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Jessica -- Baby's First Workout

12/27/2007 11:22 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

She's got a growing baby inside her uterus, but that won't keep Jessica Alba from working out!

TMZ caught the ever-silent, never-smiling Alba leaving Emerson Hall Fitness, a "Zen Fitness Training" workout zone in West Hollywood yesterday afternoon.

Alba wasn't looking too Zen on her way out though -- showing off her somewhat growing belly but hiding her moneymaker of a face as she took off.


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she is too full of herself and we are sooooooooo over her. Next.

2494 days ago


how soon will cash make a dash for the border!!!!!who cares!!!

2494 days ago


The report is she is like 5 months pregnant, where? I dont see anything and she shouldnt be going to the gym. Yoga and relaxing workout is okay but not running. She is an idiot!

2494 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

She needs to read Zen and the Art of Celebrity Maintenance. Just smile for the camera, Jessica, and shake off that too-good-for-the-commoners-to-have-a-photo vibe. It is so unbecoming a major star like yourself.

2494 days ago


She probably just had lip injection.

2494 days ago


You know, I used to like her, but now I REALLY think she's a major biotch! She is a STAR, she should start acting like a representative to the people in LA or MOVE OUT!! It takes two seconds to smile and give them what they want-which hopefully her publicist would tell her that-ugh! HATE HER NOW!!! Miss too good for everyone!! I hope she reads this and realizes she SO NOT LIKED anymore! what a LOSER!

2494 days ago


Geez, I wonder if she's in a sour mood because she's suffering from "morning" (i.e. ALL DAMN DAY) sickness and is tired as a dog. Oh evil pregnant woman. Put aside those horrible symptoms and smile pretty for the camera and the morons who think you're obligated to smile for them somehow. Bunch of morons, especially you, White America. Welfare? No, I'm sure she has bigger goals than to sit around being an obese a-hole, living off welfare like your family does. It's nice of you to point her in that direction, though I'm quite sure she wouldn't want to take the government cheese out of your fat mom's mouth. She can be a beyotch but she's not a malovelent beyotch!

2494 days ago

Mr Poop Scoop    

She should stop covering her head up.

2494 days ago


Huh, are you on crack? Pregnant women who are fit can and are advised to continue exercising throughout their entire pregnancy. I ran until I was 6 months pregnant then continued on the treadmill until I was physically unable to do so, which was in my 9th month. Exercise throughout pregnancy is good for both the mom and baby and helps make delivering a much easier process. Not every pregnat woman turns into a lazy fatty!

2494 days ago


jessica is beautiful on the outside but UGLY on the inside. get over yourself girl, you should be glad that people want to take your picture. who knows where you will be in the next 10 years.

2494 days ago


What percentage of actresses careers tank after they’re knocked up, anyone know?

2494 days ago


To the idiot who said she was stupid for working out. You have obviously not had children! If you physically active before getting pregnant your told to stay physicaly active. I ran, figure skated did everytihng until I was 9 months pregnant with both of my kids!

2494 days ago


FYI... exercise during pregnancy is perfectly FINE, and encouraged by doctors.

I dont blame Jessica for not mugging for the cameras. She's not making herself an easy target for the swarming photogs and I'm sure she's hoping, they will tire of not getting good shots of her and eventually leave her alone.

2494 days ago


that paparrazzi is an a-hole! she should have "accidentally" not put the car in reverse....teach him a lesson.
the guy is LAYING on her car.
who does that??

2494 days ago


she needs to freakin' get OVER herself... That face is your only bread and butter honey, b/c you can't act your way out of a paper bag. That's all you'll have to support that bastard child after your loser boyfriend cheats on you, and leaves you, AGAIN...

2494 days ago
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