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Britney Wheeled Out on a Gurney!!

1/4/2008 12:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

OMG THE DRAMA! TMZ is there as Britney Spears was just wheeled out of her home on a gurney by paramedics. Look at that shot of her inside the ambulance -- she's frickin' smiling! Why God, why?!?

Once in the ambulance, paramedics can be seen trying to strap her legs down before taking off.

Britney Spears: Click to watchWe're told Britney is being taken to a local hospital on a "medical hold" -- essentially a mental evaluation. Cops found her earlier this evening at her home under the influence of an "unknown substance."

Cops were called to the popnightmare's home in Beverly Hills this evening, after she reportedly refused to return custody of her two kids to their father's bodyguard. Oh, the insanity of it all!

UPDATE: Britney has arrived at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. We're told as she was brought out of the ambulance, she flipped off the waiting paparazzi. Oh my God. That Britney's shameless!

Keep refreshing for updates!


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Have mercy people.she needs help, but who is going to support her?as a mother of four I can imagine all the pain she could've felt when giving back her sons.Okay, she's a wreck, but somebody, anybody please help her!

2298 days ago


channel 13 is reporting they took britney AND one of the kids!!

2298 days ago


WOW..How sad that everyone is being so RUDE. I mean you may not be a fan, or like her but she is a PERSON, she does not have anyone around her who gives a crap about what happens to her. This is SAD not a form to go on about how crazy she is our whatever, she needs help and I hope she gets it. She is a human being, a mother lay off her a bit, the people who keep making rude comments, take a step off your soapbox, are you SO much more perfect than her??? Do you not feel sorry for people who need help!

What goes around comes around! She needs help and I pray she gets her act together!

2298 days ago


Brit, you have made enough headlines to ruin your kids lives. The teasing they will get in school and the legacy you leave for them will forever shame the Spears household, good job. End the future pain you are causing your kids and just die. Great job, brits mom and dad. Little sis will keep us entertained after brit dies.

2298 days ago

Shitney, please drop of the face of the planet.    

one big nutcase.

2298 days ago


So Britney was taken in on a 5150 psychiatric hold. Hopefull, she won't find a way out of doing the full 72 hour evaluation and will get the help she obviously needs.

2298 days ago


I'm praying for the children.

Britney is a grown adult who has problems but refused to listen to anyone nor did she care to change her way

2298 days ago



of all the horrible things going on in the world today, i'm gonna drop to my knees and pray for poor brit.

she'll be just fine once she decides to stop smoking meth.

2298 days ago


This or something worse was BOUND to happen. Great job Lynne Spears. What a mess.

2298 days ago

BOEING 787    

Britney Spears is truly a sick person, she SHOULD be in suicide watch.

2298 days ago


Oh and I want to add...the comments from the TMZ staff need to stop..just report the issue, not all your snobby remarks. I mean really, what is this was your friend, daughter etc! Grow a heart TMZ!

2298 days ago


She's TRASH!!!

2298 days ago


Brit needs a lot of help. she needs to have her children taken away so she can get the help she needs and she also needs to get her head out of her butt. this is not a joke. people need to start saying no to her and she needs to change the people she hangs out with

2298 days ago


Well, it's about time she got hauled away for a serious psychiatric evaluation and some real drug testing to see what's up with her. She's been leading everyone a merry chase for long enough. It's up to her now - accept some mental help, or just turn out the lights and "check-out" for good. It's a complete disgrace that she's been indulged to this extent.

2298 days ago


I'm so over Britney Spears breaking the law, partying all night every day in the week and not taking any responsability as a mother. As a young mother myself I know how hard it is to race a child, but this girl has all the money to stay home and raise her childern in the best invorment. My prayers really go out to her, because aside of all the crazyiness that has surrounded her for the past year and a half she's still human and is a mother to two children that need her. So instead of mocking her and downtalking her, (because come on who are we to critize her) we should be praying for her.

2298 days ago
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