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Britney Hides Out ... in TMZ Parking Lot?

12/28/2007 11:33 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

She thinks photog snapstorms are "scary" ... so what the hell was Britney Spears doing in TMZ's parking lot last night? Perhaps she just wanted to cut out the middleman!

Cameras caught the Britster down on P1 in our building last night, where she ditched paps by getting into an elevator with her assistant -- and never reappeared! She has magical powers now!


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river rat    

That ugly sweater will most likely be making an appearance on eBay. What's even worse is some fool will buy it!

2489 days ago

What do you look like?    

What's that in her hand?

2489 days ago

Ms Kris    

How dumb is this piece of trash?

Remarkable-dumb as a stump, trashy, liar, no regard for anyone else but herself train wreck

2489 days ago

She looks like hell    

#14 I am forty years old and have had three children and my boobs do not sag like that! It's called exercise and firming. She is what, 24 and has the sagging boobs of an old lady. She has nothing, not even her kids and I have no sympathy for her. She has herself to blame. SHE did this, no one else. She could have stayed home and taken care of her children properly. She's a bad mother, a loser and a drug addict. There aren't many people who give a hoot about her and her kids will look back on her mother as a shameful embarrassment. You couldn't pay me to be jealous of that skank. I have ONE partner, my husband, and we take care of our children and are there for them EVERY day. I wouldn't be out partying and smiling if my kids were out of my life. I would be despondent, desperate to do anything to get them back. That would be the only thing that would drive me. She's shameful and deserves to have lost her children.

2489 days ago


Looking for Adnan.

2489 days ago


She was looking for paps :))))
She's like energizer bunny - keeps going and going and going... lol

2489 days ago

2 1/2 Volts    

Come on Brit, only three days left, I got you in the decenber '07 Dead Pool!

2489 days ago

Jessica SImpson    

What's up with the hat anyways? Is she supposed to be Michael Jackson circa thriller or a Mafioso or something? Who the hell dresses her? Blind special ed students?

2489 days ago


Ummm.. I think she needs to go to the Sears "Two Bras for One" Sales Event.

2489 days ago


#24 said it and I can't believe you others didn't realize it. She's looking for Adnan her new lover pap. She decided to start sleeping with one of the paps so all of you who are sad for her because she's always being followed around by them can shut the hell up.

2489 days ago


Would it kill her to stay home for a day?

2489 days ago


Britney, blah, blah, blahhhhhhh........(eyes rolling)....

2489 days ago


what did you expect? little sis is getting all the attention now.

2489 days ago


That hat! I think she may break out yodeling! Duck and cover!

2489 days ago

Julie G.    

Since last night, I was browsing and got talking(chatting/ blogging to some people on the different website, which I often don't. Interestingly, one poster, said Britney has been wearing the same clothes for last three days, because the poster lives in the same area where Britney oftens cruising to and the poster saw her inside the store wore that same clothes. I think some kind of OCD or bioploar sysptoms she has, because she has wearing the same clothes after wearing the other clothes for weeks?! If you take a closely look at all pictures on TMZ , X- 17, OMG, and others. Makes me wondering, if she also sleeps in it day by day. Even though, I have said that over and over again, here I say, we all agree that she needs the PROFESSIONAL HELP!

2489 days ago
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