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B2K Singer Recants Rape Allegations

12/27/2007 1:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Last week, he said his former manager sexually abused him, but today, B2K's Demario "Raz B" Thorton is saying he made the whole thing up.

In a statement posted on YouTube, Thorton apologizes for the accusations he made about Chris Stokes, saying the allegations of improper touching and molestation were "not true."

UPDATE: In reponse to Thorton's new statement, Chris Stokes tells TMZ, "I'm happy that Demario "Raz B" Thorton and Ricardo Thorton realized their mistakes and admitted to lying. I have always supported my family and have always been a stand up person. I knew that the truth would eventually come to light."


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I can not say if he is or isn't lying, but NOBODY enjoys being raped or molested and it is the most ignorant remark anyone can say. And if he is lying, he needs serious help. At any rate I hope this guy gets the help he needs. And I hope that the people that seem to think rape victims like being raped, that they enjoy the "sex", hopefully you never have to find out first hand how horrible the real feelings following a rape really is. They are life long feelings. Fears that never go away. So stop assuming it is ok, that there is any enjoyment in being raped. The only people I have ever met that believe that rape victims enjoy, it are the rapist.

2494 days ago


Different STROKES for Mr. Stokes!

2494 days ago


From what I have heard, Stokes sent a gang to scare him and made him read the so called confession off of cards. When I watched it I could tell that it was something that hurt him to do.

2493 days ago


This idiot needs to be locked up for saying stuff like that cause the police investigating this could have been investigating a REAL CRIME instead of some nobody wannabe rapper that the only way he can be reconized is by saying he got raped by another man! Way to go moron!

2493 days ago

A MOM    

you are a sicko!

2493 days ago


Okay you guys need to go to this link and watch this guy B Scott who aparently got an email from a 'cousin' of Chris Stokes trying to scare him up for posting a YouTube video that says he is against Chris Stokes for what he did to Raz B. You will have to suffer through his dancing in the beginning of the video lol ( I thought you were fierce B Scott) but watch the entire thing because he gives some great insite to the whole Raz B situation.

2493 days ago


Is this a case of wishfull thinking????

2493 days ago

BJ destined to become a celebrity    

so desperate to be famous again....

2493 days ago


Stokes admitted that he molested these kids in the past but he's a changed man. If you listen to the last youtube video from his oldest brother. This need to investigated and he needs to be prosecuted because there might be others out there that are probably afraid to say anything because of fear. Stokes your creditiblity is weak and that means your career can not be trusted. The damage has been done even if nothing happen. People might forgive but they won't forget. Houston, I will never buy another CD of yours.

2493 days ago

yeah right !    

this is just another pole smoker wanting attention,,,they need to prosicute this smoker,,,and the manager needs to sue his pants the rest of the way off lol

2493 days ago


You must go to this link it maps out the entire B2K history and IMX/Immature history and how Chris Stokes conned the boys parents into letting him manage them and how he used MH. Everything is linked together and is too strange!! Check it out.

2493 days ago

Mike in CT    

Who the hell cares? All this entertainment 'news' is fluff for idiots with nothing to do but waste their lives envious of celebs .

The guy is a nut case like most of the other H'wood losers.

I'd like to hear him clearly state one sentance in standard grade school english. My bet is that he couldn't put 3 real words together without some kind of street slang mixed in.

I think all the 'fans' of this goober should be the ones crying 'rape'

2493 days ago


Word out now is that the LAPD are investigating Chris Stokes due to the molestation allegations. I hope the LAPD realize that a LOT of people are going to be watching them to make sure IF they are really investigating him, that they are not coursed into not finding anything. Seems old Chris is a big spender when it comes to shutting people up. Just look at the latest video of Raz B saying it was all made up. Anyone can see he is scared and being made to say this what does Chris think we the public are stupid!?!? Check out the story. LAPD please use all your resources to find the truth!

2493 days ago

Derek, just who is and or was this B2K anyways??????

2493 days ago

f bham    

Does anyone watch the gay dramedy "Noah's Arc" on LOGO ? Raz B played a HIV gay teen on there. Is he gay????

2493 days ago
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