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Brit's Men Rush to the Hospital

1/4/2008 9:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney's father Jamie and her sometime companion Sam Lutfi are both at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center -- presumably to check in on Brit and her hospitalized son, Jayden James. K-Fed was spotted there as well.

Bobby Trendy also showed up ... for no apparent reason whatsoever.


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I think Bobby Trendy is dating K-Fed now...not sure but that is the word!

2394 days ago

Stephanie Goldmin    

Bobby Trendy is the TRue star here...supporting Britney..Most epoeple would think its about them ..Goooooo Bobby YOu are the hereo here!

2394 days ago

Julia Wade    

lol at bobby tredny... so random.

and i do believe this just shows that brit brit has officially lost it... =[

RIP sane, awesome britney
you will be missed

2394 days ago


Why is she "under influence while she's got her kids"? Honestly, she needs to lose the kids until she pulls herself together. Britney knows full well what's at stake. SHE DOESN'T CARE. Apparently NO ONE can save her from her self. This doesn't look good. I pray she figures it out. Hundreds of photogs daily, following your every move, is enough to make any one crazy. TMZ, I'm sure you know when she farts and picks her nose. Give her some room. Strong people can't live under those conditions ... let alone a fragile drunk cokehead.

2394 days ago


She doesn't want custody of her kids, its very clear to me by here actions or should I say lack of, she has an agenda of her own right now, The children are in the middle of her downward spiral with the head game she is playing with K-Fed. along with her very obvious addictons to drugs or alchol. She has been enabled too long and as long as she is able to get away with it, she will never hit rock bottom. She needs to very soon or she will be leaving 2 small children motherless . She ca't go on like this forever.

2394 days ago


I really don't think that she is on anything. I think she really has flipped out . This is really sad
I really feel bad for those kids. It is a shame they have to go through this
In this clip, I am assuming it it is a CNN Reporter, Why is she laughing? I really do not find this funny. What kind of morals are these idiot reporters brought up with. This is not a cartoon. These are real people. Anyone that would laugh at this has to have some real evil inside them. Maybe we should start looking at locking those people up

2394 days ago


Wow. I just cannot believe the comments I am reading that are so disparaging towards Britney. This woman is crying out for help - so much so that she got herself under the influence of some substance. I do agree with everyone, when it comes to the safety of Sean and Jayden. I don't think it's a good idea that Britney even has contact with her kids right now. Not just for their well-being, but for hers as well.

This woman needs to get her life on the straight or narrow, or they will be carrying Britney out in a body bag next time. The kids SHOULD NOT have contact with her mother until she gets her act together! Whether it's rehab or intense outpatient therapy, Brtiney needs to turn her life around, in order to become the mother she needs to be.

I am not trying to point fingers here, and since Britney is an adult and makes her own choices (which don't always seem to be the best she could ever make), she needs to take responsibility for these (poor) choices. However, Brit and Jamie Lynn's Mom, Lynne Spears has a lot to do with the way Britney behaves today. Momma Lynne has pushed and pushed for her two girls to become rich and famous at a very young, impressionable age.

When Britney went on the road for her music tours back in her teens and early '20's, many times Lynne Spears was not even with Britney! She did a lot of concerts w/o a parent, or parent figure around, and that was just wrong! No wonder why she is so screwed up now! I hope and pray Britney reads these blogs but something tells me she probably doesn't. Nonetheless, I wish Britney the best and hope she can get herself together and be a mom to her two boys.

I know how hard it can be! Hey, I used to be a single mom of an Autistic child, all the while, dealing with my own depressive disorder (I am now re-married and my son is 18 now, but he'll always be my "baby")

Best wishes to Britney and her children... Also, thoughts are prayers go out to her younger sister, Jamie Lynn....

2394 days ago


To #62 (Janice), I read that you saw her laughing and didn't think that it was funny.. I do agree that there is nothing funny about this situation, but you have to realize that people with a mental illness - sometimes they cannot help the emotions that rush through their system. If someone, indeed is suffering with a MI, they usually need to be on medication, in order to get stabilized. If Britney is suffering from a MI, I surely hope that she seek the proper help that she so desperately needs. Until then, I really believe that she shouldn't see her kids, so they don't have to see their mother in this condition. God bless Britney...

2394 days ago


Shes soooo on either X or Coke im leaning towards the coke thing more though shes so smiley in the pics its soooo obvious!

2394 days ago


Why is Osama the enabler there -- he's not family -- he won't be allowed to see her(?)

Oh wait, maybe he was called in because he can shed light on what substance she's on (hmmm).

And if he's had any role in procuring I hope he does time -- after Brit's dad has a few minutes alone with him and a broomhandle.

2394 days ago


I feel such pity for the children and the hell she is dragging them through. Why isn't the judge putting a stop to it once and for all?

2394 days ago

Mrs. Harvey Levin    

Bobby Trendy is the Angel of Death - overly flamboyant, gay version.

2394 days ago


Today is for Britney on TMZ!!

2394 days ago


Well, who doesn't agree that she needs some sort of mental eval? What I want to know is why Jayden-James was hospitalized. Speculate, speculate, speculate,.......

2394 days ago


I hope this poor girl gets some real help. I am really rooting for her.

2394 days ago
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