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Ex-Idol Constantine Toots His Skin Flute

12/31/2007 6:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Constantine Maroulis was supposed to be the next big rock star thanks to "American Idol." Instead he's hosting a Bingo Night in Wisconsin. Take that, Carrie Underwood!

The long-haired lothario was the star attraction at Oneida Bingo in Oneida, Wisc., where he tried to answer questions about musical instruments -- only people kept walking in front of him with trays of food. Pass the tater tots!

If you lose on "Idol" ... you can still win at bingo.


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Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Bingo in Wisconsin...or Las Vegas at Pure, LAX, The Goo Goo Dolls show at House of Blues, JayZ's 40/40 Club, etc. Hmmmm If you are at Bingo and Wisconsin at that, I can't even say it without laughing, then that is really sad. All of the happenings and happening people are in Vegas for NYE. If I were Constatine or anybody like him trying to hang on to 15 mins ,I would turn down something so dumb, sad, degrading, boring and a joke like being featured at the Bingo Hall. You canot even get 15 mins. of fame there to even holdon to The over 60 yr. senior set , LOL!!! That is so sad being featured at a Bingo Hall.

2451 days ago


#11 --- Is it my imagination or was he hated or what? The judges seemed anxious to get him off the show as soon as possible.
I got sick of looking into his fake sexy stare which looked the same each and every time.

I think his mojo wasn't good with the judges.

my humble opinion.....

2451 days ago


I knew Constantine just couldn't be his real name. Now we all know.....Bingo is his name_O!

2451 days ago


I met him when he was in LA at an event and he was so arrogant and full of himself. Down right rude. Karma is a bitch!

2451 days ago


Don't know where TMZ gets most of their info, but Constantince is a regular on Bold and the Beautiful soap. He loves the singing he does there, and has his own recording studio and production company. He may have done this bingo gig as a personal appearance thing, cuz he does nice stuff like that for seniors. He is not a loser. He does quite well TMZ and is truly a very nice guy. I know him personally and he is doing just fine.....even if he did call some bingo numbers for some seniors.

2451 days ago


Nice story #21, Happy New Years!

2451 days ago

Happy New Year    

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!! And he is HOT.VERY.HOT!

2451 days ago


Thanks Kelli and welcome back...........missed your input the last few days.....

Happy New Year to you also!

2451 days ago


Thanks a bunches, TMZ! I was drinking a margarita when I read, “Take that, Carrie Underwood!” and I was caught off guard by instant laughter, which caused my drink to come out of my nose!

Oh, and the hilarity continued when I read this from #18 (Roger C): “I knew Constantine just couldn't be his real name. Now we all know.....Bingo is his name_O!” Brilliant.

And for #21 (addicted to trash magazines)… Yeah, you tell ‘em, girl! Maybe he was there at his gammie’s request!

2451 days ago

X Brittany Fan !    

Whats Next - A Sing Along at the Boys Club, He looks so much like a loser! Better get back to cleaning toilets....

2451 days ago


Thanks Addicted, good to be home. I was missing my TMZ fix.

2451 days ago


That is funny Bailey. Slow down on the margaritas, we have along time till midnight. I'm trying to hold out. lol

2451 days ago


Was he trying to make a joke about tater tots aka napoleon dynamite style?

Napoleon Dynamite, Deb [Napoleon and Deb are dancing]
Nathan Napoleon, give me some of your tots.
Napoleon Dynamite No, go find your own!
Nathan Come on, give me some of your tots.
Napoleon Dynamite No, I'm freakin' starving! I didn't get to eat anything today.
Nathan [kicks the tots]
Napoleon Dynamite Ugh! Gross! Freakin' idiot!

2451 days ago


Thanks, TMZ! I'm glad you wrote this article. There should be more people like Constantine who are willing to take a little time out of their lives and spend it doing something for charity to help others who may not be quite as fortunate as some. I don't see helping someone else out as a bad thing..

2451 days ago

Anonymous Mocker    

Dear "whatareyouaclown"-he wasn't doing anything for charity. He got PAID. Way too much according to rumors. That's money they wasted.

2451 days ago
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