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Brit Gets Hauled Away -- 9

1/4/2008 12:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

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One of my personal favorites.

2463 days ago


I can't wait to hear the update on this story. I feel bad for her. She obviosuly has mental problems. I would've never thought she'd turn out like this. I'm rootin for her though.

2463 days ago


My god, I never thought I would say it in a million years but she looks pitiful, just so far gone. I hope there is some explanation to this, she truly looks out of her mind, not drugs but literally her head, she has lost it.
I feel for the children at this point, but she looks like a lost child too. I have had a really negative opinion of her for a very long time, but at this point I feel sorry for her, her family and everyone involved with her. What a mess.

2463 days ago

RC Carrillo    

OMG! Poor Brittany. She is obviously crying out! I believe that she was truly devastated by the fact that she wasn't good enough for her boy toy Kevin Federline. She cannot get over the fact that he took her to the cleaners both emotionally and financialy. That he in fact used her. She cannot get over the fact that she was so unconditionaly in love with him and he didn't really care at all about her! That poor girl! Someone needs to admit her into a institional that will help her with her mental trauma over this man!

2463 days ago


She needs a good kick up the arse, she has 2 healthy kids, money. a family. she is "talented", she has mates, a house, food on her plate, soooo much she should be thanksful and happy for...spend a week in Africa or Eastern Europe, see the kids there that are dying and need operations. Get a life you stupid woman, The Paps are as bad following her and pandering to her wishes, who wants to see her knickerless at 4am filling up with petrol??

Sad very sad.........

2463 days ago


I feel so bad for her, it seems like she will do anything to keep her children. I hope K-Fed tries to help instead of running to the courthouse with his lawyers, whom Britney has paid for, everytime something happens. She really needs all the help she can get from her family. Heck, it seems in a sense that her family is on Kevin's side. He knew about Jamie Lynn being pregnant before Britney did. My prayers are with her

2463 days ago


She will do anything to keep her kids? All she had to do was the RIGHT THING and she'd have her kids. She wants things on her terms, and she doesn't like it when she isn't in control. My guess is she freaked out last night (whether high on drugs or alcohol or just her own mental issues) and refused to let Kfed take the kids. That's when the drama started. They need to keep her completely away from those boys until she straightens her life out.

2463 days ago


Stupid bitch is getting what she deserves. I have NO sympathy for her at all. If she had an ounce of love for those kids, her ass would have been in rehab months ago to try and get better. She doesn't care about herself or those kids. The kids need to be taken away from her PERMANENTLY. She is such a waste of space now. To think of all the GOOD she could have done w/ her money and her name if she would have gotten her head out of her ass years ago. She's selfish and needs to be locked in rehab for the next few years.

2463 days ago


Nice foot shot! Do ya think she's worn those disgusting boots a bit too long?

2463 days ago


This is just so sad. Stop blaming kfed, though. I think all this started when she and Justin broke up. She has noone to blame but herself. Hopefully she will be forced into a mental care facility and treated for whatever is wrong with her. She needs help big time. As a mother I feel for her not being able to see her kids all the time, but at this point, it's probably in the childrens best interest. Lets all just leave her and her family alone so that they can all begin to heal from all the drama. I really beleive that if someone doesn't step in and do something NOW the next headline we will be reading on TMZ will be about her suicide and death. My prayers are with her and her family.

2463 days ago


And where the HELL was the court appointed monitor while Britney was having a massive meltdown? It should never have gotten that bad...I feel horrible for Britney, I mean sometimes she does make her own bed to sleep in, but sometimes, the pressure of her life are to blame...Not to mention the fact that shes surrounded by stalkerazzi 24/7. There are prices to fame but I think the media and the headrush has really put her in harms way. Who knows if its all a show for publicity, or a serious problem she is having...But whatever it is, you cant help (even if you hate her) but feel pity for her when looking at these pictures.

2463 days ago


Why do people "wonder" what is wrong with the poor girl. Her dad's a drunk, her mother is using her daughters as cash cows, she married a prick who wasn't even around for her when she had two of his children. AND, the world is saying what a great father that cheating prick is. Britney knows better. I have almost been in the same situation, only I don't have millions and millions don't fix emotions.

2463 days ago

c arndt    

Well atleast her father and kfed showed up! Maybe her family will finally start to think about how much help she needs. God bless her and hope she gets the help she been desperateto find!

2463 days ago


This is to all you people out there that OBVIOUSLY, don't know the signs of a person going through a mental breakdown!! I think that some of you should wake up and not be so insensitive all your life!!! I am familiar with mental disease and not because of myself but because of somebody else I loved very much, but whom is now gone. Sure Britney has money, but money is obviously not everything, and it does not buy happiness. If half of you out there had to put up with the pap going nuts on you every time you go out, you wouldn't be very happy either. I hope she gets the help she really needs and I agree that her family has not taken an active role in her life to help her. I also think that some of you people out there should not be so ignorant and selfish and be more sensitive because you never know what's going to happen to you in your lifetime, and I'm sure you all would like somebody in your corner!!!!!

2463 days ago


Poor Brittney? Feel sorry for her? You people must be on as many drugs as she's on. Brittney Spears is a LOSER, a piece of garbage that's been discarded on our streets for all to see and unfortunately deal with. She's not fit to be a mother and people shouldn't buy her records. I don't want my daughter having her or her trash sister as role models. They're a joke, their mom is an even bigger joke and they just need to go away.

2463 days ago
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