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Britney Wheeled Out on a Gurney!!

1/4/2008 12:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

OMG THE DRAMA! TMZ is there as Britney Spears was just wheeled out of her home on a gurney by paramedics. Look at that shot of her inside the ambulance -- she's frickin' smiling! Why God, why?!?

Once in the ambulance, paramedics can be seen trying to strap her legs down before taking off.

Britney Spears: Click to watchWe're told Britney is being taken to a local hospital on a "medical hold" -- essentially a mental evaluation. Cops found her earlier this evening at her home under the influence of an "unknown substance."

Cops were called to the popnightmare's home in Beverly Hills this evening, after she reportedly refused to return custody of her two kids to their father's bodyguard. Oh, the insanity of it all!

UPDATE: Britney has arrived at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. We're told as she was brought out of the ambulance, she flipped off the waiting paparazzi. Oh my God. That Britney's shameless!

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I wish I was there I would take a FAT DUMP in her Mercedes, It would be kind of a welcome back gift.

2464 days ago



2464 days ago

Shitney, please drop of the face of the planet.    

i've never seen ppl who need to get a life so badly.

2464 days ago


Boo TMZ, you stole images from ONTD and used them as your own. I suggest giving credit or taking them down for legal reasons.

2464 days ago


Do you people now see what happens if you vote republican....everything has gone down hill....britney spears under a democratic administration was look..if i was a democratic candidate i would use her in a commercial telling the country what might happen to you if vote republican one more time.....

2464 days ago


I'm just surprised that with all of this HIIPA stuff, that the ambulence drives with its windows open - without drapes being pulled!

This reeks of privacy issues to me.

2464 days ago


I hope Brit and the kids are okay. I was never a huge fan of hers, but I simply can't understand the desire so many have to see her fail. My mother suffers from bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, and it can rip a family apart, luckily it seems like K-Fed has the kids' interests at heart (tho he may just be motivated by $$ who knows), so I just hope those kids are okay. TMZ and PerezHilton, it seems like you must realize there is something seriously wrong with Britney, if she had cancer I don't think the comments would be like...."yesss!! Britney rolled out on a gurney after she passed out after chemo!!" And for those of you saying she brought it on herself, people who really do suffer from a mental illness generally do not have the ability to neutrally analyze their behavior, and certainly not in the first years of having problems.

2464 days ago

Lauren via ohnotheydidnt

give credit where credit is due

2464 days ago


Dear Britney:
Please get well soon. You don't deserve to be having a meltdown.

2464 days ago


OMG the girl is nuts! I hope her kids weren't harmed in any way!

2464 days ago


I've had the priviledge of meeting Britney at her home and frankly I need to say is that Sam isn't the type of assistant that she needs. She had to ask me several times that night to go look for Sam and I wandered around the house looking for him and I was calling for him and didn't answer. It's good that I have good eyesight, he was hidden her car talking on the phone. He sticks to the phone instead of at her service. He doesn't respect her at all. This guy is her downfall and she needs to get rid of him. He's the one feeding her "vitamins" at all hours of the night. She knows exactly what I'm talking about. Honestly I only met her for only a brief 2 hours and I have already solved her problem and that's the "vitamins" and Sam. I would be glad to give her advice if she would accept it.

2464 days ago


I just saw on on streaming video that they put "a child" in the second ambulance.

2464 days ago

BGH Quiz    

If this was a suicide attempt I would not be surprised at all. I expected it way before, and it wouldn't be surprising. She may have made mistakes and all, though that really does not justify how people treat her. She is only human and one human being that can't carry the hate of the rest of the world, too.

2464 days ago


WHISKEY.TANGO - yup, im watching the live streaming.

2464 days ago


Forget her. She's an adult, who has steadfastly refused all help. She's a pathetic mess, and her sleazy stage mother has a LOT of blame here.

2464 days ago
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