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Mischa Barton

Busted for DUI

12/27/2007 1:51 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has confirmed that Mischa Barton has been arrested on suspicion of DUI, possession of marijuana and a controlled substance and driving without a valid license.
Mischa Barton
According to a press release issued by the L.A. County Sheriff's Department, the former "O.C." star was pulled over early this morning around 2:45 AM as she was driving in West Hollywood, Calif. Cops say she "was seen straddling two lanes of traffic and failed to signal when making a turn." When deputies pulled her over, they determined that she "was an unlicensed driver and was driving while under the influence of an alcoholic beverage."

Barton is still in custody, being held on $10,000 bail. The L.A. County Sheriffs' Inmate Information website called her "Mischa Burton." Sources tell us that Mischa has been "very cooperative" and "no trouble at all." She's a good bad girl!

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Here's the problem. In the days when "stars" were just that, STARS, the studios would not allow them to tarnish their reputation or that of the star. Today's young untalented lot (do a fake reality show and instant stardom) are over paid for what they offer up as talent and therefore have to much money to get into trouble. Britney, Lindsey, Mischa, Nicloe & Paris, what's the common link here, they were at one time or are still friends. Wouldn't you think they would learn from their friends previous mistakes?
Is it perhaps they feel they are above the law because they are filthy rich?
Am I mistaken or is there no filter on that funny looking smoke that Mischa is dragging on?????
Let them all do some jail time , it hopefully will mature them and snap them into shape before they kill someone innocent.
No more slaps on the wrist from the courts!!!!!!

2402 days ago

She Never Learns    

Unlike the usual idiots (Lindsay, Paris, Britney, Nicole, Amy) , Misha will not be on a made-for-paparazzi Starbucks- Retail Shopping-Restaurant- Nightclub tour after this incident.

She will disappear from public view as the publicity is not helpful to a career (though she is largely invisible anyway)

Lessons Learned from the female idiots that are on display daily in, US Weekly and OK!

2402 days ago


just goes to show you everbody gets blazed not just rappers and black football or basketball players, your favorite white hollywood actors do it too, puff puff pass

2402 days ago

Ms Kris    

Gee-did it keep it’s clothes on for her mug shot?

Yet another drunk celebrity behind a wheel-dumb as a stump behind a wheel of a car to kill innocent people

We know your "short"celebrity career is now over, kill yourself withOUT hurting others & KEEP YOURS CLOTHES ON IN MAGQAZINES

2402 days ago


another LOSER!!!! thats why she is looking so old for her age! for being only 21 she looks about 30! too bad, she was cute!

2402 days ago


I don't think people are taking drinking and driving seriously enough and its just not the people who have their names in the paper.

2402 days ago


does any actor in hollywierd have a valid drivers license???!

2402 days ago


Her agent probably told her to do this as a publicity stunt - to get back in the news like Britney and Lindsay. Too bad it is going to be overshadowed by the Bhutto assasination.

2402 days ago


Burton is probably the "real" spelling of her last name. She probably changed it to sound French or something. Burton is a common name, where as Barton is not. Stupid girl!

2402 days ago

the voice    


2402 days ago

What Tha F*ck?!?    

Getting a D.U.I must be the new boob job to these bytches....

2402 days ago

Just sayin.....    

The way she is sucking in her cheeks with that smoke.....Nobody smokes a cigarette like that. I know I use to be a smoker. You don't have to suck that hard on a cigarette. Other things yes.

2402 days ago


well, drugs are the only thing that could explain her fashion choices....

2402 days ago


really, who cares? I mean, how long has the OC been off the air and has she done ANYTHING lately??? Seriously guys, she's a C lister at best... she's in the ranks of Tara Reid!

2402 days ago


How is this news? She was a bit player on a short lived, dime a dozen show that failed. She is no celeb, just like her drunk and high friend Paris, Nicole and the rest of em. Who cares? She is crowd following idiot.

2402 days ago
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