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Brady Nails the Record, then Gisele

12/31/2007 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Who cares about making football history -- when off the field you're scoring with Gisele Bundchen?!

Cameras caught Patriots quarterback-turned-New England hero Tom Brady out with his super hot, supermodel girlfriend for a victory dinner in New York last night.

Brady was in the Apple this weekend for the Patriots' final game of the year -- ending the season with a perfect 16-0 record.

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To all you Patriots fans, I don't know how to give out my myspace account (I don't use it often) but I just put a picture of my 8 year old son with the sign he made when we went to this past Pats vs Jets game. It was pretty cute, it said


And he drew pictures of a few Jets players crying.....

2425 days ago


We get it PatinNJ - you're a big fat crybaby whinebag. And, oh yeah, Giselle's a dog and all the women you've had have been way hotter, blah, blah, blah.... Riiiiight. Giselle is so homely she makes more than any other model in the world and wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole. Why don't you give us a link to a picture of YOU so we can see how you compare to Tom in the looks department...

2425 days ago


I am not a Patriots fan and even less of a Tom Brady fan...but I have to say he is one nice looking guy. A bit too pretty boy for my personal taste, but not bad.

2425 days ago


This will be my last comment....


2425 days ago

just wondering    

42. to just wondering@1:54PM - You state: 'Who cares what Tom Brady does when he's not playing football?' I'd say his son does.
You also state: 'Tom Brady is a great quarterback and he got the job done. End of story.' Forget that this is a pic of Brady and his 'supermodel' girlfriend. I forgot that Brady is just a quarterback, and not a man, and that life is just about getting a pigskin full of air past a chalk mark on fake grass.

Posted at 2:23PM on Dec 31st 2007 by Screaming Meemies

First, are you his son? If not, his personal life really shouldn't matter to you since you don't have to raise his child or pay his child support. Second, as far as you or I are concerned, yep he's just a quarterback, because neither you or I know him personally, neither you or I have to pay his bills, neither you or I are in his family, and neither you or I are his Priest that he confesses to. So we're pretty much out of his life, except for buying a ticket to the stadium every once in awhile. End of story. Really.

2425 days ago


Gisele needs to get her roots touched up. I have seen pics of her w/o makeup, and let's just say it's not pretty. I heard she was sitting APART from the Bradys at the NY Giants game and was so happy about it because I also heard John was there. Good for the Bradys for putting their grandson above her.

2425 days ago


Can't resist,

The last time Tom Brady was on TMZ there was all this speculation as to whether he would visit his son on his BYE week with the Pats. There was a lot of negative remarks, then in PEOPLE I read that he did in fact visit his son on his BYE week and TMZ reported nothing of it.....

So we really should let Tom and Bridget work it out the way they want to. I'm so sick of hearing about poor Bridget, they broke up, she found out she was pregnant (I'm sure she didn't want him to come back JUST for the baby) and now it's what THEY decide to make of it.

Go PATS - Superbowl champs AGAIN

2425 days ago


Oh boy! Lots of jealous peeps on this blog! First of all, I'm not from New England so I'm not a Patriots fan but................... Tom Brady and the Pats are an amazing team. The one thing I like about Tom Brady is his poise under pressure! He can "smoke" the oppositon when they challenge his dominance and his team! Did anyone see the long pass to Randy Moss on Saturday??????????????????? That touchdown was the direct result of a missed/botched previous play! He wanted to give Randy Moss another chance to score so he passed him the football again to Moss (who is incredibly talented as well) ! This team is amazing - PERIOD.

As for Giselle, PLEASE! Do any of you really believe that she became a supermodel because she is UGLY? Beauty is most definately in the "eye of the beholder" but this lady is very attractive. She has beautiful hair, long legs and gorgeous eyes! She is a model because she fits the classic model criteria: Very tall, wide set eyes, high cheekbones, great hair and skin and she can do both print work and runway work! I am a former model and I know for a fact that it is NO accident that Giselle became a model and is one of the most successful models in the world. She deserves her success! As does Mr. Brady!

Just my thoughts. Happy New Year!

2425 days ago


They are NO guilty then the other NFL teams! They just happen to get caught over the line! The Jets couldn't beat them, so they snitched! How he dresses shouldn't matter, how he plays should! All you haters need to shut up and stop hating that they have proven it on the field AND I am not even a Pats fan! Just a football fan! Go Pats!

2425 days ago


Does he have his girlfriends boots on?

2425 days ago


#52 You are 100% right GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!

2425 days ago


Tom is hot, rich and talented, but he's a deadbeat dad, so that makes him a loser. He can do better than Gisele- she's a beast.

2425 days ago


They're a hot couple.
And I wish I was $50 million a year ugly like Giselle!?!!

Get a life losers! Your jealousy is PATHETIC!

2425 days ago


Dug -- you sound like an moron. Maybe you should reconnect with the 'girls in your memory'... maybe they're making a zillion dollars a year on their faces and you might get lucky again.
But, my guess is they're sitting on a couch in a trailer park eating donuts though.

2425 days ago


Tom Brady is hot plus he went to my alma mater. This means he can pretty much do whatever he wants in my book. He can even date Gisele although I wish he wouldn't.

Gisele Bundchen is obviously of German extraction although she is Brazilian by nationality.

2425 days ago
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