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Brit Was a No Show at Her Depo

1/2/2008 9:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Britney Spears' deposition was scheduled today and she didn't show -- again!

If we're counting correctly, this is the fifth time her scheduled deposition in the custody case didn't happen. Last month, Britney claimed she was too ill to sit for her depo, yet TMZ caught her out partying that same night.

Sources say the fact that she didn't show for the depo was a factor in her lawyers' decision to file papers today asking to withdraw as counsel, but it was only one of many reasons. As one connected source put it, "Her whole life has become insane and it's impossible for anyone to get through to her."


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318. 'a man asking his ex wife for alimony... damn! that guy is SAD!!'

Okay arcangel answer me this: why is it okay for a woman to go after a man for alimony, but not the other way around. Whoever has the better financial means OWES it to the CHILDREN to pay for their upkeep and maintenance.

If you don't think it's fair for men, that makes you a hypocrite whose motives are only money, and not for the welfare of the children.

Posted at 11:11AM on Jan 3rd 2008 by Yucko
If you ask me I'd say Britney got what she asked for ,It was SHE who asked Kevin to marry her not once but twice .There is a thing called BIRTH CONTROL she could have used but choose not to .She could have been an ADULT ,and asked Kevin face to face for a divorce yet she choose to do it via TEXT message .Britney has made many choices that have affected her negativly and I'm sure she'll continue to do so until she is helped ,but that is 1 choice only she can make .She is NOT adult enough to make it though and I'm sure never will be .
Britney should be kissing the ground Kevin walks on for not treating the boys like they belong to someone else ,(like she does) and in the very least if she cant be there mentally for the boys- she should monitarilly(?) provide for their upbringing .
I find it odd also Yucko -that people see nothing wrong with spousal support when its the woman asking yet if a man asks for it its wrong ?WTF ?

2449 days ago

Junie T.    

To Opiniononly, you are obviously a thoughtful and caring person and you like to give people the benefit of the doubt. I agree with the disgust that you have toward K-Fed. Someone in an earlier post said, "karma is a bitch"...and that's the truth. He left his pregnant girlfriend for Britney...that should have been clue #1 for Britney. But think Britney should have the kids? No way. Britney wasn't acting crazy like she acts now. As far as I know, she wasn't driving around wondering all over the place just for the heck of it. She continuously puts her kids at risk for no reason. She misses court dates and places her own interests over those of everyone around her. She is not putting the kids first. She is not even putting them in the top 5. She has a major (mental) problem. I am NOT a K-Fed fan, but come on....Britney is a mess. If you truly believe you should put children first, then they must go with K-Fed. Yes, he is disgusting and such an awful role model. But, he is their dad and he seems to be taking all the appropriate measures he needs to take to make sure they are safe. I like your anthem...make it about the kids...but your rationalization in how they should be raised needs adjustment.

2449 days ago



2449 days ago


'267. She can do whatever she wants to do.

----->Yeah. We can see that...
"She may be crazy,

-----> *sigh* Another no brainer...

but we all may be jealous of her to be able to do whatever in the world she wants to....for now.

-----> Responsible, rational, logical, mature people are never 'jealous' of idiots like her.

She seems smart enough to be able to draw the lines she crosses.

-----> non sequitor.

Her biggest mistake was marring this loser who sits back and let's his pit bull attorney's eat up his child's mother....nice."

-----> K-Fed's biggest mistake was in marrying this idiot. Now he's stuck with having a head case for an Ex and Certified Nut Job to deal with forever tied to him because of the kids. I wouldn't wish that kind of problem on my worst enemy.

One day those kids are going to see what kind of person their mother was. I say 'was' because I can see her dead without too much effort from alcohol or drug related accident or overdose.

K-Fed's lawyers should be a 'pit bull'. There are two innocent children caught in the middle of this nightmare.

