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Brady Nails the Record, then Gisele

12/31/2007 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Who cares about making football history -- when off the field you're scoring with Gisele Bundchen?!

Cameras caught Patriots quarterback-turned-New England hero Tom Brady out with his super hot, supermodel girlfriend for a victory dinner in New York last night.

Brady was in the Apple this weekend for the Patriots' final game of the year -- ending the season with a perfect 16-0 record.

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wonder if he cheats on his gf the way he cheats in football...you know what they say..once a cheater always a cheater..thats the pats for ya.

gay boy needs to learn how to use a condom!

2451 days ago


Its so nice to see a man spend his sons first xmas with him, Oh wait he'd rather be with his skank whore

2451 days ago


Regardless of the fact that he's dating Jessica Simpson, I'd take Tony Romo any day of the week over Tom Brady. At least Tony didn't leave a pregnant woman in the dust while dating Ms. Simpson.

2450 days ago


You sound like a stupid dumb jackass Susan and i wonder how intelligent you really are, and you need to go learn to read and write.

2450 days ago


You are right susan about Tom brady, but his biggest mistake was sleeping with a bitch like Bridget Moynahan.

2450 days ago


Gisele who? My Tommy boy is looking good. He needs to score with me,

2450 days ago


Okay, is their cheating comparable to steroid use is baseball? Should we deny the Patriots the right to play in Super Bowl if they reach that plateau as many of our fine baseball players are going to be denied the Hall of Fame? Cheating is cheating no matter what form.

2450 days ago


I know nothing about footballl, but I think they're a beautiful couple. And for all those self- righteous A-holes constantly throwing stones, T&G should walk around with both middle fingers up. That's what I would do. You know what they say the more they preach the more skeletons they have in their closets. I don't know who died and appointed them God.

As for Gisele being ugly? lol. yea right. I do high- end retail, which means I'm with women all day. So I see ugly, pasty, and fat, ALL DAY. Trust me it DOES NOT look like gisele. Now if you need to hate on her just for the sake of hatin' to make yourselves feel better, knock yourselves out, but that is one GORGEOUS WOMAN.

2450 days ago


The poor guy is just going out to dinner, where is all this hatred coming from? Apparently LOSERS can't even stand LOOKING at a winner...

2450 days ago


Gisele's hometown of Brazil is full by Nazi-Germans Germans. You know why this cash cow is ugly and extremely greedy. Brady is just like this Nazi Brazilian. Superficially Beautiful but very ugly inside. They are alike.

2450 days ago


For No. 94 - HATERS=LOSERS - You are in "high-end" retail and see "ugly, pasty, and fat" all day? AND you would "walk around with both middle fingers up all day"?

You sound like the "HATER" to me. You hate your job, your customers and you enjoy displaying an ugly, mean, hateful hand gesture to other people.

Question: if you love. respect and admire Tom and Gisele as much as you say you do, why in the world would you want them walking around "with both middle fingers up all day"? That is ugly!

You are right - they are both very attractive - ON THE OUTSDE - Fortunately for most of us, we are smart enough to know that beauty is only skin deep, does not last forever and that true beauty comes from within. This "beauty from within" is only evident by how a person lives their life. And face it - Tom and Gisele appear to have a very shallow, self-centered, purely sexual relatioship with each other and NO relationship at all with Tom's son. This is what we all find "ugly" about Tom and Gisele.

I don't hold Gisele's German relatives, her use of euros or her tremendous success against her. I don't even hold the breakup of Tom and Bridget against her. As for Tom, he is a phenomenal athlete - no one can take that away from him. If anything, I feel really sorry for these two extremely gifted people and their empty, misdirected lives.

I find it both tragic and fascinating that people who appear to "have it all" actually have nothing at all.

2450 days ago


A) To me, Giselle is in NO WAY ugly. Are you guys jealous because she is famous and you're not?
B) The last thing on my mind was that his boots were gay. How can you even determine something's gay? You saw Lance Bass wear it, is that it? (Not that I'm being racist against Lance).
C) When I heard the 60 Minutes interview I didn't see him as a jock (the interview's summarized here: http://xrl.us/bdoq3). I kinda saw him as modest a little bit. He's kinda the reluctant star, to quote the interview. Sure he hates to lose, but doesn't everybody? And, ok, he's makes a really big stink when he loses (which he needs to stop doing), but aren't there a whole bunch of people like that who should stop? And in the interview he said he analyzed plays from other teams figuring out what's going to happen. To me, that there and the way he spoke in the interview suggested to me he was NOT stupid. Maybe he's different in real life, but I don't know him at all, nor do I even keep up with football in the first place.
D) And for those of you calling him a deadbeat dad, do you know every part of his personal life? In the 60 Minutes interview, the guy doing the interview said Tom was supporting the child. And if I remember right, he went down to LA (where Bridget moved herself and the baby) during the offseason to see his son. To me that doesnt seem like a deadbeat dad, but then again, I don't know his personal life (unlike those of you who think you know his personal life down to the very bottom of it)
E) For the whole cheating thing, my impression is that Tom wasn't the one who said "let's spy on the Jets." It was the coach's fault. He's the idiot, not Tom. (Reference: http://xrl.us/bdord)
If you guys are just going to criticize Tom (and I'm expecting half of you to criticize me for my comments), then I think we should all just agree to disagree.

2449 days ago


For The Last Time you knuckle dragging IDIOTS They were caught Taping the hand signals for the Jets deffence they caught the guy before he even left the Stadium The PATRIOTS Never even Saw the TAPE!!!!!!! so they tried 2 cheat got caught and still went 16-0 But they never watched the Tape the NFL took it from the guy before he could give it to anyone so they really did not cheat They Tried 2 Cheat So they won the 16 games because they are a good team and no one was able to stop them

2449 days ago


People you are so judgemental. They are both good looking and succussful don't be so jealous. I am sure if giving the opportunity almost everyone out there would trade their life for theirs at least for a day.

2448 days ago


Wow, sounds like lots and lots and lots of sour grapes here!!! New York ALMOST did it?!!! Were they playing horseshoes? Because I think that is the only game where "close" counts! And, Dug, you went to high school? And college? Did they not teach English at those schools? And as far as the cheating, even Regis who rarely has anything nice to say about Boston sports teams, said that it was given way too much attention because it is something all the teams do. And I imagine they were under close scrutiny after that and still managed to win the rest of the season!

2448 days ago
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