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Brit Gets Hauled Away -- 13

1/4/2008 12:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

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i agree with lady di (comment #12)
i also believe britney is probably schizophrenic or suffering from some mental disease.
this may be a case of the paps FINALLY being useful...they've had a constant eye on her when she's pushed everyone else in her life away.
i'm going to hope that this woman finally gets the help she needs.

2481 days ago

Not A Fan    

First let me say that none of you should be judging her, because NONE of you have walked a day in her shoes. I'm almost certain none of you know her personally or have done a medical evaluation one her, so none of you can acurately diagnose her with a mood disorder either. SO don't really feel its fair for anyone to say what they feel she "has". I do agree that she has brought a lot of this drama and attention on her self but that being said, perhaps after she gotten in too deep and now she doesn't know how to dig herself out. And to all of you dogging the papperazzi...YOU are, I should say WE are supporting a MAJOR papperazzi site by being HERE at TMZ. If YOU really want to help, maybe you should start by not coming HERE AT ALL, by not BUYING the tabloid mags, and by NOT WATCHING entertainment t.v. Because until that stops these paps are still going have jobs, they are still going to be in the faces of these celebs, following them around....the change has to start with us!

2481 days ago


Seriously, TMZ. I have laughed just as hard as everyone else at the foibles of Miss Brit, but come on. Enough's enough!

It is time for you and all the rest of the paparazzi to simply leave this woman be. She is obviously a wreck, and appears to be a detriment to herself, and her children.

Why not allow her to get the help she needs in peace, rather than following her ever step.

Have a heart!!!

2481 days ago


I feel really sorry for Brit...I hope for her and her kids' sake she gets the help she needs.
I think everyone should just leave her alone and let her GET the help she needs without having to deal with all this pressure from the paps...

2481 days ago

Irene C    

Poor Britney! She's keeps reaching new lows,obviously mentally ill. Totally alone and alienated. Who can she turn to? Should not have even supervised custody of her kids. Boy is she messed up!

2481 days ago


Well I feel sorry for Britney, but she did bring this on herself. I mean really if all this stuff started happining to you wouldn't you just want to curl up in the bed with your kids and stay at home watching movies and playing outside. But instead she's out and about 24/7 she never stops. Even though she hates this, it might be the best thing for her, I think that the court should make her go to rehab or some kind of place that she can get help! and not let her go till she wakes up and wants more out of life then being in the spot light!
God bless her and those sweet little babies. They just need to be home with their mother not CRAZY BRITNEY OMG! Mommy Britney that will tuck them in at night and love and take care of them and herself.

2481 days ago

Sick of both Jon & Kate    

Bye-Bye Brit. I have no sympathy for this nut. She's made an outrageous amount of money for being a two-bit talent and she flushes it all away. Why haven't the courts taken those kids away sooner? I'm only sorry that we, the public, have to pick up the tab for all of the police, paramedics, etc. that come to her rescue. You can be sure that all of the news media have Britney's obit ready to go. The only reason the press follows her around is so they can get the last shot of Britney before she dies. No wonder this country is such a mess when no-talents like Britney, Paris and Lindsay (back on the booze) get attention. They should all just do a Thelma & Louise - jump in the same car and drive off the cliff. So Long Losers!

2481 days ago


that last picture is haunting. i feel so terrible for those sweet babies,and can only imagine how scrared kevin was for them during the situation. i hope they can help her,and i hope she lets them/is forced to get help. vs. her killing herself (or god forbid,harming the boys. though i doubt she will retain any sort of custody of them for a long,long time if ever.)

2481 days ago


I think Britney needs to be committed. I have always been a fan of her music, but not her public/private persona. She is desperately seeking attention and has now finally lost her cotton pickin' mind! From jump, I have always thought that she was suffering from Post Partum Depression. Now, I think she has crossed the bridge of Post Partum Psychosis. She is endangering herself and most importantly the lives and well-being of her two INNOCENT children. Thank GOD someone called the police and they finally stepped in and is making her seek the help that she so desperately needs. As for the person who posted about Britney getting offloaded first...they needed to get her into the confines of Cedars-Sinai, otherwise the photogs would have made it harder for life threatening cases to get the help that they need. Whether she was bleeding to death or trying to commit suicide or hurt someone else (her children, nanny etc) it was still a medical emergency. Britney was still a patient that needed medical attention. Please Britney get the help that you so desperately need and become the mom yours never was.

2481 days ago


My Heart Breaks for this woman and her family.
SHe is no different then any other person in the world who is going through a custody battle and having substance abuse problems, and possibly mental problems as well. Add the annoying paparazzi and the failure of her latest cd (which i must say isnt even bad at all! its actually my favorite one of hers) and im sure the stress would get to you guys too.
LA needs to make laws againts paparazzi, before they drive this poor girl to suicide. she cant even take a crap without people wanting to sell it on ebay. its true that britney probably likes the attention, and can avoid a lot of the stories about her by just not going out in public. But i think she just wants to be normal, and do normal things, and you idiots wont let her. For the sake of Britneys Children... Just leave her alone. she is not that interesting... she is just a messed up girl. who happens to need help and get her life back. If britney commits suicide i hope TMZ is held accountable for a lot of the crap u post about her.

2481 days ago


Her eyes are frightening and vacant. Those babies cannot be with her now, the mind runs rampant on what could happen to them. I'm sure Kevin is very afraid for them. Me, speaking for Kevin, wow.
Question: What exactly happens in a mental evaluation? Can they tell if she has serious mental issues in a brief hospital stay? Would they just send her home after she calms down only to do this again?

2481 days ago


You know, I cant help but feel sorry for the kid. I wish someone would just help her get her life straight and show her how to be a good mom.

2481 days ago


How about instead of blaming the media- whos job it is to report the stories us junkies eat up with a spoon- we look to Britney to take some responsibility for her actions- she is a mother now, and her ONLY priority should be those kids, not her social life. She needs to get the F' out of LA and move to her multi-million dollar home in Louisianna for a year or so to get back in touch with reality and work on her relationship with her children, then come back to the spotlight when she's stable. The American public will always take her back, hell, look at Madonna- she's taken years off and come back, and we still buy her albums and pay $150 for her concert tickets.

2481 days ago


Shame on you TMZ!!!, She needs help you guys are destroying her instead.

2481 days ago



2481 days ago
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