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Brit Gets Hauled Away -- 13

1/4/2008 12:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

See the photos again


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britneys csection    

deffinatly on coke. look at her face. it looks like its all numb and shes wipping her noise on the paramedics hand. stop feeling sorry for the bitch she was givin every chance at life to succeed. she went to rehab. everyones been trying to help this slut. stop making excusses for these people

2448 days ago


I think this poor girl might've just hit rock bottom. Hopefully this'll be the beginning of the end of her craziness. I have no doubt she'll end up dead like Anna Nicole and so many other stars, if she's left to continue. She looks confuzed and terrified in these photos. Shame on TMZ for making it sound like she went to Cedars smiling and having a ball. I don't see that AT ALL.

2448 days ago


I think Brittany really needs some true help here. Her poor boys are the ones suffering here as well. It's sad really to see her like this she needs someone to sit and reallly talk to her about what's bothering her so much as to keep acting like this all the time. If this keeps going on and having the police and ambulances going to her house I think something worse might happen next if not to her or her kids..hopefully someone can help her before its to late she really needs it!

2448 days ago


I find it hugely humorous that nearly every one of you say "back off" oh it's the camera's yadda yadda. When you have clearly been a patron to this site and these photos. You've peeked, you've contributed. Bottomline? It takes an enormously strong person to deal with the baggage that comes with being a celebrity. I do not envy it...not one sec...I would rather be rich than famous and most "rich" folks are more wealthy than celebrities in a more well rounded sort of way. I believe that Britany has had huge helpings of "real life" in the last 2 years. She's had to feel things outside of her career that are very painful. She's human...the difference is most of us don't have to crumble and heal (hopefully) in front of flash bulbs. i feel like I'm stating the obvious here. It is possible for her to bounce back and become a fresh new individual...even with the challenges presented by the following cameras. There are ways for her to take percautions to avoid the bulbs. I mean I can list off the countless stars that have been able to out wit the "flashers" Madonna, Michael Jackson (at least for a while...we could argue that he went off the deep end due to celebrity tho), George Clooney and Angelina Jolie. The last 2 especially win the gold star in my opinion. There seems to be a respect or perhaps it's a fear for these two.
Anyway, we will watch....we will's a question of how to play the game. Brit needs to hit rock bottom before she begins to listen to those around her. This is a fragile period and I hope it is a success rather than a failure for her.

2448 days ago

shaking my head    

And for SOB143 - - - seriously..................get real. She WANTS the attention. She is ruining her OWN life. The photographers are doing their job - and not that I agree with it........I don't...........but her mess is one that she created all by herself.

2448 days ago


She calls the paparizzi and tells then where she is going... she is looking for the attention! It's sad actually. She needs A LOT of help! She should take herself OUT of the spotlight for a long time and just go help herself and try establishing some kind of relationship with her sons! They are beautiful little boys who have no mother! That is SAD!

2448 days ago


I feel aweful for Britney! She really needs to step away from the Hollywood scene and be the Mommy that she apparently wanted to be. She's made her money, now she has huge responsibilities as a mother and she needs to step up to the plate and be there for her boys! Put down the drugs and alchohol Brit! I hope that someday she will see that her family is way more important than the party life of a Hollywood sweatheart. And as for all of the media attention....LEAVE HER ALONE! She is a human being for God's sake!! Let her live a normal life and not one of a trapped animal! She can't even go to the hospital without you people taking pictures of her?!? This is rediculous! You are going to drive the poor girl to suicide!! Good luck Britney! I wish you all the best!

2448 days ago

Still Love Brit    

I think it's pretty obvious she has postpartum depression and bipolar disorder. I feel so awful about all this and my heart goes out to Britney. I hope she makes it out of this alive.

2448 days ago

Looking in from out here    

Britney who??

If it was one of us, we would have PERMANENTLY lost custody of our children; would be jsiled for probably a YEAR for DUI, no license, etc...

Oh, that's right - I'm Britney Bitch.

2448 days ago


This is soo sad, i think they need to lock her up in the hospital, before she ends up like anna nichole, shes really losing her mind, and i dont think its just the drugs, like they said its mental. Her poor kids they are probably so scared, i feel so bad for her and her family. its time for someone to step in and help her, and leave her locked up for awhile, before she hurts herself or her kids. u know they have medicne for this kindof of stuff. i hope she gets better soon for her kids sake.....

2448 days ago


I think the stress of her life, and that her little sister is pregnant, is just too much. I hope she gets the help that she needs, just have medical people around her for a while. Obviously, her mother and the people she randomly hangs out with are dirt bags.

2448 days ago


Ok, why are all you freaks feeling sorry for the mess known as Britney? I have absolutely ZERO compassion for her! She has been acting for her entire life as if no rules apply to her in regards to ANYTHING--motherhood, professional job, daughter, friend, etc. She follows no rules except her own, and now she is putting innocent children in the middle of her f***** up lifestyle? How can you all feel sorry for this? Jayden James does not know why his mother is a freak, AND neither child asked for this. If she is too much of a moron to know how to parent, then ok, take parenting classes, oh wait, she was supposed to do that wasen't she? Oh right, she refused that too! How can anyone feel any sympathy for this mess? I feel sorry for the child and Keven Federline, thank God the kids are with him. How scary for him to not know what would happen to his child last night! Dear God, don't let her see her kids again! Lock her up in a mental institution where she cannot hurt anyone! Get her help! She cares nothing for those children, if she did, none of this past year would have happened. What a whack job...

2448 days ago


Game Over.

2448 days ago


This girl looks afraid confused and out of her mind. Losing her kids is the least of her problems given that she's losing her mind, but any mother who loves her children would be afraid for her kids and less inclined to worry about herself which is why she has gotten worse instead of better. She needs help. Not cameras in her face capturing every agonizing moment of the slow progression of untreated mental illness. I hope she gets the help that she so clearly needs, I hope those children are with a father who is sincere and I hope every one of you who harrassed her, followed her, and filmed her rapid decline into the final stages of a mental breakdown; can wash the blood off your hands. You must be so proud. Well done.

2448 days ago


poor baby. guess money isn't everything. i wish she would go far away just for a few months. maybe 24. whatever it takes she needs to be sedated. from the looks of things she may need to be committed. She buys herself out of too many things that would help her. she needs help or she will be the first pop tart to off herself. the signs are all there.

2448 days ago
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