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Britney Scared by Sticky Thai Situation

12/27/2007 10:59 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears got her freaked-out on last night, chanting "This is scary" on her way out of an L.A. Thai joint. Pad se ewww ewww ewww!

TMZ caught the popwreck and her latest caregiver/assistant at Melanee Thai Cuisine, picking up a little take-out and being bombarded by the papstorm.

One thing not so scary about the evening -- Britney took the passenger seat in her car, meaning L.A. roads were safe ... for a little while.


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Poor her, she looks fit to be tied

2461 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Looking haggard! Guess X-mas sucked!

2461 days ago


the swarmy looking pap she recently bannged, is he the same dude she invited into the bathroom weeks ago???

2461 days ago


Only a few days left for her to make the 2007 celebrity deadpool, c'mon Britney take one for the team, I got money on this thing

2461 days ago

White America    

Why is she not used to the pap crush by now? Now if the crowd didn't have cameras and were do I put this where I don't get my 1st amendment rights violated by TMZ?....... if they were "brothas", that's a different story. She should run then.

2461 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Check it out! She's sportin' a mini-Winohouse! Guess Adenoid failed to deliver the ol' candy cane!

2461 days ago


Does Britney have hemeroids or piles or something wrong with her ASS...cause she seems to have a very hard time going somewhere and SITTING HER ASS a book to your children chile...just go somewhere and sit a spell! Damn!

2461 days ago



Looks like she's on the deprssion side of her M/D.

Last week, having run amok in manic fervor all over the sleazy side of L.A. resulting in her bangin' a paparazzi she's clearly crashed and is now in the valley of the blues.

Can't wait til this train wreck hjits her high again. Ya just know she's gonna give us something more to really laugh at her for and generate snarky, snide, caustic critiqueing of her for.

Man, I love the Ding Dang Britney Spears Wrecktastic Reality Show!


2461 days ago

Miss Sassy    

I think that TMZ and other sites need to quit reporting on Britney. I know it won't happen but she obviously has some severe mental problems and needs help. For a long time I just thought she was a dunce but I'm not convinced that she is mentally ill and needs a break.

2461 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Where were the take out bags and did anyone notice how she magically appeared in the driver's seat again? Maybe that Thai place told her to go take a flying leap! I wonder how you translate 'Go home, crack ho!' in Thai?

2461 days ago



By the way, my New Years wish for the very immediate future is for Britney to once again not show up for her scheduled deposition next week as then the Commish just might throw the dumb broad behind bars for a few days.

Man, that would be way cool!

I mean, I loved the photo of that other waste of valuable resources, Paris Hiltoon, in the back of the car bawlin' her pampered eyes out as she was heading back to the slammer. To me that was worthy of being nominated as Best Photo of the year.

To be able to see Brit-Brit's face as she heads into the slammer would be really a fine thing. I don't think she'd bawl like Paris though. Paris is a lightweight when it comes to scandal and trouble compared to Brit. I think Brit'd have the same face as we see in the photo above and she'd be thinking "how could they done do this to me, Britney Friggin' Spears?!? Don't they friggin' know who I am?!? I never done did nuthin' wrong!! Ding dang it!!"


2461 days ago


Okay...first it was kind of funny, then it got sad and now it's just repetitive and boring....same crap, different moment, different venues. She's obviously unwell, and starved for any kind of attention regardless of how negative it may be. I really do wonder what would happen if truly no one cared where she went, what she did, what she wore. Would her acts escalate in pathetic and dangerous attempts to regain the attention? How far would she go?

2461 days ago


Number#9 is right, guys need to stop giving Britney attention. It's more than obvious the train wreck will hit that brick wall any day now. It's sad that deep down she thrives off the attention of those stalkerazzis, I would think she'd rather be at home spending time with her kids. She's a mess, and she needs help....big time.

2461 days ago

Ramma Jamma Alabama    

Miss Sassy, if she needs a break, she could stay home with her kids and spend time with them. She obviously lives for being photographed. If she loved her kids as much as she loves the photogs, her life would be a lot less stressful. She's a moron.

Santa should've brought this girl some new extentions and decent clothes to wear. She looks like she stole that outfit from the Goodwill drop box. I guess money can't buy everything, but it can buy nice clothes and cute weave.

White America, your comment made me giggle.

2461 days ago

Im just sayin    

This is not the first time she has been recorded saying how scared she is. Perhaps, just MAYBE, she is truly scared? This is a huge red flag that the pap-storm she faces every day is messing her up mentally and she is on the verge of a breakdown. Maybe that is exactly what the paps are hoping for so they can film it and saying what a wreck she is, but its so sad. Its like the paps are all getting together, throwing paper and sticks in a pile, pouring gasoline on it, lighting a match, throwing it in, and then filming the whole thing saying, "Look everyone! Its a fire!" as if they didnt do it.

2461 days ago
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