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Brit Gets Hauled Away -- 13

1/4/2008 12:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

See the photos again


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I think that she has the right to sue. I thought medical issues and records are supposed to be private according to laws. These photos are on the inside of an ambulence.

2449 days ago


What a train wreck ! ! Keep her away from those kids, they don't deserve this ! ! The judge should commit her, the only way to MAYBE save her

2449 days ago


I feel that everyone needs to leave her alone. There is no one that could contain their sanity with everything that kevin has put her through. Of course he wants custody that means more money. You never see him with the boys only a nanny. I don't believe she was smiling I see one very confused woman with the weight of an ex husband on her shoulders. Don't give him anymore money and watch how fast this custody thing comes to a halt. The lawyers are pushing everything because they get more money. $$$$$$$$$ is being seen to all of their eyes. Britney invest all of your money and get someone to manage it so noone can get it. If your broke then they don't care. Get rid of your excess baggage exhusband he's just trying to hold onto you. That is called mental abuse though mental control. He is harming you mentally which is leading to other problems.

2449 days ago

former mental patient    

brit brit on acid,......... nice.........

2449 days ago


Just another get Fans to by her CD's and sadley, we do!

2449 days ago


Britney needs time to heal. Federline is no angel in this situation she finds herself in. I'd bet you that he was the one that turned her on to whatever she is on and now he is stepping back racking in her money . Someone needs to put some focus on him for a while. Where are all her friends now. Shame on them she is all alone.. Britney keep your faith in God....He is the only one that is true....Diana

2449 days ago


This is real sad i hope she is o.k. how can you see those pictures and not feel for her she is in pain she is so lost. Get well soon.

2449 days ago


I have to say this. Regardless of what happened with Britney, how terrible is it that people are able to capture photos of her in an ambulance being taken to a hospital.Is not even that sacred in this everything on video everything on film society? It's horrible how photographers are able or even WANT to get photos like these.

2449 days ago

A Mother    

I understand all that has been stated here on this blog (note: understand and agreeing are not the same). The issues are the children. They do not, did not deserve any of this. Again they are not responsible for their parents mistakes, so don't punish them. As for K-Fed getting custody, well there you have it our Court Officials at their best! Not judging him I don't even know him, but from what has been published all over about K-Fed and Britney well from what I see neither of them are good parents. And if the information that's being published is incorrect then I suugest K-Fed & Brit find another lawyer and sue for slander. As a mother I just can not understand how she could allow herself to get this bad off, I don't want to hear the depression bs, or the evil spirits made her do it. Feed the bs to someone who cares, oh did I say that, I sure did meaning her mother, where has she been to help her daughter through this emotional time, apparently not caring what her children are doing, we now have little sister Jamie having a baby, and I bank she will never marry her boyfriend and if she does it won't last. They say goodbye to Jamile tonight on Zoe, which I think is for the best because I don't need this 16 year old telling my 6 year old that it's ok to to have a baby at the age of 16 and unmarried. I know it happenes, but I don't need to know about it and neither does my daughter. What has happened to this society?? Kids having kids, drugs and alcohol is cool, along with dropping out of school. Where in the sam are the other parents like me, who believe that our children are our futher. We have got to take a stand, Pop star or not, no pity, suffer the consiquences like a big girl. Thoughts and prayers to the chldren.

2449 days ago

poor kids    

Let's don't worry if she is smiling or not, if she is drunk or on drugs .... think of the kids. Can you imagine those poor little guys having to see their mother like this so often. Not good, not good at all. I think all of her rights need to be taken away after this last fiasco.

2449 days ago

Animal Lover    

Whats really scary is that she had those two little boys in her custody while she was smashed out of her mind on some kind of drug. Thank goodness the court appointed monitor was there, i'd hate to think of what could have gone wrong! I certainly hope she is not allowed anywhere near those kids until she receives the help she desparately needs.

2449 days ago

Annie T    

She deosn't seem to have a clue as to what's going on. They had to put her in restraints. Maybe things have been tough for her but she's been given a lot of chances and there is no excuse for not taking care of your kids. SO what if your life isn't perfect. Whose is? Get help and get over yourself. How does being famous exempt a person from the responsibilities we all face every day?

2449 days ago


Regardless of the reasons - and I personally have no use for Brittany - the fact that someone can be taken to the hospital by ambulance, and have photos plastered all over, should be banned. Even if this is a publicity stunt, on the off-chance it's not, these pics should not be allowed. Talk about invasion of privacy! Certain parts of the media are showing their true colors.

2449 days ago


I agree they need to leave her alone, no wonder she had a breakdown!!! LEAVE THE GIRL ALONE DAMN!

2449 days ago

Angela C    

She really needs to get of the self pitty and drama kick...Who's really hurting here? "THE CHILDREN!!!" At least with their father they are safe and tucked away from whatever crazy crap she decides to pull that day...She really needs help, and all the attention she receives really isn't helping her....It's what she wants....And it's all about her....SAD.....Angela C.

2449 days ago
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