There's No Business Like Old Shoe Business

1/2/2008 6:58 PM PST
ShoesA magnanimous collector in Victorville, Calif. is giving away the dream collection of a lifetime: Odor Eaters and corn pads worn by "various celebrities." Impossible you say? According to the ad on craigslist, the owner "no longer has the time to maintain this unique collection." Um, how do you maintain used Odor Eaters?

Although the ad won't reveal to whom these fetid foot treasures once belonged, it does say that they will divulge that info to the person chosen to receive these remarkable and irreplaceable pieces of Hollywood history. If just the idea of owning these shoddy relics isn't enough to get you excited, there's a picture of a small pair of shoes and shroud-of-Turin-ish pads that once lined the feet of a "famous actor of the '50s."

Something about this ad smells funny, and it's not the shoes.