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TMZ Confirms, Lohan Slips on Sobriety

1/3/2008 5:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oh no ... this is not good. Cameras caught Lindsay Lohan taking a swig out of a bottle of what we've confirmed is champagne on New Year's Eve in Italy.

Blair Berk, Lindsay's lawyer, told TMZ, "The good news was that Lindsay stopped herself that night, called her sponsor, and got herself immediately back on track. There is no magic cure here. The most unfortunate part of this is that Lindsay has to share her 'one day at a time' with the entire world."
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Dean in L.A.    

This Bimbo has had more than her share of chances.....I think the first time she screws up on her sobriety....whoever she is under contract to or working for should fire her ass.There are too many other more deserving people out therer that wouldnt treat their celebrity as if it were owed to them ..............This chick and most of the others like her have no class at all...and need to be thrown out of the limelight.....Just plain old "Fired"

2462 days ago


Please, she got CAUGHT taking one sip. She was probably too drunk by that point to realize she was being taped.

2462 days ago


Alcoholics are SUPPOSED to stay away from bars and other environments where alcohol is served either FOREVER or until they can trust themselves.

What is Lohan even doing in that environment?

I don't feel any sorrow for her.

2462 days ago


I honestly think that these people do not have a drinking problem or drug problem, I believe they use it as an excuse to get off the hook for whatever trouble they might have gotten into. We as a society are a little more tolerable if we believe it is a disease. Let's call a spade a spade folks!!!! They enjoy drinking / drugs they are not hooked. These are truly for recreational purposes for them, stop buying into it. I may be wrong but as I stated earlier just a thought.

2462 days ago

Deathpool Dave    

Excellent! We were wondering which of the three slutskateers would make the best death pool choice for 2008!

Deathpool Dave

2462 days ago

chill out!    

Geeez! Atleast she called her sponser & realized she shouldn't be doing that! First off she should not have been in that environment it's too tempting. But I give her alot of credit. I wish her well.

2462 days ago


I got wasted on new years too. Let Lindsay have some bubbly!

2462 days ago





2462 days ago


She should have never allowed herself to be in that environment where it was everywhere. Yes, people stumble, my brother does all the time, but you also have to THINK about what your doing, where your going, and who your going with. This was just a temptation that she should have avoided. She can't have it both ways, and this was a prime example of her thinking she did. If I want to quit drinking, one of the last places I'd choose to go would be a New Years Party or a bar. I wish her well.

2462 days ago


Looks like my Tuesday night.

2462 days ago


Everyone on here is SO judgemental (or maybe just mental). Most of you are so hard on her - calling her names, wishing her to OD, hoping she kills someone and throwing hate all over the place. If this was you SISTER, your MOM, or maybe even YOU - you would realize that we are all human and we all slip (soberity losing its priority). So she slipped. She was probably PAID to be there and showed up to earn some money probably to make up all the money she "blew" last year. So - give the GIRL a chance. You might forget that is all she is - a young adult. Think about what YOU did on New Year's Eve or what you did and your attitude was at 22-24-26 --- I mean CMON you think just because she's a celebrity you can dog on her - why, because she has more fame or more money or more attention than you? She's just a girl trying to find herself and that path has been muddied by fame, by "friends" around her, and by you - for reading every article hoping she fails. Because you know - her doing bad makes for so much of a better read huh? makes her - what normal?
I'm done preaching my voice and now y'all can bag on me for my opinion but before you do realize when you think negative, when you wish for bad, when you throw hate into our world - you are not part of the solution but instead you are part of the problem. Again - GOOD LUCK LINDS! You are strong & beautiful. You are far more talented than the "friends' you hang wit which MIGHT be why they too want to watch you fall down. Be yourself for a while then once you get going again - find a new way, a new path - because the last one you used didn't lead you anywhere but hell. Now, pull yourself together - I know you want to dance but DO NOT DRINK! Ever. One taste might remind you of your love for it and then all the hard work gets thrown away and that's when many decide they can never do well and go back to using. So, call your sponsor and move forward. I'm sorry the world is watching your EVERY move. It must be tough but keep positive and move forward. And get NEW friends - maybe even a new Mom. xoxo

2462 days ago


HELLO twit! There is a camera in your face! Duh! She DID go longer this time than I thought. But I knew she would fail, the way she was going.

2462 days ago

LLB in NJ    

Just a kid out getting a drink? Come on......She is a freakin alcoholic who has spent a fortune on rehab. I drank and got wasted when I was her age but I wasn't an alkie and I didn't go to rehab 5 times. This girl has a family history of this crap and she needs to stay away from bars and the people who drag her down. Who is a recovering alcoholic and has a New Years party at a nightclub in Vegas and not expect to have alcohol nearby. Especially champagne. Next she will have a spoon up her nose and really going off the deep end. Her career in Hollywood is coming to a close. Who would hire her? She is not that good an actress and she is not that gorgeous that she couldn't be replaced.

2462 days ago


The leagal drinking age in Italy is 18 like in all europe and almost every country in America (latin america I mean). I believe that she should call up her sponcer and get the hell away as fast as she can from those friends. They don´t help her

2462 days ago


To all those so ready to yell negative things to LINDS - why don't you go to an AA Meeting and yell at your friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family. Tell them in person what crap they are - be stronger than just trashing her on TMZ. CMon!

Or perhaps it is time for you to make a meeting!

2462 days ago
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