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Wanna Get a Piece of Michael Vick's Doghouse?

12/31/2007 9:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Now here's a listing that's going to burn up the market -- the house where Michael Vick let dogs kill each other for amusement -- is up for sale for a cool $1.1 million. Arf!

The infamous dog house didn't sell during a recent auction -- shocking, we know -- so developer Wilbur Ray Todd, Jr. has put it on the market. The spread, in case you were wondering, is a 15-acre compound with five bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, two fireplaces, cathedral ceilings -- and no doghouses of any kind! If they can't sell it, maybe they can leash it.

Mr. Ed beware: The listing notes that the property allows horses.

Vick's home these days is a prison cell in Warsaw, Va., where he's serving a 23-month sentence for dogfighting conspiracy.

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You would proudly buy it, and sleep comfortably.......Wow that says a lot about you, skank! You and Vick were probably using the rape machine on you and you couldn't get enough, perhaps they saved it for you.

A curse has been set upon him and as far as I am concerned, he should have gotten 25 years and anyone else who would do such horrible things to those poor animals. I agree completely the house should be burned, and a rescue facility built in its place for abused animals in that community.

2458 days ago


Yup I said it and meant it. GET OVER IT! He's in jail boo hoo cry a river. Shut up already. And call me whatever you want to I will still go to sleep in that house every night smiling. Oh and maybe I will throw in an Honor cemetery for the dogs just so you can shut your big fat whiny mouth.

NOT!!!!!!! Cry on sucker!!!!! lol

2458 days ago


Before I buy the house I would make an inspection of the house especially the bedrooms with a blacklight. I would look for stains and I am not talking about Dog stains. He is a despicable human being and I could not imagine what kinds of parties he has had in that house. Dead Dogs, Easy Women, Genital Herpes, Drugs, etc...,

2458 days ago


Someone should dunk his head in the green water in that pool for about 2 minutes.

2458 days ago


Mike Vick for PRESIDENT! All of you all are hypocrites so shut up and go play in traffic!

2458 days ago


i effin hate Michael Vick for what he did to those dogs.
animal cruelty is wrong.
and who cares if you comment first?

2458 days ago


If God uncovered the world alot of you cowards would make Mike look like a saint to the highest degree!! You talk the talk but dont walk the walk. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you cant fool all the people all the time. Im sick of the kings of evil doers continue to point fingers and be judgemental when in fact you perpetuate and capitalize off of the very things you pretend to wage war against. put uh sock in it. Put up or shut the **** up Cowards.

2458 days ago


its just a doggone shame.. losing everything over a few worthless mutts that should be banned from EVERYONE!

2458 days ago


The Dogs belong in the front house.
Convict belongs in a shack out back

Walking the walk AND talking the talk

2458 days ago


As I See it (that is your mother)

2458 days ago


What a shame that he only got 2years.... if the penalty was stiffer maybe it would stop this horrible vile act... his parents, i,.e cried at the trial but for what the love of money and greed of how much their son will lose in income? certainly not in the fact and they had to know the soulless act of murder of these creatures that their son was preforming for lustful hedonistic pleasure. how vile.........

The money to buy the estate should come from the Vick family to turn it iinto a NO kill anmal shelter,,,,, it should have been part of the penalty and still could,,, where are you animal activist I am sure there is still money out there that the Vicks are hoarding... Make them pay.... the creater will take care of him when his is dead but he still owes society for these gross violations...

2458 days ago


When the creator finish lining up the rest of you hypocrites where your ancestors where in line mike will laugh at the wonderful company he will have. maybe you can explain to mike why is it you thought you where so peeerrrrfect. he he he

2458 days ago


Yes, what he did was wrong and he is doing time for it.
but if he had killed a human being he would have gotten off
much lighter. Pitbull dog are not trained to kill it is borned in
them, at some point they will turn on you. It is like the tiger at the
zoo, that killed some people, someboby said why did they have to
kill the tiger? Well maybe the family thought why did the tiger have to
kill there family member. People are so off base with this.

2458 days ago


Jersey obviously you are functioning with a neuronal deficit.you are an absolute imbecile.........Donna....you are a Skank.I can smell you from here...........Brain rot.if you had one.... so it must be the stink of overwork.............Do you & Jersey work together.............ooh...smelly !!

2458 days ago


littlefan 9 You confirm the lack of education & literacy inAmerica..you are proof of the existence of ignorance...........What an embarassing reflection of gross stupidity , you are. Pitt bulls are not "borned" { that would be "born"} to kill...............but obviously Vick was & is. If you are in any way representative of America......then America is in deep trouble..which........it is........... a few hundred years to build this country.....................to be destroyed, in a few short decades, by those such as you, Jersey & skanky Donna.

2458 days ago
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