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Cash, Nash and Jessica Alba -- Huh?

12/27/2007 5:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In town to play the Los Angeles Clippers, Phoenix Suns guard Steve Nash (right) went out to lunch yesterday with his wife, Alejandra (center), some random guy (black jacket) -- and Jessica Alba (left) and Cash Warren (center). Weird group, right?

So not only did Cash Warren knock up -- and get engaged to -- one of the hottest women in Hollywood, but he hangs with the two-time NBA MVP, too! What's the deal with this guy?


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The interesting thing is the look on Alba's face and her and the other woman's body language. Looks like a jealous little competition going on there. *meow*

2489 days ago


I, too, have to agree with MNgirl, Alba, Warren, Danielle, etc. - Seriously, does the media really think that everyone cares about this, except for those few losers who live their pathetic lives vicariously through people they don't know and who would give them the time of day anyway? The biggest losers are the staff people who made the judgement call of "yeah, let's publish this - it's so cutting edge!"... maybe the TMZ Staff should put on some flak vests and go snap some photo's of our troops fighting for their lives and sanity in Iraq - you'll find people truly worthy of admiration there.

2488 days ago


The guy in the black jacket is named Magna Carta. He sells dog and cat food to the elderly. I went to high school with him. He had to repeat the 9th grade because he could not mcome to school often enough because of his body odor. He is a pretty nice person, but he sometimes does weird things to his animals. He lives in Rialto, Ca. but drives daily to LA to see if he can find people to get into pictures with. The guy behind Cash Warren is his brother, Toulouse. They live in a trailer. He is also married to Jessica Alba's younger sister.

Any other info you need?

2488 days ago


mttmoretti: lol. "except for those few losers who live their pathetic lives vicariously through people they don't know" -- you mean people who read tmz? people ... ... like you?

2488 days ago


BUT BUT What's up with this guy, he never cracks a smile and she always looks so somber around him, haven't you noticed when she's by herself she looks more at ease, something about him??????????? God help her.

2488 days ago

About Random Guy    

Some random guy is Alejandra's brother, Claudio.

2488 days ago

Zonny VanRant    

who cares?

2488 days ago

Fred Spoons    

Alba is nicely dressed to hide the BULGE, but the Style Police should clear the streets of those other grungies?

2488 days ago


steve nash is da man! kobe is a rapist

2488 days ago


Ahhh... Who cares?

2488 days ago


Everyone assumes they were going to lunch. Perhaps they were coming out of the restaurant. Their demeaner could be due to several things;
1. They were denied service because the manager thought they were homeless and would run out without paying.
2. Mrs Nash had to pay because everyone else said they forgot their wallets.
3. It was a terrible restaurant and they are blaming each other for agreeing to go there.
4. A chicken bone was found in the vegetarian soup
5. Alba groped Mrs. Nash under the table by mistake.
6. Mrs. Nash CLEARLY told Alba that they were dressing casual
7. Alba blurted out that Mrs. Nash looks a lot like Mr. Nash
8. Mr. Alba knows he can't afford even one of Alba's outfits and will be divorced as soon as the baby is potty trained
9. Alba is a fan of the Golden State Warriors and Mrs. Nash is wondering why she asked so many questions about how the Suns were preparing to playing them.

2488 days ago

You're kidding, right?    

1. A photo is a moment in time, captured. It reflects as much what a viewer wants it to reflect as it does the "facts" of that moment. Thus, if you wish to see "nobodies" or unhappy people, or potential cat fights, that's what it will present to you. If you want to see a "random guy" amongst sport and Hollywood celebrities, that will be what comes into focus.

2. Politics makes strange bedfellows; Hollywood and the NBA are as much examples of political institutions -- wielding various levels and forms of power to make or edit policy -- as anything. Seeing such an "odd group" really isn't all that surprising. Or it could simply just be people being people and interacting, no strings attached.

3. Talent or no, does tearing someone else down help build you up? No? Then why do it? If you believe you have a talent, work on it, hone it and make it truly unique. And then define what you think success is all about, rather than letting others tell you what it should be. At the end of the day, you'll probably be a lot happier. Or not, if that's what you prefer.

2488 days ago


is this really news? who cares!?

2488 days ago

Gossip Girl    

That looks like James Blunt NOT Steve Nash

2488 days ago


The guy on the right is the Suns point guard Steve Nash, just another flashy point guard who won't win the big one. (See John Stockton)

2488 days ago
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