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Look Out! Jen Garner & Violet on the Move!

12/29/2007 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jen Garner nearly ran over an old woman on the street with Violet's stroller in New York yesterday -- but the lady didn't seem to mind. Is it even possible to get mad at the cute twosome?!

In L.A., mama Gastineau told TMZ her daughter thinks a DUI is good for Mischa Barton's career, John Legend went out to Goa with his girlfriend, while Courteney Cox Arquette had a photo-op with a family of tourists and Stevie Wonder hit up the Ivy for lunch.

All this and more in today's "Move bitch, get out the way" edition of Star Catcher.


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Jen Garner sucked in "The Kingdom".

Just sayin...

2405 days ago


Slow day? The woman with the coat clearly stepped in front of Jenn and baby. Find something real to write about.

2405 days ago

She Never Learns    

Anyone that believes that being arrested for DUI is good for a movie/television career must have hit their head against a concrete sidewalk.

Mama Gastinau? Her loser ex-husband is 20 years removed from the NFL. Nobody cares about her. She should spend her day at the plastic surgeon.

DUI good for a career ???????

What an idiot.

2405 days ago


That women didn't step in front of Jen. She was walking in front of her. The women turned around and Jen almost plowed her down. Nice way to use your baby as a battering ram.

2405 days ago


What's the point of harassing people who are out walking with their small children?

2405 days ago


theyre not only stalking boring stars,,,but stars with kids,,,give it a rest

2405 days ago


Jennifer Garner is way too obsessed with that kid. She's spoiling it, and badly.

2405 days ago

I am poster 58    

I don't think marriage will last. I never see Ben with Jennifer. He is too immature and still wanting his freedom. I bet they will get divorced....she is doing ALL the work.

2405 days ago


What's "immature" is to have a kid and pay no attention to the corruption of the world around you.

Jennifer Garner is much more immature than Ben, she is just a little girl playing with her doll, robotically squeezing out her kid because everyone else is doing it. Women are having these kids out of pure fear, not love.

Ben, save yourself! Get away from mother wolf and cub. They've already forgotten you exist, anyway.

2405 days ago


They are both smiling. Where did you dream up that lame comment "move bitch get out of the way"....what on EARTH do you mean?! You put such dumb comments with your photos. It's highschool stuff....barely.

2405 days ago


So, no-talent media whore momma Gastineau thinks a DUI is good for Mischa Barton's career? What a stupid bitch. She's a perfect example of how hollywierd turns some people's brains to mush. No wonder she said it; she's been so hard at work making her daughter & herself into hollywierd glamour pants bitch clones of pairASS hilton. With no money. Or morals. Or brains. God help them when their "looks" disappear; they'll have nothing left...

2404 days ago


Good grief folks, she's not spoiling her daughter, she's being a mom. And I agree, she's doing all the work. Ben may be finding the happy family life less than exciting.

2404 days ago


Jennifer Garner was amazing in the Kingdom and the guy who said she wasn't doesn't know good acting. You clearly just can't deal with strong women that could kick your ass. After doing terrible movies like daredevil and elektra it's nice to see her on track in Juno and The Kingdom

And you obviously tell she wanted a kid, not because everyone else was doing it. Some of the people on here are so bitter about celebs yet look what site they are on.

2404 days ago


The gal in the hood looks like an out-of-work (and come back from the grave) Janis Joplin!!!

2404 days ago

Lillian Gorham    

I'm glad to see that Jen is being a good mom.

But it is strange that many celeb moms demand and get, absolute respect for their children's rights, but they are not so kind to other peoples' kids. That is--the children of we ordinary mortals.

I'll never forget what our neighbor told us. He was just a kid and actually came across Julia Roberts in Taos. He told her "Hi," and she told him to get out of her way!!

Way to go Julia. But of course, no one would dare talk to Phineus that way, huh?

2404 days ago
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