Posted at 7:27AM on Jan 3rd 2008 by imbyart

2449 days ago


To everyone bagging K-fed saying he's only in it for the money. I don't believe that but if it's true, so what.
Women do it every single day. Nice to see a bit of equality. Shame it's not bagging on women who do this. Their behaviour is left un-judged. And they are left with holding the kids from their fathers for even more money.

Equality means women should be judged by the same standards as men.

Ok with that in mind try this. Sit back
Close your eyes,
Imagine britney is a famous rich MALE celeb (don't get to wet ladies there's more)
Now imagine k-fed is some random chick he married.

Ok, so Now picture these respected people doing everything brit and k-fed have done over the past year.
Are your ready to stick up for the male celeb? ready to criticise the jobless poor female nobody?

Thats right you wont because it's not about the best interest of the children, or whats right or wrong but to you it's about the gender of the person doing it. Female=ok male=bad.

Why can't a gold-digging male be as good a parent as a gold-digging female?
unless you all believe a gold-digging female isn't capable of being a good parent?

2449 days ago


It is insane to me that she is still allowed to get away with all this childish crap.....She is so irresponsible she does NOT deserve to have children...They would be better off with KFed. Britney is a worthless piece of garbage!!!!!! What a BIG FAT LOSER!!!!!! She should be sterilized!!!!!

2449 days ago


'285. To any Cal lawyer out there - if the Court terminates Brit's parental rights, wouldn't that also preclude the two sons from receiving any future child support from Brit? Can the Court terminate custody yet still obligate Brit to pay for the kids?


Posted at 8:57AM on Jan 3rd 2008 by Chris in Texas'

No, a termination of parental rights would not preclude any future child support from any parent. These are two different issues entirely. One is the termination of parental rights as a custodial parent. The other issue is of financial obligation to the welfare of children including but not limited to the continuation of a style and manner of living they are accustomed to, clothes, medical, dental and drugs, eye glasses, food, toys, vacations, etc.

Furthermore, even if a parent's visitation rights are terminated, that does not preclude a petitioner's right (in this case K-Fed) to request the Court grant alimony as California has a 50/50 division of assets, and any person with the higher income and assets WILL be required to make payments as determined by asset declaration, any 'Examination for Discovery' proceeding (depositions), and the Court will take that into consideration when granting divorce and alimony UNLESS the Ex with the lower income vacates his or her right to their portion or the division of assets, property and alimony.

2449 days ago

Chris in Texas    

329 Yucko - thanks for the clarification. Texas must be an anomaly (like that is some sort of surprise!) on the issue. Termination of parental rights terminates parental obligations for child support. Additionally, we don't have alimony.

Thanks for explaining the status of California law on this issue.


2449 days ago


"308. Yucko--Oh you just think you are so cool, don't you.

Posted at 10:48AM on Jan 3rd 2008 by Boring

Funny - I don't ever remember posting 'I am so cool'. That's a figment of your fevered brain. If you don't like what I post, don't read it. Simple, huh?

As for knowledge of law - that's what happens when one goes to law school.... I know the logic of that will escape you....

2449 days ago


Anyone else would be in jail, enough is enough, she is trying to force someones hand, justn do it, wake her up. She does not want these kids.

2449 days ago


Yucko, You act like it takes brains to go to law school or something. hee hee

2449 days ago


bravo to #13 maybe we should start a petition, I really woulkd appreciate the more juvenile be set at the little table and the adults be at the big people table. Sone of us really do read these sites. SOMEBODY HELP BRIT, JUDGE YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE LEFT WHO CAN.

2449 days ago


She clearly does not want these kids, lawyer or no lawyer if that was me you better believe I would be there!!!

2449 days ago


Yucko, I think you are cool. Thanks for your experent input. I like to read posts from people with brains and something meaningful to contribute. Not just toddler hate mongers.

2449 days ago


To Chris in Texas - I've tried 3 times to post a response to you, but it's being censored for some reason. No swearing or anything, just a comment regarding law and a compliment to Texans.

I ran into the same sort of censoring when defending the Queen. Go figure.

I'll try again later...


2449 days ago
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