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Paris in Poorhouse After Gramps Gives $$$ Away?

12/27/2007 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

All the coin that Paris thought she was going to get from her Hilton inheritance? It could be gone, gone, gone -- and it's all her grandfather's fault.

Barron Hilton announced Wednesday that he would be giving 97 percent of his $2.3 billion fortune to charity, specifically to the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, putting Paris' reported $30 million windfall in some doubt. (There will still be between $70M and $130M left, presumably for the family.)

A biographer has said that Grandpa Barron is "embarrassed" by Paris' behavior and supposedly even threatened to yank her inheritance entirely a few years back. Paris couldn't be reached for comment on the development.

Peeved Papa Spears a No-Show for Xmas

Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears' daddy is still so "furious" that their mama Lynne sold J-L's story to the glossies that he ditched his daughters for Christmas.

Us reports that Jamie Spears, a private chef, "didn't spend Christmas with [Lynne] or Jamie Lynn and instead stayed in L.A. to work." Unlike Lynne, says the mag, Jamie "doesn't get a dime from his daughters ... He busts his ass to take care of himself. That's why he's so furious with Lynne."

Jamie has, however, seen the Brit boys, Sean and Jayden, while in L.A., according to Us.

Party Favors: Yung Joc Finally Shows, Seven Hours Late ... New York – Yes, Her – Is Engaged! ... "Yule Log III" Fires Up More Masterpiece Theater

After a judge in Cleveland issued a warrant for his arrest, rapper Jung Yoc eventually showed up, seven hours late, for a court appearance on weapons charges. His lawyers said he had family obligations ... Start spreadin' the news: People reports that Tiffany Pollard -- better known to the world as the crazazy "New York" -- has finally found her man, after wading (literally) through 20 bachelors on her dating show "I Love New York 2." The, uh, lucky guy? George "Tailor Made" Weisgerber of Queens. New York had dissed his proposal before. ... That redoubt of electronic holiday traditions -- the video Yule Log -- is now in its third incarnation, and it's better than ever, reports Defamer.


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It doesn't really matter if Paris doesn't inherit a lot or anything at all. She can still manage to make money on her own. She's got her own fragrance, handbag line, jewelry, plus she gets paid to make appearances, etc. etc. Don't get me wrong I don't like Paris at all, so I'm not trying to back up or defend her, I'm just saying she can still make money on her own.

Posted at 9:41AM on Dec 27th 2007 by Oh SNAP it's ME!

Once again, another dumbass has to be educated, so here we go. Parisite does NOT have her own fragrance, handbag line, or jewelry. She gets paid to have her name put on products made by companies trying to make a profit by having her endorse them.

2492 days ago


3 percent of 2.3 bill is about 70 mill, not 130 like the blurb states

2492 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

If you haven't read it, check out "House of Hilton" at the Library. The founder of the hotels, Conrad Hilton, is rolling over in his grave at the dumb and crazy Paris. Grandfather Barron was no good guy, either. Conrad left the bulk of his fortune to the Catholic Church. Barron sued and got it all back. Nicky Hilton (first husband of Elizabeth Taylor) was a drunk and wife abuser. He tried to give up booze but Barron still wouldn't give him a job. He died a broken man. So, Barron was a greedy man, Paris's mom Kathy was and is the biggest social climber of all time and daddy Rick is a dimwitted pushover. Paris is a Media Whore, didn't graduate from High School (she may have finally gotten her GED) , dumb as a rock, and would probably be a Street Walker if she didn't have the Hilton name. Even with money, you can still be Trailer Trash.

2492 days ago


Poor Paris! Brandon will no be longer her bitch because she will have to become Brandon's bitch now. Suppose they will now have to live off of Brandon's measly millions; according to Brandon, it will be more than Lindsey's worth. Ya think? Brandon still could get cut from the oil inheritance.

2492 days ago

I Love Tommy Lee    

At least Pamela Anderson earns her own money!!!!

2492 days ago

by Davis    

I'm happy to see someone in the Hilton family has some sense and authority. I just hope he goes through with it and she should rise up to the occasion and realize that her so called beauty which shes not is not going to be there forever people will get tired of you after awhile there are many people out there who were once millionairs and are now living in the streets. PARIS wise up that could be you.

2492 days ago

Hidden bedroom cam 4FREE    

Paris' grandpappy is just angry because Paris blew it with Britney. He loved reading about how his granddaughter was publicly humiliating the popstar by forcing her to wear revealing clothes and go pantiless in public. He marveled at how adept Paris was at ruining Britney's career and even replacing her at a top function in Italy last year.

Watching Britney being blackmailed into getting tattoo's of Paris' lips on her hip and then ultimately being forced to shave her own head in public was Barron's highlight.

It was only after Paris took the proceeds from the sale of Britney's Beverly Hills home and then ended their sexually charged relationship did grandpa get angry and cut Paris out of his will.

And rightfully so, she's as dumb as a rock.

2492 days ago


Rich people do not think the way we do. None of us has any idea what is going to happen to the Hilton money. They do not necessarily have to "love" each other to make sure that money gets passed down to people named Hilton. As the posters said: many of these "charities" are ways for them to not pay taxes. Don't be fooled.

2492 days ago


How Refreshing!

Finally, someone in that goofy Hilton family with some insight.

2492 days ago


4. No grandfather who loves his family would abandon them financially because of one mistake.

It is to his benefit that she and her future children are able to survive in the world and get a good education to compete

Posted at 7:22AM on Dec 27th 2007 by Google
Problem is, par-ASS blew off school so she could use her last name to make money. She chose NOT to be educated, and instead made a spectacle of herself, whoring out her name for money. If I were Grandfather Hilton, I'd talk with her once & tell her "get your act together; get educated & stop embarrassing everyone in the family with your idiotic antics". If she ignores me & continues to be a media whoring celebrity, then she's gone; no inheritance for her. Which is EXACTLY what he's done. At least one Hilton has brains...

2492 days ago


to 'mike'....

you post the same drivel all the time about her parents having 800 million- the number is highly laughable since father hilton is a measly real estate agent.

the family has known for years they were not going to get a cent which is why mother hilton has been whoring paris out all this time......

2492 days ago

Vintage '51    

Poster:Paris is a Tramp. Amen to that.I couldn't agree with you more.I think Britney came out of the same pea pod.Fact is they are both too stupid to care that the world is laughing at them not with them and obviously they don't care.

2492 days ago



2492 days ago


Sorry Paris but I have to say it, your grandfather is an ass$@. Everybody makes mistakes and we learn from them. Now that your changed and starting to do some good and trying to repair your name.

He has no right doing what he's doing. And sorry to say but I'll never set foot in a Hilton Hotel. And anyhow, you ever need a place to stay, your welcome to my place in Toronto.

2492 days ago


It's the old man's money to do whatever he wishes with.

I wouldn't give anything to Paris, either. Well, I might pay up her health insurance because with her STD's, she's gonna need it.

2492 days ago
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