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Britney Hides Out ... in TMZ Parking Lot?

12/28/2007 11:33 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

She thinks photog snapstorms are "scary" ... so what the hell was Britney Spears doing in TMZ's parking lot last night? Perhaps she just wanted to cut out the middleman!

Cameras caught the Britster down on P1 in our building last night, where she ditched paps by getting into an elevator with her assistant -- and never reappeared! She has magical powers now!


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Sweetie. Put a bra on. Its time.

2491 days ago

W T F ?    

Is Carla carring the same white purse as Twit? Maybe Twit bought it for her as a reward for staying with her for more than a week! Why does Twit think WHITE is the only color for a purse and that it goes perfectly with BROWN BOOTS? What a retardo Twitney is!

2491 days ago


It just seems to me with all the photos of Brit wearing that same hoodie, I have decided that TMZ has a bunch of photos of her from one day, and then when they don't have a story, they run a picture with whatever they make up. Just thinkin, it is way too odd for her to wear that thing for like a month................weird.

2491 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Adnan/pap interview tonight on 20/20.

2491 days ago

Amy Silverman    

Does Britney Desperately Seek Paparazzi?AOLPosted:
17:09:31Filed Under: Britney Spears, Star Scandals, Music News(Oct.
1) -- If you feel bad for Britney Spears having to constantly fend
off hordes of paparazzi, you may lose some of your sympathy if you
keep reading. In a new column, Chicago Sun-Times writer Bill Zwecker
offers some insight into Spears' daily workings. Zwecker's sources
claim that almost daily, Spears finds out where the paparazzi will be
that day, and then makes sure she heads to that area. Spears sometimes
even does the grunt work herself, Zwecker reports, calling hotels to
find out what press junket or celebrities will be there on that day.
Photo Gallery: Britney Hearts/Hates the PaparazziMost Wanted / ZUMA
Press Wherever Britney Spears goes nowadays, dozens of flash bulbs
are popping all around her thanks to a constant swarm of eager
paparazzi.1 of 9 "Even though her professional career and personal
life are train wrecks and she seemingly is paying little attention to
her appearance, she is doing everything she can to make sure she's
photographed almost daily," a source inside of Britney's camp tells
Zwecker. The source goes on to report that Spears or someone in her
entourage will call hotels, nightclubs and other popular paparazzi
hangouts to "find out what's going on ... who's there today." The pop
star will then show up to get her picture taken. "Britney is obsessed
with keeping herself in the public eye. She has told me several
times, "If they don't see you [in the media], they forget you ... I'm
not going to let that happen,'" the source said. The surprising
revleations come after a tumultuous year for Spears that included
many complaints about the paparazzi. In an interview with NBC's Matt
Lauer, Spears said that photographers "crossed the line" and said "I
feel like I'm a target." In another incident, Spears beat on a
photographers car with an umbrella in the days leading up to her
checking into Promises rehab.

2491 days ago

Julie G.    

jr-I hope you have had a nice ,relaxing holiday. It is not funny for
Tracy bashing me. I was not even making a comment for Tracy
beforehand.I was trying to make the point for this person, his fav
brunette,#10, not #14 my mistaken of which what I do as read the
comments, I don't get mad at the people for not making a nice comments toward
Britney, and often skip them- I can live with what I gonna to read the
comments here on this site and deal with them as if the comments are not in a favor of
someone( celebrity or icon)you like as what I was saying to this
person. Britney probably has more lots of very young ones than her
own age,less of my own age group of 40's in her fan base group,that's
probably why they cannot tell how old she is by the way she acts. I
am way past rebellious stage. Thank God for it. Next time, you see
Kelli say hi for me.

his fav brunette- You are back again, if you think I am a bad mother-
I would have shaven my head, going out lot,and give up fighting for
boys. Too bad, your wish is not coming true. I keep my hair on my
head, washing my hair regularly, less going out,less changing my
clothes,and staying with my kids. Stay- at -home is the best thing ever happened
to me in the world! I want to be there for my boys to rememember what
I do for them everyday. I made that choice when I first got married.
I live in one house and half story with 4 dogs,one old cat, the
goldfish in a bowl, and two boys and one man, my husband. I have not
divorced my husband over his poker game, and his sport games on T.V. yet. not
a crappy marriage. Not the same way as Britney did with Kevin.
Britney did not want not want to go through the channeling to find
out what is wrong with her of being an unhappy person during her
marriage to Kevin.If I was in her shoe, and If my husband was like
Kevin, I would kick him to the marriage counseling with me and give
it a chance to work at it unless there's a real good reason to
divorce. Instead, Britney simple paid for the divorce papers to get
over with it and her without thinking if Kevin would not walking
away, and would feel threatned by it to change his ways. Being a
stay- at home mom's job sounds lots of work to Britney- cleaning the
house, washing three people's clothes in different loads, washing
windows, cleaning out dog poops in the yard,make the beds,cooking for
three and many more.Stay-at-home mom is a challenging job, but lots
of rewards in it. still,I would not exchange this being as stay-at
home mom for anything else in world.I plan to work part time or full time
until my boys are in late teens. Meanwhile, my husband makes lots of
safarices making on one income. In summer, at Community College, I
work part time as about two hours twice a week to teach Sign Language
course there which is not much to be away from home. With who I am
and what kind of person I am, I am not even close as Britney is and
to her fantasy life style. Sorry again.Try someone else who may be
close to Britney who also is a bad mother. I rather stay low life not
to be a famous and enjoy my own life more.

Edina- It is okay if you think I am strange. If you have met me in
person, you will think differently of me. It's hard to guess anything without
knowing me well.Once you know me, you would see the language I talk and how I think..
It takes a while to know some body better. I hope you have a nice evening .

2491 days ago


is it me or has Brit Brit been wearing the same jacket the last few days..DANG IT YA'LL ,I missed laundry day.

2491 days ago

just wondering    

...Julie G....hope u didn't misunderstand me!!...I laugh alot now at the lack of wisdom only because of their age that so many bloggers have...hopefully it will come with time!!!....the comments that many leave u can tell in a second what their age is...the problem is they don't like it when somebody blogs differently than the way the majority do....u get now u can expect it...I'm positive u and ur little ones had a great Christmas....keep well and i'll c y around soon!!....this Brit is one huge mess...i'm pretty much done with blogging abt her for now...nothing new...

2491 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

tmz, are you going to report on yourself? fess up to the papers you were served. i'm betting you won't. could be the reason for britney's visit ...

2491 days ago

just wondering    

jack 54...HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO U!!!!....pretty scary when the paps r being interviewed on 20/20!!!!!....bizarre!!!!!!!

2491 days ago


She went there to see Harvey, she want to kick Harvey ASS and to run over Harvey foot.

2491 days ago

just wondering    


2491 days ago



2491 days ago

just wondering    


2491 days ago

just wondering    


2491 days ago
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