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Brady Nails the Record, then Gisele

12/31/2007 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Who cares about making football history -- when off the field you're scoring with Gisele Bundchen?!

Cameras caught Patriots quarterback-turned-New England hero Tom Brady out with his super hot, supermodel girlfriend for a victory dinner in New York last night.

Brady was in the Apple this weekend for the Patriots' final game of the year -- ending the season with a perfect 16-0 record.

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Jeff Kay    

16 games is a full season????? one game a week???/ What wimps!!! Hockey players play 82 game seasons ,3-4 games a week, hit ,slash and fight.....and don't kill dogs for fun. I guess football was invented for people who like to watch fat pudgy men grope each other 1 day a week. What a joke.

2485 days ago


Tom Brady is hot and the Patriots are awesome. If you watched football you would know that, we all know that Tom Brady's team deserves to be #1!

2485 days ago


#8 you are an idiot! My grandparents immigrated from Brazil and they were German, Russian and English, just like Gisele, but they were not hispanic and like her, don't speak spanish. Her racial background is still european even though she was born in Latin America. Believe me the Europeans born in South America do not want to be classified as hispanic, so you get your facts straight buster and go back to Mexico where you belong.

2485 days ago

Black Sheep    

I'd much prefer Tony Romo. Well, until he started going out with Jessica Simpson.

2485 days ago


#61 I did not write that someone name Anonymous did. I was arguing that she in fact is German in ancestry.

2485 days ago


I understand ZIP about football but since I’m from Boston, I love em. But I see RED when Brady prances around Boston wearing a Yankees cap. He should remember who butters his toast.

2485 days ago


He is gorgeous, but those boots look gay as hell.

2485 days ago


Bundchen is a German last name, and both of her parents speak German too. She does have German ancestry. Does anyone know how to type an umlaut above the u in her last name?

2485 days ago


Hey Brady, how's your newborn??

2484 days ago


She speaks German because she is German, English, Russian idiot. She speaks portuguese the language of Brazil.

2484 days ago


Tom Brady is nothing more than a pretty boy. I'm really sick of all the non football press these "playboy" quarterbacks (i.e.Romo et al) receive. I hope the Patriots lose somewhere along the line because if they win they will still be remembered as cheaters.

Go Packers!

2484 days ago


The Patriots were NOT "caught cheating". The word cheat does not appear in any part of the action against them. They did not even do anything all that wrong, their camera was in the wrong SPOT...period. The rules dont say you cant copy signals, they only dictate from where you can do so. Big woo. That was 1st qtr of game one (against manGINA, no less, you dont suppose he knew all about their taping ways, being on the payroll until just recently, huh?). People cant think of anything real to say, so they go back to spygate...gay gay gay. Real fans know the truth, real football fans know a great player or a great team when they see one. The rest of you crackheads who think you know football ought to shut up or go watch Jerry Springer. If you dont like it, too frickin bad. By the way, the woman left with his kid, and she is obviously dictating the relationship. It is pretty clear that NONE of us knows the truth of that situation, we can only guess at it. Takes two to tango. Go pats.

2484 days ago

Julie G.    

Don't hate me for wanting Patriot to lose...Nothing to do with spy cheating of signals,... I hope for Colts, Cowboys or San Diego to win in the play off.... Why three? Because of the extended family of mine and last two cities I used to live before my current home town... Wish you all Happy New Year!!

2484 days ago

Shitney, please drop of the face of the planet.    

man, i know guys that don't even try that look better than Brady. WTF?

2484 days ago


I saw the 60 minutes interview a couple of weeks ago and if it was meant to flatter Brady, it did not. It revealed some cracks in the facade of the " All American Boy Image." He admitted breaking a backgammon board in the clubhouse after losing a game. I don't know any 30 y/o guy who is that immature and stupid enough to admit that on National TV. He sounds like he has a bit of an anger problem. Second of all he sounded like a hick. I know he went to Michigan on a football scholarship, but after four years, one would think he could have taken a speach class. I was waiting for him to say " Aw, shucks."

His family also seems to be so infatuated with his career, they obviously never sat down to talk with him about "the facts of life " off of the football field. Had they done so, maybe he could have prevented a pregancy he didn't want by being honest with a woman he was breaking up with, instead of having sex with her and not wearing a "CONDOM." That baby is the product of Brady's own stupidity. After seeing the interview, I am more convinced that he is more responsible for a baby he didn't want because he lacks intelligence. Most high school senior boys with an ounce of smarts and involved parents know more than he does.

Admittedly, he is a great athlete and deservedly maybe the best football player of all time. Nothing more, nothing less. He is neither a man or a role model because he lacks integrity and intelligence. This is the worst combination for a significant other. Moynahan is well rid of him.

I wish him a lot of success with his career, but when it is over I really wonder what he will do with his life.

2484 days ago
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