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Brit Gets Hauled Away -- 13

1/4/2008 12:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

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you know what? After reading all of these comments, It sounds like alot of people who are judging Britney and
God knows we don't want to do that. Just as sure as you judge, you will be judged also. But you all stand to be
judged by God. Isn"t that scary. I appreciate all of the people praying for her and her children. When God turns
someones life around, he really does. He will make her come out of this smelling like roses. And who knows,
the babies dad may be the one responsible for getting her on all of the drugs and alchohol that she's on. If that
is the case. Careful of judging, you stand to be judged also. God help this young lady and her children. In the
name of Jesus.

2450 days ago


I will say a prayer for Her & Her kids

2450 days ago

linda in south carolina    

brit is definitely having major problems. she needs help and a lot of prayers. i pray that she can get herself together and not loose her children. my prayers are with her that god will give her some peace and strength to do what she has to do.

2450 days ago


Ya know, maybe she is suffering from the post partum blues that so many women get after having babies. I know her children are not tiny infants anymore, but look at Marie Osmond and how she took off that one time, she has spoken out about her experience and I really wonder if Brtiney Spears is experiencing some of these same things.

2450 days ago


The photographers couldn't even leave her alone in a ambulance for cripes sake. Leave the poor girl alone. She has some serious issues and needs help and being followed and reported on every time she blows her nose sure isn't helping her. It makes me sick how they are treating her. Until she wants help herself, it isn't going to happen. She needs to be ready to accept it. not have it forced on her.

2450 days ago


Too much Money Too much pressure

2450 days ago

Margaret Womble    

I think Brittany needs prayer first of all second,psychiatric help,and caring professionals-keep away from the party seen as well!I have a son with mental problems an it can be reasonally dealt with!

2450 days ago

Jackie I    

I am bi polar and was just like Brit. If she doesn't get the help she needs now she will just get worse until she hits rock bottom and doesn't get up. I wish all the luck in the world and can honestly say the right meds will get her back to her old self.

2450 days ago

sherman s    

I honnestly believe that brittany is to ill to care for her children properly and should loose custody of them. i really never did like her so maybe my opinion is bias but i really think those kids need to be in a stable home

2450 days ago


I am so OUTRAGED by you TMZ. I am usually such a fan! I would like to remind you of the reason why your site and TV show are so famous are so famous, BRITNEY! You would think that you would back her up and offer some support instead of posting these sad pictures at a low point in her life. What goes around come around, very disappointed.

2450 days ago


I'm not a fan, nor am I detractor. I have no real interest in Spears, however it is tragic to see anyone in pain and in the process of falling down. This is a person who is self destructing in front of the camera and it is a little sad that the media is making a tv event of this falling stars crash from the hight of fame. Someone needs to help her. Is there anyone that cares enough to help her? There are only 2 ways for this to end. One is ok, but the other is really bad.

2449 days ago


Britney is in dire need of support. Everyone, realize this is a mental breakdown. Requiring treatment. Before it does get worse. Let's try to comphrehend "mental illness".

2449 days ago


How can people speak so fowl. It's really disgusting. She needs help not hinderance. Remember to help not hurt. Positive thoughts for her recovery are needed!

2449 days ago


Damn! Poor Britney, I know everyone is saying how its this person's fault and that person bla bla. the truth is that she's developed a real weird relationship with the paparazzi... she's even dating one!Her a$$ needs to go to some type of program, institute... something!! Get out of the limelight, get custody of the boys back... if she don't want to sing anymore... fine! Her new job should be taking care of the boys. The sad thing about this is that she might be getting back what she put out there, Kevin was involved with someone when they started dating. Karma is a B*tch! Look at her now... Shar must be laughing her a$$ off!

I'm not a die hardfan but I am human and since she's plastered all over the place everyday all day... you can't help but wonder WTF happened to you girl! Keep your head up! you'll ne aiight! Be strong and seek GOD...

2448 days ago

shari hagewood    

One of my sons works in a hospital and has frequent contact with L.A. County emergency personnel. While he was working yesterday he was told by one of them that her most recent "odd act" was to stop her car, get out and abandon it in traffic. Since she is an adult there are procedures to get her help (even without her wanting it), however, until she wants the help (unless they can force meds down her) it probably won't do any good.

As a Mom I want to step in to help her as several other Mom's here have. I used to work in a private psych hospital, and this 'girl' needs help - desperately. First step - detox, second step finding the correct combination of psych meds. After that intensive counseling, as well as dropping out of the public eye for a while. I pray all these aspects come together and she is able to get her life back. Mental illness and drug addiction are no joke. Anyone else who has ever experienced these things and managed to make it out the other side can attest to this.

I hope the legal system does something soon to help her. Her parents no longer have any control over her, perhaps they also gave that up way too early in her life.

Prayers going up her for her recovery, and for her babies. Thank God they are so young still, a lot of their protection comes from their inability to comprehend what is going on around them.

2448 days ago
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