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SF Mayor -- So Not Gay!

1/3/2008 10:38 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sorry boys and girls, another super hot guy is off the market in San Francisco -- after Mayor Gavin Newsom left his heart in Hawaii this past weekend, where he proposed to actress Jennifer Seibel.
Gavin Newsom
This will be the mayor's second marriage -- he divorced FOX news vixen (and former lingerie model) Kimberly Guilfoyle in 2006, who hosts "The Lineup," ... and don't forget his 19-year-old lacrosse honey, Brittanie Mountz (that name!). Check out Gav's other gals in this gallery.


No Avatar


He is an ultra-freak, confused little man.

2485 days ago


so this an advertisement on tourism in a way for san fransisco? look at all the hot chicks ive been with ,,,,come to my city, theres an abundance of lonely available single women!!!

2485 days ago

Lenn K.    

You'd expect this in a city that's full of freaks and nutcases.

2485 days ago


Hello? You actually think this guy is hot? He is not even close to being hot!!! He looks like he could pass for a pedophile actually....Give me a break..

2485 days ago

Happy Holidays    

The man lacks any moral fiber...No wonder they elected him in San Francisco...I would have no problem with that place falling right off the map..

2485 days ago


yea hes gay

2485 days ago


Luckiest man ALIVE!

2485 days ago


Closet Queer

2485 days ago


So are politicians celebrities now? Slow news day? Expanding the "Thirty Mile Zone" ?
Why is this even on TMZ ( 2 days after being on the news no less) ?

2485 days ago


This guy is such a Freak it's not funny it has to be the Gays that are keeping his ass in office he had a fine looking wife like Kimblery and couldn't hold on to her yet he runs around with these young women that are barely old enough to be out of high school the next thing we will see him with will be a porn stars!

2485 days ago


He's hot??? Excuse me while I go vomit.

2485 days ago


Isn't he that a**hole that thinks he's a dictator? The one that keeps rewriting laws without having authority to do so, so that people will idolize him??

He's nothing but a creep.

2485 days ago


Didnt he cheat on his last wife with the wife of one of his employees? Nice guy. This marriage wont last. He's a seriel cheater. She better watch out.

2485 days ago


well he just doesnt know it, like many other men, its trully amazing or they simply have secret lives..

2485 days ago

Wayne Newtn    

can we talk?...let go of your inhibtions...release those thoughts & feelings that you suppress...can you feel it?...are the animalistic urges rising...emanating from between your loins...growing and strengthening with each and every thrust of your being...rise up...rise as your body shudders..with pounding ferocious that you craze and you now curl into the fetal...forlorn that you may now never again experience that which was..both ecstatic and exhilarating...come with me..join me in the journey to find the which you have just your eyes now...wipe the tears from your cheek...catch your breath...that was just taken away...steady the trembles that quivers through your body of which we call man...share with me yours so that i shall share with you mines...let us now explore ourselves, in that we may chance again to recapture that which we have just experienced...ssshhh...quiet good to yourselves...go on now...go on...

2485 days ago
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