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Lawsuit Says 'Judge Judy'

Sends Blacks Packin'

12/31/2007 11:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

An ex-producer for "Judge Judy" is claiming that he was canned for complaining that black litigants were being 86'd from the show.

Judge Judy
The lawsuit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court by former Senior Producer Jonathan Sebastien, alleges that Randy Douthit -- a supervisor -- told staffers, "We're not doing any more black shows," and "I don't want to hear black people arguing."

Sebastien claims when he complained about the alleged whitewashing, he says Douthit commanded his fellow producers to book "white upscale, pretty people" for Judge Judy, and to send black litigants to the "Judge Joe Brown" show. Brown's show is produced by the same company as "Judy."

Sebastien claims after he objected to the policy, his boss "berated and mocked him," and fired him on March 30. He is seeking unspecified damages from the show and CBS Paramount.

Judge Judy Sheindlin herself isn't named as a defendant. A rep for CBS Paramount tells TMZ, "CBS Paramount does not comment on pending litigation." A staffer from "Judge Judy" -- who did not want to be identified -- says the suit has "no merit" and that the claims are being being made by "a disgruntled former employee who was fired for cause."


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the producers of judge judy are the same producers as the judge joe brown show you idiot. The judge judy producers are sending black litigants to joe brown's show instead of just doing it without basing things off of race you stupid TONY

2491 days ago


Why are most of the people in this forum being so ignorant. What kind of a message does that send to youth like me? I don't get it. People are people and should not be judged based on the color of there skin. I have been around a lot of black people, and yes, they can act very outrageous and sometimes it just shames the whole race. However, there are blacks that are extremely articulate and are very respectable people. I hate it when whites criticize blacks even while knowing that all whites are not perfect. I especially hate it when blacks criticize whites as an excuse for why they can't get a job and become productive.

Besides, the lawsuit isn't really about blacks and whites, it's about the person who got fired because he/she did not want to follow obscene regulations. The person couldn't sue until he/she was fired. I still think that there is more to their motives, but that is the main reason.

2490 days ago


I say Wayne wins this debate and we all go our separate ways. Haha! Actaully, that is what I have been trying to explain to everyone wayne, but some of these morons don't get that. It's a shame this stupid conversation went on in front of a youth. This site is probably fileld with a bunch of uneducated adults. There is stupidity and ignorance in every race and it should not represent us as individuals. It's not even what the case is about as the young man said.

2489 days ago

John Nevettie    


2487 days ago

Trish K    

Judge Judy had nothing to do with this producer getting fired. Good grief why does eveyone alwasy think its a racist issue. I hope this man gets nothing, I'm sure there is more to this story then they are saying on here. I love Judge Judy show she is teh BEST! So many idiots in this world and even the people who work for her

2451 days ago

Dotty-Dawg's Owner    

I like Judge Judy because the people on Oprah look too happy. I usually feel like crap. I wish Judge Judy had been around when I was a teen-ager to talk some sense into me.
Sometimes I wish she was nicer, but she has time constraints.
A smile will do. People that want to be on t.v. know they are going to get trashed because most of the trouble they get into stems from not using good judgment and minding your own business. She just reminds people that you lose money by being an idiot and if you get smarter, you'll be richer. As far as anything racial, race relations are an ongoing process for every human being to look beyond themselves and respect every human being. Only one comment has ever bothered me and that is her assumption that one woman shouldn't be on social security, because she doesn't know everything that has happened to that woman or does she have her medical records? I'm crazy too but I spend a lot of time trying to look normal. That's why I am able to be here to watch her show. She should appreciate the fact I am not watching it from jail or the mental ward. I'm not happy enough to watch Oprah! And I got offended when she and Nate decided country decorating was out. Well, not if you are country. I like those blue geese.

2440 days ago


Will not stand up in a court of law. Third party-hear say- nothing to support the claim.

1450 days ago


Black people suing?

In other news, it's wednesday

598 days ago


i always thouth judge judy acted funny when ever there is a interracial ltigants be on she seems like becomes hateful towards them jerry"s! the man

598 days ago

who farted    

I love her show and have to say when the blacks come on, I change the channel. Their cases are boring and I don't like ghetto people.

593 days ago


i dont want to hear black people argue either they start screeching

516 days ago


Been watching her for years....every case involving blacks turns into a ignorant back and forth argument between the litigants.......everything a COURT is not supposed to support!! JUDGE JUDY is what America needs every day.....for morality's sake!!

379 days ago



379 days ago
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