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Lawsuit Says 'Judge Judy'

Sends Blacks Packin'

12/31/2007 11:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

An ex-producer for "Judge Judy" is claiming that he was canned for complaining that black litigants were being 86'd from the show.

Judge Judy
The lawsuit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court by former Senior Producer Jonathan Sebastien, alleges that Randy Douthit -- a supervisor -- told staffers, "We're not doing any more black shows," and "I don't want to hear black people arguing."

Sebastien claims when he complained about the alleged whitewashing, he says Douthit commanded his fellow producers to book "white upscale, pretty people" for Judge Judy, and to send black litigants to the "Judge Joe Brown" show. Brown's show is produced by the same company as "Judy."

Sebastien claims after he objected to the policy, his boss "berated and mocked him," and fired him on March 30. He is seeking unspecified damages from the show and CBS Paramount.

Judge Judy Sheindlin herself isn't named as a defendant. A rep for CBS Paramount tells TMZ, "CBS Paramount does not comment on pending litigation." A staffer from "Judge Judy" -- who did not want to be identified -- says the suit has "no merit" and that the claims are being being made by "a disgruntled former employee who was fired for cause."


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LOL # 25..too true..or massively obese women fighting over a skinny Black crackhead..or a sistah suing over her bad weave

2451 days ago



2451 days ago


I m sick of people playing the race card. That guy got fired and wants to sue. If it wasnt that he would have made up something else. But if you want to start something just accuse someone of being a racist.... or a homophobe.... or an antisemite.
I really dont care about this stupid guy. I like the sow cause its funny to watch people being stupid.

2451 days ago


Anyway all of the black people have forum it's called The Maury Povich Show!!!! Just about every black person that is awake, is either in his audience or on the stage going through 30 balck guys to see who the hell is the babies daddies!!!!!

2451 days ago


I know ! The show with 6 black women wasting everyones time suing eachother over if the weave is real hair or fake hair. Hello????? Isn't it all fake??? And tacky as hell!!!

2451 days ago


oh boy, noe judy is racist too.
good grief,i guess every white person hates blacks in tinseltown.

2451 days ago


i watched that episode today.
it was judge joe,the 2 cousins fighting over fifity bucks.
it was hilarious, she did have a weave,a bad one too.

2451 days ago


Be careful of characterizations like "sour grapes" and "disgruntled." I complained about an offensive (racist) tone in a workplace once and was told to "let it go." I didn't, and they fired me. They said it was for cause, they like that term. In reality the "casue" was my refusal to be a good little "boy" and swallow their crap treatment. Every story has at least two sides, for corporations, there's no $$$ in moral rectitude, don't give people credit they don't deserve or take it away from where it belongs.

2451 days ago


yeah, with your personal story that is probably true.
in show business, it is called a pissed off ex employee.
racism is a big deal, and she is a well known white tv personality
so he is probably trying to make her look like a racist.
plus, every white person today gets Reemed if they so much
as udder a off color comment.
yet blacks continue to say racist crap all the time.
they are the ones calling their own women ho's.

2451 days ago


I don't believe it - there are black people on Judge Judy all the time. And she's the only judge who doesn't let people run off at the mouth - she shuts them up fast.

As for "pretty" white people, most of them on the show are trashy anyway.

2451 days ago

Mary Paps    

I hate that Bitch. Nothing to do with Blacks or Whits, she talks to people like they are dogs. She is horriable, loud and tries to degrade people on the air. Take them all off. I wish nothing but bad luck for that old ugly Bitch. She looks like Joan Rivers sister.

2451 days ago


your right Phoebe, they are trashy.
this is nothing more than apublicity stunt.
just to make her look bad,a ticked off ex employee trying to
make some noise.

2451 days ago


It’s not probably true, it is true. You people are strangers, what reason would I have for making things up. All I’m trying to say is that things are not always what they appear to be, and not every person of color who says they’ve been disrespected is a nappy headed, country trying to make some white person look bad. We don’t all call our women ho’s and speak Ebonics. Many whites in this culture are racist. Period. As sure as the sky is blue. Listen to the way your peers are responding to this. Angry and ignorant, all of the things they accuse the court show guests of being. Should we paint all white people with the same brush because of Deliverance? It’s TV people. Most of it is staged. Everybody gets paid to be there. It’s supposed to be ENTERTAINMENT. You folks need to get a grip and focus on what’s real, that is what’s going on in the office upstairs from the show.

2451 days ago


Personally I stopped watching the show a while back. I'm tired seeing blacks all over everything, but whites get crap when they want to see or work with whites. What's the big deal? Blacks can be proud to be black, have their own magazines, shows... so why can't it be the same for whites? Let's face it, blacks and whites ARE different so why should we be forced to merge everything together? I mean if that's the way the shows want it, cool... but don't make people do things they don't want to do.

2451 days ago


Maury Povich has done more harm to Black people, especially since his show is shown all over the world, than any single human being alive today.

Why does he get away with it? Why don't we hear from Jesse and Al about this disgraceful show? Povich has gotten filthy rich off of displaying the worst, most degrading side of black human beings. I hope he rots in hell.

2451 days ago
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