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Brit Gets Hauled Away -- 5

1/4/2008 12:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

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Be Nice    

After reading about Brittney and seeing the pictures I would love to see her go away on a vacation for several months....just relax, eat healthy, do some yoga or exercise and rest. Heal Yourself girl. It would do you a world of good. Even better if she can go someplace where the paparazzi was not allowed to go.

2461 days ago


First of all, Britney is not a "girl" she's a grown as woman with kids and she needs to act like it! I don't feel sorry for her not one bit because she is clearly aware of her actions. She knows exactly what she's doing and she's loving the attention! The only ones I feel sorry for are her precious babie's who, unfortunately, had to be born unto her! You can blame K-Fed all you want but he had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that shes' a hot mess BY CHOICE! Let's not forget who asked who for their hand in marriage , and is wasn't him. I pray that her kid's are placed in Kevin's custody permanently, or at least until she decides to act like an adult instead of an ass!

2461 days ago

DJB, SR    

Was she wearing panties this time?

2461 days ago


the girl needs some serious help..right away

2461 days ago


Lord God please bless her weary soul, take this wicked curse from her & use her for your glory!

2461 days ago


i don't feel sorry for her at all. she brought it on herself. if she had been a better mother she wouldn't have lost custody of her kids to begin with. after she lost her kids, she has made no effort to get them back. what a loser she turned out to be. she's a terrible mother, or else she would have kept her kids and none of this would have happened. just another worthless drug addict who loves their drugs more than their kids.

2461 days ago


Grow up, people... I don't think Britney is smiling in these photo's. It looks like she's in shock. But you can look at this 2 ways: She really is in crisis, or this is another stunt in order to keep her name in the news. Didn't she say once that she had a real fear of being forgotten? Well, I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon......

2461 days ago


It's just so sad. I hope she recovers.
I remember bringing my daughter to see her on LI at Jones Beach.
A lot of fun the girls had too.
She looks in agony, not like she is laughing.

2461 days ago


If I was one of those paramedics I would have sucked her toes while she was strapped down !! yum yum !!

2461 days ago


Honestly, I'm not very surprised. I don't feel sorry for her because she is doing this to herself. She needs to grow up and get her act together.

2461 days ago


I really truly feel so bad for her... I have children of my own, so I can see where she is coming from. I feel like she is dealing with a bad case of Postpartum Depression... I went through it and its hell. I hope she can turn around and find a great doctor to help her get through this dark period.

2461 days ago


Are you happy now tmz?This is what you wanted,right?I don't care for her or her music but when you follow someone 24/7 and take pics of every move a person makes it would drive anyone crazy.She can't even get in her car without the pap jumping all over her and when she hits someone or drives over their feet like she did people want to blame her.I really feel bad for her and I hope she gets some help.The media just needs to leave her alone.Hope you get well soon Britney.

2461 days ago

Kelly Reedy    

She put herself where she's at!!! Maybe she would still have custody if she were even remotly responsible! You can't blame her loosing her kids for this! She's been a whack off for quite some time!

2461 days ago


I hope she doesn't end up like Anna Nicole Smith....

2461 days ago


I feel bad for her. Eversince Kfed she has just gone down hill. I think it is because he never loved her. I think that is the reason she is mentally ill.

2461 days ago
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