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Britney's Shortest. Deposition. Ever.

1/3/2008 5:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ was in Century City, Calif. as Brit Brit came -- and went -- from her scheduled deposition today. Why the rush?!

As K-Fed's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan explained, the depo was originally scheduled to go from 9:45 to 11:45 AM. It poses a little bit of a problem when the person who is to be deposed shows up almost two hours late! Kaplan says the proceedings started around 11:32 AM and he was able to fire off a few questions before having to end at the scheduled time -- thirteen minutes later. So much for asking deep questions!

So why was the popwreck so tardy? He wouldn't say. But he did say another depo has been scheduled. As for seeking sanctions against her, Kaplan says he hasn't yet decided. But he might, if her behavior caused his client -- K-Fed -- any undue "hardships." Hasn't she already?


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I know what she's doing here.

Per the website, she has to show up to both of the 2 depositions scheduled for this month or lose the kids. Per the website:

"Sources say Britney will be given one more chance to win back custody of her kids. OK! magazine reports:

To be precise, it's actually two appointments she must keep," the insider tells OK!. And Brit must make both of these scheduled deposition appearances - one slated for late this week; the second during the final week of January..."If she fails to show up," explains one case insider, "[Kevin's lawyer] Mark Vincent Kaplan will likely ask the judge to award Kevin complete and permanent custody of Sean Preston and Jayden James."
Here's what's she's thinking. What she did today was show up for a minimum of 13 minutes, thereby avoiding any hard questions from gay-fed's attorney. She also found out what kinds of questions she'll be facing later. She also can now say that she did show up for one of the depositions. HOWEVER, I believe that gay-fed's attornies will now attempt to sanction slutney for ignoring the letter & spirit of the law, by purposely showing up so late as to make the deposition useless. The judge will be asked to sanction her, which I believe she should be. Unless he has no balls, I'm assuming he's becoming tired of all the childish games being played by slutney, and wants this matter settled. I say toss her scheming , retarded, slutty ass in jail. It'll wake her up, and will force her to quit wasting everyone's time like she has been for months...

2434 days ago

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2434 days ago


BS is daring the courts to take her kids. They might as well give them to k-dedbeat, she's not spending that much time with them anyway. I don't know how much hardship k-dedbeat is having, she's paying all the bills. He spent last weekend in LV partying it up with Paris and getting paid for it. Where were the kids then? All the kids are to him is a meal ticket. BS will be paying him 30k, 40k ot 50k per month for him to hand the kids off to a nanny while he smokes 420 on the patio. Either way those kids are going to be hell raisers as teenagers and adults from the poor parenting. 15yrs from now they will be in the tabloids like gummy and greasy bears, no direction ,just living off mommies money

2434 days ago


Britney is not that stupid. If she stayed for at least 45 minutes, something at least went on. I am not saying I am standing up for that brat, though.
The article clearly said she was only there for 13 minutes (11:32-11:45)...........after my first impression of him, I never thought I would back K-Fed in the event they broke up but I hope he gets full custody and she only has limited visitation until she seeks therapy and is cleared by a doctor. Something has gone terribly wrong and there is obviously no one in her life to intervene and get her help.

2434 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

the court is one thing but who gives a rats ass about federline douchebag

2434 days ago


I have to agree with #13. What is wrong with the state of California? This is beyond crazy! Britney is only acting the way she is because everyone is allowing her to misbehave this way. Honestly...WHY?

2434 days ago

brainless britt    

The only good news is her album tanked.

2434 days ago


To # 25 JCinAZ

The court can order both parties to attend mediation, but that doesn't mean that an agreement will be reached. In this case, apparently mediation was not ordered. There will be a hearing and before the hearing, both sides are allowed to seek information and answers from the opposing side.

Depositions are generally taken in an attorney's offices and the only ones present are the litigants and their representatives (which includes a court reporter and/or a videographer), unless there has been a prior agreement between the opposing attorneys or an order by the court.

As far as your "smelling a rat" goes, each attorney has his/her client's interests in mind (along with the attorneys' pocketbooks *wink*) and if either party feels like they are being taken advantage of, they have the right to ask the court for relief/injunction or the right to compel.

This case is being viewed and reviewed by legal pundits all over the U.S. The court's actions and those of each attorney will be dissected from here to Kingdom Come. There aren't going to be any "rats" that will go unseen and uncommented upon, believe me.

2434 days ago


14. She's going through a lot right now and she needs us, her fans, to be there for her and support her in these trying times.

Posted at 3:49PM on Jan 3rd 2008 by Jizy
Are you braindead or just stupid? She's going through a lot because SHE CREATES THE CONFLICT. Her so called "trying times" are brought on by her actions. This whole thing would have been avoided if she had acted like 99.999% of all mothers out there. But no, not slutney. She has to be a media whore, a snatch flasher, a drunk, a druggie, a retard and a moron; she has to play it out in the public eye. She creates all these issues, and is using them for publicity purposes. If she wanted to end them, she'd show up to her depositions & get it over with. But no; she's hooked on the attention, so she's drawing it out as long as possible, to feed her massive ego. Trying times my ass...

2434 days ago


How can anyone still feel sorry for her! She OBVIOUSLY does not want these kids. How in the hell does she have fans anyway her songs suck she doesnt even really sing them. what is britney spears really good for anyway. as far as i can tell, NOT a damn thing

2434 days ago


Didn't she just lose her attorney? She has a right to be represented at this deposition. She probably asked for a continued date. There's not a lot you can do about the situation. She will be afforded time to find new representation. She did appear and for all anyone here knows the other party was properly notified of any delay.

There's no story here.

2434 days ago


There is a more detailed write-up at OK magazine.

Apparently, she had to leave early because it’s a visitation day.
There’s no excuse for her showing up so late, except she’s a screw-up.

It's outrageous how she has wasted everyone's time,

2434 days ago


You spelled deposition wrong on the headline :)

2434 days ago


Kaplan needs to get sanctions. Otherwise, she will continue to thumb her nose at the court. She doesn't care about or want those boys. I hope she loses them for good.

2434 days ago


I heard that that Brit only showed up because she heard that there would be "baristas" there. Once she found out that the room was actually filled with "barristers," she high-tailed it out of there.

You guys, just wait 'til Brit's new legal team from the newly established firm of Ghalib & Lufti take over. Those guys kick ass!

OK, well maybe so far they've only kissed ass & pumped gas -- but...

2434 days ago
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