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B2K Singer Recants Rape Allegations

12/27/2007 1:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Last week, he said his former manager sexually abused him, but today, B2K's Demario "Raz B" Thorton is saying he made the whole thing up.

In a statement posted on YouTube, Thorton apologizes for the accusations he made about Chris Stokes, saying the allegations of improper touching and molestation were "not true."

UPDATE: In reponse to Thorton's new statement, Chris Stokes tells TMZ, "I'm happy that Demario "Raz B" Thorton and Ricardo Thorton realized their mistakes and admitted to lying. I have always supported my family and have always been a stand up person. I knew that the truth would eventually come to light."


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This dude is just confused I don't know what he had to gain by telling lies. Oh well I will be glad when this story dies.

2492 days ago


I think he is scared. People don't cry rape for nothing. I think he didn't realize how much publicity it would get.

2492 days ago


he can recant his story all he want,,,hes still a pole smoker!!!!

2492 days ago


Well some people might, but for the most part I don't think people cry wolf to this degree. I think there is some truth to it

2492 days ago


I'm not gonna say it. I WANT to say it, but I'm not gonna say it. You all know.

2492 days ago


He did it for that reality show. When the cameras are rolling, the producers who are paying you want "action" and "excitement" something to keep the audience tuned.

2492 days ago



2492 days ago

Kelli comment.

2492 days ago

kim suck    

that what he do!

2492 days ago

kim suck    

he loved it!!

2492 days ago


i think he was PAID OFF by CHRIS STOKES!! if you remember the youtube tapes his brother told chris lets "met and Talk about this" and his brother also said to chris stokes on the phone i am giving you a chance to say or do something "and if you dont then i will be a real NI**GA about mine!! i think RAZ B went to meet with CHRIS STOKES to talk and he brought someother people with him and scarred him into saying this was not true... IF you look at this new tape it looks like he is reading off of a Q CARD!! and he wont even look and the CAMERA he is not comfortable at all like he was on the youtube tapes... RAZ B is also out side on this tape and were is his BROTHER?? why isnt he saying its a lie!! i think The brother of RazB GOT DONE the worst by CHRIS STOKES!! I DONT THINK THIS IS OVER AT ALL THE DA WILL CONTINUE TO INVESTGATE THIS AND ALL WILL COME OUT.... THE boy in TX name "Q" needs to testify if the DA finds him i believe CHRIS STOKES will be made out to be a MOLESTER of young boys... WATCH RAZ B if he starts buying HOMES, CAR's, then you no him and his brother were PAID OFF BY CHRIS STOKES!

2492 days ago


He said the tapes were released without his permission. Yea right this was nothing more than a publicity stunt, Chris Stokes should sue his ass.

2492 days ago


Sometimes WOMEN will call rape for no reason. Please, don't think I'm being cheauvanistic here, because I'm not. But women will lie about being raped. They usually garner a lot more support and there are tons of people willing to lend help (attention) to them. I don't think most men have it in them to lie about that kind of thing. It usually comprimises their "image" as a man. Maybe there is some truth underneath it all. But if he really did just make it all up, then he's a sick, disgusting human being and no apology is going to repair the scar on Chris's reputation. Even when proven innocent, being accused of a sex-crime leaves a permanent scar that follows people forever.

2492 days ago

i hate stupid shit    

man.... that piece of crap is lyin.... we all know dat man didnt molest them... they just tryna get back on t.v... tryin to get a lil money.... he didnt wanna say that crap on camera cuz he embaress.... now we all know he gay...

2492 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

WHAT!? Will 'Mr. Made-the-whole-thing-up' now be charged for false allegations?
Is this what happens when your pay-off cheque is late?
Are purported child-molestation-sexual-abuses or claims for sale?
I'm not sure what, but something here smells fishy, fishy, fishy, and fishy.

2492 days ago
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