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Brit Was a No Show at Her Depo

1/2/2008 9:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Britney Spears' deposition was scheduled today and she didn't show -- again!

If we're counting correctly, this is the fifth time her scheduled deposition in the custody case didn't happen. Last month, Britney claimed she was too ill to sit for her depo, yet TMZ caught her out partying that same night.

Sources say the fact that she didn't show for the depo was a factor in her lawyers' decision to file papers today asking to withdraw as counsel, but it was only one of many reasons. As one connected source put it, "Her whole life has become insane and it's impossible for anyone to get through to her."


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She Never Learns    

23. somone please tell me what a deposition is, without slamming me? Please?

Posted at 7:42PM on Jan 2nd 2008 by Aleahh


here ya you can impress your 6th grade class :-)


Testimony taken down in writing under oath or an out-of-court testimony made under oath and recorded by an authorized officer for later use in court; also : a meeting at which such testimony is taken

2453 days ago


Hi Aleahh - Its basically that she has to sit at a table w/ K-Fed's lawyers and answer their questions under oath. Guess she's afraid of what they are going to ask.

2453 days ago


What happens if Britney doesn’t show to this January deposition? Will she get arrested?

From a legal perspective, it’s looking like she just might. Failure to obey any court order can result in an arrest. However, with Commissioner Gordon taking the time to write and sign a specific order, with clear language on what Britney is supposed to do and when she is supposed to do it (i.e., appear to have her sworn testimony taken on such and such a date, at such and such a location) is a legal red flag.

A clear and clean order makes for a clear and clean arrest if there is noncompliance.

What about the first court order? Perhaps the prior Dec. 2007 order (ordering the depo to take place) was not distinct, or it was filled with lots of murky, extraneous stuff.

Perhaps the Judge wanted to give her one more chance.

Either way, if Britney fails to appear at this January 2008 deposition without appearing before Judge Gordon to ask for a pass, then she’s risking jail time.

2453 days ago


This is crap Harvey her depo was not scheduled for today,what's wrong slow week due to brit staying out of sight and you making up for loss of hits ?!?!?!?!

2453 days ago


I just put Britney in my "Dead Pool" for 2008....

2453 days ago


Any bets on whether we will see her driving around at 3:00 a.m. tomorrow on TMZ? I even bet she'll have the pink wig!

2453 days ago

Dee A.    

She is oblivious to the world around her. She has no respect for anyone and can't seem to be accountable for anything. She was the queen of pop...who could possibly have regained her reign, but instead chose to trade her crown and be a ho-bag princess. Go back home to Louisiana Brit. You're washed up. You're not needed anymore. And those surrounding her...including TMZ paps...need to quit enabling her to "think" she still has celebrity status. Go home Brit, and stay. And leave your two "adorable little mistakes" for someone else to handle like everything else in your trash life.

2453 days ago


Time for the judge to do two things. Throw her in jail for contempt of court. (Anyone else would have been, long ago), and, perform the deposition without her, and, if they can't, then have the sheriff pick her up in handcuffs and drag her sorry ass to the deposition and FORCE her to be there whether she likes it or not.

For Aleahh---A deposition is basically where you go before a review board made up of different people and they ask you a lot of questions, and go over your case (whatever it is) to see if, in her case, she should have her kids back. I actually have to attend one this month for Veterans Affairs Canada, as I have been called for a deposition to do with a claim that I filed with them when I got out of the Canadian Military. It allows them to pretty much see the person they are dealing with and go over all the evidence, good or bad, and then sit and make a decision of what to do.

2453 days ago


Oh just get it over with! Terminate her parental rights, give the kids to Federline and have the Spears girls tubes tied!

2453 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

You Idiots - Britney wasn't supposed to show up today for her Deposition. Who's writing this crap, anyway?

2453 days ago



2453 days ago


I don't know whether I believe this or not. If her lawyers really care about her, they would get her medical help. They must not be communicating with her too well. Reputable lawyers work with their clients - they don't ditch them.
I think sleazy Kaplan and deadbeat K-Dud are behind (as usual) this latest bunch of lies. And, you, Mama Lynne Spears, aren't you proud of the way your daughters turned out ?? How come people all over the country (maybe the world) know that Britney is having a mental breakdown and no one is doing anything about it? If she were my daughter, I would get her to a Mental Health Clinic if I had to call the Police to help me get her there. There's no excuse for Britney to be suffering like this.

Posted at 7:46PM on Jan 2nd 2008 by C.Z.

Why would you assume that they didn't try. They cannot force her to get help, they can only suggest it. Also, your K-fed and his lawyers conspiracy theory is pretty lame considering you have no proof, only opinions. Sounds like you have been taking lessons from Rosie-o-retard. The only ones, if any, that can force her to get help is her family. I would quit as her lawyer too, if she refused to do anything to help her case.

2453 days ago


the judge just needs to perminately give those kidss to kfed, or she needs to get the tiger boys attorney, mark garogas

2453 days ago


This is the point where the judge should say enough is enough and put her on a 72 hour hold for a psych evaluation ...I mean come on .I doubt she could get back out until she is sane again ,that'd be quite awhile .

2453 days ago


leave her alone. i would be going crazy like her too if all the pap's were chasing me around everywhere i go. you guys make fun of her for wearing sunglasses at night, i would wear them to with all the flashing lights following everywhere i go. she'll learn how to handle herself one day or another

2453 days ago
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