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Nick Carter Blows Off Blonde Hottie

1/2/2008 6:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Carter was picking up girls left and right in Vegas on Monday night -- and showed one oh-so-awkward way to let this one blonde know he just wasn't that into her. Take a hint, lady!

Though he talked and danced with a few other hotties at the BSB New Year's party at Body English in the Hard Rock Hotel, Nick barely looked at this chick and just pounded away on his cell phone until she got the hint.

Quit playing games with her heart!


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I would have blown her off too. Desperate! The guy just wanted to walk around, and she is all in his face.

2454 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

That woman is beautiful, and attentive, and should be thankful that a possible social climbing bleep is ignoring her for a phone; he's still single for a reason, honey.

2454 days ago


Is he gay? I think so!

2454 days ago


Oh c'mon, people, gay jokes on boy band members? I have a New Year's resolution for you: Be more creative.

I think this video is not really saying anything. It's nothing new that the Carter boy has trouble to concentrate one more than one thing at one time. (Doesn't he have that short-attention-span disease anyway?) It's nothing new that he's having way too many women, either. It's probably news that he's getting picky? But the clip's not revealing that, so no big deal.

Besides, that woman looks like something between his mother and Paris Hilton anyway. That probably scared him off.

2454 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Guys don't like predatory females..get a clue bitches!

2454 days ago


Can't believe all these comments. Calling him names because he didn't accept the advances of 1 women.

Women get a clue. There is no law that says us guys have to find every single one of you attractive or be receptive to your drunken lecherous come ons. Accept it without your typical homophobic "he didn't like me? Well my fragile insecure ego can't accept that so he must be gay." mentality.

Ladies (i use that loosely) tell me, when women blow off guys are they nicer than that? hmm, no. He should've done it like a women, kicked in the groin, slapped her, threw his drink over her, tried to publicly humiliate and shame her to have a laugh.

Don't judge him for not being as nasty as you.

2453 days ago


Hey I've got an idea....he and Paris Hilton should hook up, then they could text each other!!!

2453 days ago


No! Nick is not gay. I think he just didn't want to get involve with her. You can see in the video, in one part, Nick is talking to a young blonde woman, while the blonde woman that he was not interested in, she is standing next to them with a drink. Nick has stated in an interview, that he is more cautious, because some people are interest in him for who he is. I don't blame him.

2453 days ago


Nick is NOT gay. He's just a slut. He has no standards and will kiss, make-out and screw anyone. He's a sweet talker or better yet, an amazing liar and gets away with it by hooking up with young, immature, little girls who are star struck. He uses them for sex and then dumps them when someone more interesting comes along. It's his typical routine. An older woman would probably be good for him. He needs someone to keep him in line. Problem is, an older woman is too smart for him and would see right through his lies and charm. He needs to stop being a Backstreet BOY and become a MAN! Don't think it will happen though. He's a 28 year old loser with no hope of changing.

2453 days ago


Nick is the male version of Paris Hilton - Both trashy whores! Keep away from him unless you want a disgusting disease!

2453 days ago


I think that she was giving him her phone number ! Being drunk and all on New years.. Im sure he was having a hard time typing it in

2453 days ago


That girl is lucky she got dissed before she got screwed by Nick. He needs a reality check - quit drinking, grow up, and stop thinking you're God's gift to women, cuz you're not. Nick is a joke and he better wake up before he's an even older, more disgusting, immature boy, that no one will take seriously or want to be with. He's a train wreck waiting to happen.

2453 days ago


Really...where DO you get your information from? So, Nick has had a couple of well-publicized relationships and break ups. He's a young guy...give him a break. None of that makes him a 'slut' or a 'man whore'. He's growing up and maybe this is just him being more mature and not making out with any woman who throws herself at him. Or maybe he actually has a girlfriend that he was texting...?

2453 days ago


You are so right Nick!!!!!!!!!!! cause you can do better!!!!!!!!!! cause you are one of the hottest guys alive!

2452 days ago


You don't know what's going on... They only show for a couple of seconds... He could have just put her number in his phone and typing in her name... And she doesn't look old.

2373 days ago
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