell, her nose is still big as f(*k and who cares about her anyway?

2403 days ago
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