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Brit Gets Hauled Away -- 11

1/4/2008 12:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

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You are looking at the next Anna Nicole! How sad!!

2455 days ago


For a while all of her BS and drama made me laugh and I loved hearing about all her problems. After seeing these shots tho it really breaks my heart. I feel so terrible for her and I honestly hope she gets better. I can't believe I am typing this but I'm rooting for her!

2454 days ago


Its about time

2454 days ago


she is going to end up killing herself....sad

2454 days ago


Poor Britney this all really sad. Her poor children, with no mother. I hope she gets well soon and sticks with rehab. If she doesn't I hate to say it but she will be on her way to being just like Anna Nicole. Britney Get well so you can be a Momma Again!!!

2454 days ago


I too feel so bad for Britney, I agree with most of the posts, that I hope she really gets her s@*t together. I have two young children of my own and I couldn't imagine them not being the most important thing in my life.

2454 days ago


This is not funny yall I feel sorry for her. shes all over the headlines and no one wants to leave her alone. Imagine if you were having a life crisis and everything was publicized. not cool not cool. leave the poor girl alone.

2454 days ago

Micki D    

Man i never liked this girl - but this isn't funny and i feel creepy even looking at this stuff - i really hope she will get better and then go away. I am sick of looking at her pictures and hearing about her antics - she should go home - kick her lazy mother out of that house - live there and work at the local five and dime - sooner than later, people will forget about her... I never undersood why people hated her husband so much - he worked as a dancer, she fell hard for him and he has done nothing but the right thing all along. He is a decent looking guy who seems to be a good father .. she has caused him nothing but grief - and those kids - - really leave her alone now - let her go away and be better.

2454 days ago


I feel so bad for her. i hope she can got her life on track and its so sad to see this, but she needs to do it on her own dont blame anyone for it. The media needs to leave her alone. HOPES SHE GETS BETTER =)

2454 days ago


I think it is sad that in a time like this the Papparazzi can't even give her the privacy she deserves. What one of us has not had some sort of problem to where we needed help from someone, anyone? We've all had a low point in our lives. I do believe she has to wake up and realize her actions are only damaging herself and the children. They are the truly the ones who are suffering in this whole situation. She chose to be a mom, they didn't choose to be here.

2454 days ago


It drives me nuts to hear people say i feel sorry for her. She is nuts, a horrible mom, striving for attention. SHE HAD IT ALL A FAMILY, TONS OF MONEY, FAME. She has made this bed and now she must lie in it. Lie down as you get hauled away! I hope you loose your kids. The photographers are only there all the time because she can't stay out of the media for a day! There are other celebrities too they deal with it fine not making the news daily. Those poor kids that is who I feel bad for. Never asking to havea crazy mom. I had my kids and I became mature, Britney shouldn't of been a mom if she could not handle it. Some advice, lay off the drugs and alcohol and become a regular person and a real mom. Girl you have enough money to friggen have food brought to your house instead of going to grab it and complaining that u can't roll down the window to place your order, gimme a break! LOOSER! I do not feel bad for u at all! All you loosers can feel bad but remember no one did this to her but herself! Now her lil sister is going to do the same! Now that is sickening!!!!!!!!!

2454 days ago


You people need to use "spell check " or have a proof reader! You all look like the idiot she is!

2454 days ago


geez the papparrizzi were BANGING on the ambulance doors. i think i would go a little crazy too.

2454 days ago


Looks like in picture 11 she has blood on her foot, She may have cut her wrist- which we can't see. It also looks like they are trying to cover them. I wouldn't be surprized that she tried to harm herself. The poor girl is under so much stress. I pray for her.

2454 days ago


I hope she gets excellent medical care and they don't release her prematurely... Also she should be barred from visitors including her family. Good luck girl!

2454 days ago
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